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Saturday, August 12, 2006

You Make the Call

Well, it's 7:30pm BBT, and Will's trying to convince Janie to "stop stressing out, don't let Howie and James yell at you anymore, and take the night off." Since Janie seems to listen to just about everything Will says, I thought it would be fun for us to "Make the Call."

Who do you think Janie should nominate in place of Danielle, and why? Please put your thoughts in the comments section here, and we'll post em.

Also, please be aware that every comment here is moderated, so there's no need to enter it twice if you don't see it appear immediately. Just give me a few minutes to clear it and post it. :)

Coup d' Etat Clue 2

As we know, the sheep from Thursday night's epidose was the first clue in the Coup d'Etat.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

After the first clue was given, Danielle guessed DNA (Do Not Assume). If her guess would have been correct, I seriously doubt that we would have this second clue...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It is a giant spool of thread and a needle.

When the houseguests think they are ready to make a guess, they are to ring this bell...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Once BB revealled the second clue, Janelle whispered to Howie...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

...and Howie made a mad dash to be the first to ring the bell.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

***Please guess correctly, Howie!!

Details of Veto Comp

Unfortunately, we did not get to watch the Veto Comp on the live feeds. So, I have no pics or cool videos to post. :(

What we do know is Danielle, Erika, James, Marcellas, Will and Boogie played. The previous houseguest who competed (or were involved) were April, Hardy, Scott and Jack. Apparently, the competition was the Flamingo Ring Toss like on season 6.

James had the chance to take out Danielle in the comp, but didn't! He took out Erika instead!!

***Janelle, how big of a clue do you need?!

Veto Spoiler

The Feeds are back...

Janie is reaming James... he's saying he f'd up, and she's not buying it.

He eliminated Erika from the Veto comp and left Dani in it....
To win it.

Dani has won the Veto Competition.


Here's a couple more videos to keep you entertained while the flames are on...

1st up - a quickie with Janie and Will

2nd - Janie and Kaysar impersonate Howie

3rd - Day One in the House... Simpler times... Everyone but Howie on their very best behavior.

Kaysar Video Tribute

The Real Deal has put together many wonderful video tributes this season... This is his final tribute to Kaysar. I hope you enjoy it... while we wait for the Veto Comp Results... TRD really did a terrific job.


**Video Added to end of post**

12:05pm BBT
HoH ROOM - Marci & Janie
BIG confrontation...
Marcellas: You expect me to believe that you didn't throw me under the bus?!

Marcellas is yelling at her about Will and Boogie and how they want her to believe everything they say... Janie can't get a word in.

Marcellas: We have a relationship. I intend to continue that relationship.
Janie: I just feel like things are different from you, Marci.
Marcellas: Things are not different! Everyone kept telling me you were turning on me.
Janie: You don't have a deal with Erika?
Marcellas: Erika is not smart enough to ask me that! She only asks how are you gonna vote? What are you gonna do?
Janie mentions how he seems to have sided with Erika over the HoH situation.
Marcellas: I'm mad at the way it went down. I'm mad that that girl's HOH was taken away from her....

Janie: You knew Dani was going to put me on the block.
Marci: Back that. How did I know you were going to be put on the block? Dani thought that if I played for the veto, I would do it to take YOU off the block. Janie calls him out.
    ***Thank goodness.

Janie: You're in an alliance with Erika & Dani.
Marci: Yes. I had no choice... The four turned on me.
Janie: We did not. What about all the shit talking?
Marci: There has been no shit talking, and even if there was, everyone does that.

Marci: So you're with Chilltown... those 2 are working everyone. Last night Will was upstairs working you for 2 hours, and Mike Boogie was in the Bedroom working Erika.

Janie: I just feel like your attitude towards me has changed, ever since Danielle won HOH and Kaysar was evicted.

Marci reiterates the whole asterisk next to the name of the winner of allstarrs theory...

RED BEDROOM - Erika and Dani
Erika: I hate this. I miss having Kaysar in the house.
Dani: I do too.
Erika: He had the most calming influence on me. I miss having conversations with him. He's so intense.
Dani Agrees.
    ***Carolyn stifles urge to cyber-bitch-slap the both of them, but remains disgusted...

HoH ROOM - Marci and Janie Cont'd.
Marci: I can't have people in the house believing that you and I are in an alliance. Your boy (James) thought so, and that's why he is now in an alliance with Will & Mike Boogie.
    ***Janie!! Listen to him!!! At least on that point.

Janie: But were you coming after me.
Marci: I would have played in the veto to save her. But I have to call you out about going after Erika, Danielle, and Chicken George, but never going after Will & Mike Boogie.
Marci: You lied to me Janelle. You said you were going after Mike Boogie when you last won HOH.
Janie: (lying) I was going after him. He was supposed to go, then Danielle.
Marcellas: You never told me anyone else was on the horizon.
Janie: I don't understand why you guys are so pissed off that I got rid of Diane. Janie: You guys are always talking about numbers and that's why you're pissed
Marci: Because that took away from our numbers? Do you think I was in an alliance with Diane?
Janelle: I think Danielle was trying to work something out with her.

Marci brings up Janie going after floaters instead of CT... It's not that they're floaters...
Janie: Yes, I am going after the girls, because I feel they are all going after me. Danielle has to go.
Marci: You said you were going after Erika.
Janelle: Danielle has to go, but if she comes off the block it may be Erika, but she is supposed to be the pawn. If Danielle comes off the block, George has to go.
Marci: That makes me feel so much better.
Janie: I'm glad.
They hug.
They say they still love eachother
Marci: We need to not let others come between their friendship.
Janie: You keep acting like you hate me.
Marci: I don't hate you...but I can't keep running up to the HOH each week... looking like I'm cutting deals.
Marci: I want to be like Kaysar, no deals. That's what was so great about the deal with Erika & Dani, we had no deals and there were no attacks.
Janie: You are not under attack.

Marci: Bye
Marci leaves the HOH room. Janie calls out after him
Janie: Bye, Marcellas.

ok... Marcellas then ran straight to Dani and Erika with every little bit of info he just picked up from Janelle. Whether he did this to cover himself, since she alerted everyone to the fact he'd been in hoh bye calling out a loud goodbye, or because he's playing Janie..
    Strike up the band, already...

remains to be seen. Since she was lying to him, and he was lying to her.. I'm guessing we still have a status quo on their in-house relationship, ie., done.

Pre-Veto Buzz

11:15am BBT

Will: (to Dani)Do you think the POV starts at noon?
Dani: Yes.

BB: Janelle please go to the DR

11:25am BBT

James says his prayer.
    Our BB who ain't in heaven,
    shallow be thy name,
    thy veto come,
    my will be done,
    on earth as it is in the HOH room

11:40am BBT
After a few minutes of flames...
Will: I say we just sit here all day, and do nothing.

Erika and Marci, takling about the comp.
Marci: I don't think James will go against Janie.
Marci: Who won the money?
Dani told him to go and ask them in DR.
Marci: The worst thing that can happen is we go home... and thats a good thing.

James is talking to Will and Boogie, saying he does not want to win.
James is going to throw the veto comp.

Will: What happens if Dani is eliminated?
James: Oh, I'm not going to throw it if Dani is out of it.

Noon BBT
Chatter about nothing relevant.. no Veto comp yet...

Veto Comp in 1 hour!

I'm working on the last of the overnights, but I had to interrupt to let you know, the HGs have now been woken up at 10:00 am BBT.

BATHROOM - James & Dani
James: I like Erika, but I think she lies. Chicken George, too.

Dani's putting her make up on.

BB: Danielle, please come to the Diary Room.

He's making pancakes
James: Hello pancake.
    I swear, he actually said it.

At 10:35am BBT, they were told:

BB: Attention House Guests, the veto competition starts in 60 minutes.
James: Yikes.... Thats an hour MF'ers.

Stay tuned!! We'll have the results for you, and anything else that comes up, as soon as it happens.

40 Days- Ovs 4

2:00am BBT
RED ROOM BED - Boogie and Erika
The Spoon-a-thon continues... now talking about Will.

Boogie: What I don't like is that Will worries about his relationship (with his gf). She would never judge Will because of a tv show.
Erika: It's good that he worries. It means he really cares.

Will comes in.

Erika: I was just defending you.
Will: Is it going to be awkward with me sleeping next to you two?
Boogie/Erika: Why?
Will: You know I'm afraid of falling out of bed, and I don't like waking up and not knowing where I am.

Will: I feel bad for Janelle. She obviously doesnt have James' support, and Howie is just an idiot and gets her all paranoid about nothing, so she doesn't really have any support in the house.
    ***I have to believe he's saying this for Erika's benefit, hoping it'll get back to Janie through the EBS, Erika Broadcast System.

Will: Howie asked me if I still hated everyone in the house. I was just like, is this guy kidding or is he for real?
Boogie: That was like two weeks ago.
Will: I know! That's what i'm talking about.

Will leaves to go to bed elsewhere.

Erika: George is completely useless.
    Pot, meet kettle.

Boogie: We have to get rid of Janelle. Who will you put up if you get HOH?
Erika: Janelle and Howie, of course.
Erika: I'm so pissed the HOH was taken away from me. I talked to Dr Zachary about it, and she made me feel better. Even Dr. Zachary said that it was not fair.
Erika: If you win PoV tomorrow, what are you going to do with it?
Boogie: I'm not sure... I'd love to be able to tell you I'll use it on you, but I'm going to have to talk to Janelle. I'm worried that if I use it to take you off, she might put Will up. It's all so risky.

Boogie: Can we just agree now that no matter what happens in the house, that we can start over fresh outside of the house, without dragging any of the baggage from the house with us?

Marci comes in and lays down on his couch.

Boogie: Marci, man, you were tearing up the kitchen.
Marci: Cleaning up after a bunch of white folks.

They joke around a little about the red room bed being jinxed, then decide sleep is their best option, to be alert for the veto comp tomorrow.

Boogie and Erika distanced themselves from each other upon Marci's entrance.

2:15am BBT
HOH Room - Janie and Howie

Janelle: The bottom line is that we have to get rid of Dani. Once she is gone, James will work with us.
Janelle: My blanket is awesome.
Howie:, get your light sabers and t-shirts.
Janelle: Do you really sell light sabers and t-shirts?
He says he does.
Janelle: You're such a nerd. Ashlea was on your site recently and told me that I had to check it out, because it was the funniest thing she had seen in her life. Howie: That is awesome.

Janelle goes into the HOH bathroom. Howie and Janie exchange a couple of Oh boys, and...

Howie: It would be ideal tomorrow if it was Erika, Dani, Will, Boogie, George, and me playing for veto.
Janelle: That would be perfect, because Will and Boogie wouldn't use it, because they could just say that they don't want the other one to be put up if they used it.

Janelle: Can you believe I won HoH last night?? That was awesome. Erika is so pissed.
Howie: James still didn't want to put Dani up, it pisses me off.
Janelle: It's because she is his parachute, don't worry about it.
    ***Worry about it, Janie.

Howie: They think they're playing us like we don't know it. Next time they try to ask me something stupid, I'm just going to tell them, "You're good actors, but not that good."
Janie: Lets go to sleep Howie.

Howie: The live feeders are probably watching us on night vision right now.
Janelle: Why? They can't even see us.
Howie: That's some people's hobby... to watch the feeds.
Janelle: At night though?
Howie says yeah.
Janelle: Why, though?
Howie: I don't know... probably for the same reason that we watch reruns of season 6 over and over again.
Janelle laughs.
Janelle: We are such nerds.

2:30am BBT
Howie: Did George straight out lie to Kaysar right to his face and swear on his family that he would give Kaysar his vote?
Janelle: Yep.
Howie: You cant do that, pull that crap. That makes his word mean nothing.
    ***I never saw George say that. I think Janie's just trying to do some damage control and eliminate all the parachuites at once.

Janelle: Did you hear about what happened in the backyard today?
Howie: No.
Janelle: There was a big fight in the backyard... about sleeping... between Marci and James, and James made Marci cry. Marci was out there saying that he knows that the game is rigged, and that the producers want me (Janelle) to win, so why don't they just "cut the bitch a check now?"
Howie: Were you out there?
Janelle: I was sleeping next to you. It was this morning.
Howie: Who told you about it?
Janelle: Will and Boogie.
Janelle: Marci was saying that he knows that I'm supposed to win, and this whole thing is set up to let me win, because I didn't win last year and that was why there were 4 people from season 6 put back into the house, and all the guys from season 6 were only here to protect me, so I can win the game.
Janelle: SO then James said, "What, so the fans didnt vote us in?" and then Marci went off and cried on Erika's shoulder.
Howie: Really crying?
Janelle says yes.

Howie: I didn't hear about that. Why didn't James tell us?
Janie: He did, a little bit, but he didn't go into detail.
Howie: James was acting weird today.
Janelle: What he was doing?
Howie: It was just a look on his face... I don't know, maybe he really didn't get enough sleep or something, it was just bizarre.
    ***Trust your gut, Howie.

Howie: Do you think James will pull something... like saying that he wants to vote for Dani to give her a sympathy vote?
Janelle: No, I think he'll vote her out.
    ***Oh, Janie.

Howie: Even if Erika goes, who does that leave for James...just Dani. Even if Dani stays, and James goes with her, they wont get very far with just the two of them.
    ***You're almost there Howie.. keep going with that thought...

Janelle agrees.

Howie: Now that I think about it, I did sort of call out Dani and James today... I told Dani that I knew that if the vote was a tie and she had to decide who left this week, she would save James.
Janelle: Did you really say that?
Howie: Yes.
Janie: What did Dani say?
Howie: She didn't really say anything, just kept telling me that I will see her DRs.
Howie: They weren't really mad about it, it was more just like they were surprised that I thought that.
Howie: When i was saying it, i was serious, but in my joking way, so that they didnt know how to take me.

Howie: Is Erika super pissed because you won the HoH?
Janie: Oh yeah.

Speculating on the Power of the Coup.
Howie: If you think about it, there is no way that Dani will be able to send you home before you can be the tie breaker to send her (Dani) home...
Janelle: Yeah, its kinda weird.
Howie: It's crazy.

They're losing steam... soon to sleep.

Howie: Tomorrow will be 40 days.
Janelle: Oh really?
Howie: Tomorrow's Saturday?
Janelle says it is.
Howie: 40 days then.

And that's the end of the overnights! All the HGs are sleepin' from that point on.

Overnight's 3

Part 1 - Spooning

1:30am BBT
Erika and Boogie in Bed, spooning and whispering.

Boogie: When you got picked to come in the house, I was beaming as if I'd been picked myself. I wanted you to look over at me, but you didn't.

They're spponing, and Boogie has his arm around her. They hear a noise, and he jerks his arm off her and moves away a little bit, like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Coast is clear, false alarm. He snuggles up to her again.

Boogie: I want to ask you a game question. Will you turn over and look at me?
Erika rolls over to face him.
Boogie: Did you really go into the DR and guess the same thing that Dani guessed, Do Not Assume?
Erika says she did.
Boogie: Why would you do that? You're way too smart to do that.
Erika: I did it because it is right, it has to be.
Boogie: Did you do it as a fallback? In case Dani gets voted out and isn't eligible to get it, so you could get it?
Erika: Maybe, I don't know.

Part 2 -
1:45am BBT
HOH Room - Janie, Will
Janelle: I don't have any questions for you tonight.
Will: I feel like you're kind of formal with me sometimes.

Will: I can't imagine winning HOH... It would be hard for me to nominate two people and crush their dreams.
    ***omg, Janie, you can't really be buying this!

Will: I will do it, I know that I have to, but it will be a difficult thing for me to do.
Janelle: Are you going to try to win?
Will: I suspect that I'll win the next one and if not, then the one after that. I'll put up Chicken George and Marci, and Marci will leave.

Discussion moves to sequester talk...

Will: If two of your group is in the final 4, one of them will win. If one of the floaters are up with one of you, then I'll have to be in peoples ears in sequester. Will: I don't think James' ego will allow him to share the money at the end. James will probably say that they cant do that, and he doesnt want to get in trouble. Janelle asks something about their deal to split the money...
Will: We've talked openly about it, and everyone on the internet has seen it, so they have a verbal contract, and it is legally binding. We can also write something up, if you want.

Will: I don't think that James has any of our backs. I have Boogie's back, and I have your back and Howie's back, and I feel like you have my back, but I do not think that James has your back, Janelle, and if he doesnt have your back, he definitely doesnt have MY back.
Janelle: I think James has my back.
Will: When its convenient for him.
Will: Boogie has my back whether its convenient or not.
Janelle: We just have to get rid of Dani.
Will: We definitely do.

Will: I'm gonna leave so you can get to sleep. I'm goin' to bed. Do you think we'll be friends after the show is over?
Janelle: I think so. Do you want to be friends after the show is over?
Will: I would like that.
Janelle: I would too.
Will: Goodnight, Janelle. Sleep well.

And he's gone.

Overnights, 2

1:15am BBT
HOH ROOM - Will, Howie, Janie

Will: I was wondering when everyone else rang the bell, what do they know that I don't know? I thought that they guessed too prematurely, and I asked them what they guessed and they all told me.
Will: Erika was dumb for guessing the same thing that Dani guessed, but what if Dani gets voted out and Erika gets to keep whatever it is?
Howie: They are going to review it before the live show, so Dani would still be able to get it.

Will is talking about James, working his Will magic on Janie and Howie. (sigh)
Will: Whenever I try to talk to him about anything, he gets super nervous. I tried to talk to him today, and he didn't really want to talk to me. If Dani wins the PoV tomorrow, James will not be with you, he will be with Dani.
Janelle: Just don't let Dani win it. Get in there and win it.
Will: Well no shit.

Will: The wild cards are George and Marci, and next would be James. Noone knows what George or Marci would do, so that makes them wild cards, and James would be next on that list. At least you know where Dani stands, she hates you, but at least you know where she is coming from.

Will: It's bound to happen soon that Boogie and I are going to be on the block, and if that happens, I will leave so Boogie can stay. We have that understanding.

Howie: Do you still hate us? (because Will said that he hates everyone in the house).
Will: I don't know how many times I have to tell you. My loyalty is to Boogie first. And then to you. If you are up against Boogie, I will vote for Boogie to stay, and if you are up against each other, I will ask you what you want me to do, but in any other situation, I have your backs.
    *** and ready for me to sink my dagger further.

Janelle: Thanks, Willy.

Overnights Part 1

1:00am BBT, Late Friday night
HOH - Janie & Will & Howie

Will: Are 6 people going to be playing in the veto, or 4, since you can't play? Janelle: Six people will still play, I just can't play.
Will: Erika thought that only 4 people would play, but they wouldn't tell her in the DR.

Janelle: Were they asking you if you would take them off if you won?
Will: They didnt ask me, but they were hinting around about it. They asked me if one of them come off, who I thought would go up? I told them that I didn't know, but I hoped Marcellas.
Howie: Why would Chilltown even use it knowing that one of them might be put up in their place?
Will: The floaters said something about how Janelle wouldn't put me or Boogie up, and I said "Yes she would", so that they wouldnt expect me to use it if I won it.

Janelle: How do the floaters know that we call them the float herd?
Will: They've probably heard you saying it.
Janelle: I've never said it around them.
Will: I think I have. I didn't know it was some kind of secret. I think you're making too much of it.
Will: I'm pretty sure that James is with Dani, that Dani is with Marci and obviously with Erika, and that Chilltown is together. There are 3 groups, CT, season 6, and the floaters.
Will: The floaters hate Marci as much as everyone else does, but they need him.

Will: I just don't want you guys to worry about Boogie flirting with Erika. Boogie is ready to cut her.

Will diverts their attention by bringing up the new Power up for grabs...

Janelle: What do you think it is?
Will: I don't know. I'm waiting for more clues. I think the the people that have guessed already have guessed too early. Marci is the only one out of them that hasn't guessed, and even if he wins it, he is so selfish, he wouldn't help them.
Will: If Dani guessed right, that would be amazing, but I think she guessed too early. The chances of her having guessed it right with only one clue are slim to none.

Family Guys

The Real Deal has outdone himself with this one... Too Funny not to share... this one had me laughing out loud.

Family Guys
Starring: Howie & Will

Veto Day

Good Morning! Happy Saturday! Happy Veto Day!

A few random thoughts before I go over the overnights and find the important bits for you... I do believe now that Danielle has set herself up as the un-evictable one - unless her floater alliance has a sudden epiphany and realizes that no matter which one of them is sitting next to her, they will always be the one leaving, Danielle is now in a self-generated amazing spot. Between the float alliance and ChillTown and Legion of Doom, I'm guessing if she stays on the block, whoever's next to her is toast.

Janie... Oh Janie... Like last year at this time, Janie must now win absolutely EVERYTHING she's eligible to play for, all the time, or she's outta there.

Howie... Could actually be a sleeper. No one considers him a real threat...

James... I believe James will be the first to go from the Legion of Doom, once it gets down to it. They do not trust him, due to how he betrayed his own alliance, and believe if he could do it to S4, he could certainly do it to them.

Kaysar... yeah, I know he's gone. sigh... doesn't mean I can't write his name! It just wouldn't be right to mention all the sovs and not Kaysar. I hope he's enjoying his freedom, family and friends.

Now that K's out of the house, I can see it objectively again... which brings me to Will and Boogie - Chilltown. Will just may do it again, and I strongly believe that if he's in the final 2, he will win, unless he's up against Danielle - Queen of the Floaters. Many believe he has no chance, but if they vote on who played the game best, he has to, and as they all keep saying, "It's Allstars." Will came into the house with a huge target, and week after week, he's avoided eviction, to the point where he's become an afterthought. He generates animosity between the factions, and frankly, manipulates everyone so well, they don't even realize they've been handled.

OK... I'm off to check the overnights and pull the important stuff for you.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Awesome Kaysar Interview

" ''Big Brother'''s Kaysar was just too nice. He wanted to play the game, but his heart wasn't in it by Jessica Shaw

What up, Kaysar? Not too much, actually, now that the season-6 mastermind got voted out of the Big Brother: All Stars house. He sounds a little more chipper than when he spoke to Julie Chen last night, but he's still none too thrilled with James, Chicken George, or even Howie.

Kaysar, I thought for sure you were safe for one more week. Yeah, [the season-6 alliance] knew it was an uphill battle. People were going to be gunning for us the second we got into the house. Then it was, like, a house of flying daggers and I got hit with too many of them. There was no way I could have gotten out of it.

Did you have any idea James was working against your alliance? I had an inkling James would defect eventually and I was hoping it would happen a little later. I knew he would defect and join Danielle eventually but did I think they were going to join up with Chilltown? I didn't think that would happen. That was a shocker.

Did you know he and Danielle would hook up because they're friends outside the house? Danielle and James were definitely friends outside the house and you could just tell they had a relationship inside the house.

A lot of people think you were too checked-out this season. Why didn't you speak up when Janelle said she wanted to put Diane up on the block? Why didn't you tell her to put Will up? I kept going over to her and saying that, but I wanted her to make her own decision. I would go to her and she would say, ''What should I do?'' and I would say, ''Look, you can do what you want but you're going to send this house into a tailspin if you put Diane up. Remove Will. It's time for him to go.'' But he worked his charm on her. I thought she would hold up better against it. I thought she would use her charm on him. I wanted to take a back seat and see how the whole thing would unfold. It did not work out in our favor, but I also didn't anticipate it to be as bad as it turned out to be.

Was it your strategy to let her mess up? I was going to let people make their own mistakes. I didn't want the alliance to crumble but I did want people to end up being bigger targets than me. I didn't want to step up and take bigger hits than I had to. I was trying to play a more conservative game. In the end, it didn't work. No one wants to go to the end with the nice guy. You can't win that way.

At times it seemed like the whole house hated you, like you were this season's Friendship. How did that happen? I wanted to stay away from that correlation as much as possible. I tried to make sure we didn't hang out in the HOH room all day long. I tried to treat everyone with kindness and be fair and don't turn things into bashing sessions. We had no similarities to the Nerd Herd, or the Friendship. I don't know if we were annoying. I don't know what people felt about us. I hope people don't compare us to the Friendship. That's the biggest insult you could give.

I know you were in an alliance with Howie, but what on earth is up with him this year? He's acting a little nutso. Howie, Howie, Howie. What can I say about Howie? He was over the top last year and this time around I didn't think he could outdo himself but he got to the point where even he drove me crazy -- all the booby talk and the sex talk and all that, the excessive flatulence. It was a bit much. It drove all of us up the wall. He's hurting himself, but he's Big Brother Howie. It's become his life and he might be taking it a little too far.

And yet, he's in the house and you're not. No one is putting him up because they know he's the jokester. He's never going to win any competitions.

Of course, it's always the people like Howie and Chicken George that coast all the way to final two. Absolutely. You don't know what's going to happen in this game. You always see people who fly under the radar. Howie and George are definitely candidates for the final two. If you take them to the end you can pretty much say, ''Look, they did nothing. They don't deserve the $500,000.''

I was disappointed in Chicken George for voting you out when James has been so rude to him all season long. James continues to be a jerk and curse him out and say he's a waste of a life form in the house. James does not like George at all and every time George laughs James cringes. It just goes to show you what kind of game the floaters are playing. The floaters don't care about what's going on. I tried to connect with George. I tried to let him know that I was looking out for him. I cared. And I was hoping for my time in the game he would do the same. But it wasn't enough. I could not connect to people. It was a whirlwind of deception and chaos and people like George and Erika are going to base their votes on who's in power that week.

Speaking of Erika, was something romantic going on between you two? What? No. Not even close. I think she might have been crushing on me.

Some of what we saw made it seem you might have a little something for her too. Oh, jeez, no.

So is Janelle doomed now that the house whole minus Howie seems to be gunning for her? She's gone. It's going to be tough for her to stay. It's pretty ironic that she ended up winning HOH, considering what happened. [The competition had to be redone when buzzers weren't working last night; the episode in which Janelle wins will air on Sunday night.] She's going to put up Erika and Danielle. She'll hope she can get the votes to get Danielle out but she doesn't know what's going on. Danielle will end up staying.

You told Julie you ''weren't cut out for the game.'' Do you still feel that way? At times you were so low-key it seemed like you didn't want to be there to begin with. People may be concerned about why I didn't come out with my guns blazing. I was trying to reconsider my strategy from last year. I wanted to pace myself and I knew the latter part of the game would be more interesting. That's what I was waiting for. I tried to get myself ready for deception, tell a couple of lies here and there. I just couldn't do it. I had to be myself. I do believe everyone is playing the game as themselves. After seeing all the lies and deception and backstabbing, I couldn't do that. I don't know how to play that kind of game.

Do you care to guess who's going to make it to the end? It's such a tough call especially since things have gone completely haywire. A lot of these alliances are not going to hold up. It's a train wreck and I don't know who's going to pull themselves out of it.

So onto your post-Big Brother life, I hear you want to be an actor. Yeah, I've been taking acting classes for the past few months now. I'm going to be more aggressive and more active in pursuing roles. I think it could work out. I don't want to be that clichéd person who's going to come out of a reality show and be an actor, so we'll see what happens. If it happens, great. If it's not there, I'll be fine.

Will you keep the hair shorn? There's definitely been some support. I might keep it short for the summer. I might grow it long. I have to consider my work. I want to be taken seriously. There's bigger and better things for me outside Big Brother.

Nominations Spoiler

In a truly shocking turn of events, Janelle chose to nominate Danielle and Erika for eviction. I know how everyone must be reeling from that news...

Personally, I was really hoping she'd nominate James and Danielle, but not for the reasons you might think. To my way of thinking, it was the only way to make sure Dani's nomination would stick, since Janie could tell him she wanted to backdoor Marcellas, so James would win the veto, take himself off - instead of him winning it for Dani and taking her off, and then Janie could put Marci, or whomever she chose in the hot seat next to Danielle.

Kaysar Interview

The following Interview was conducted by "The Slug." The link is bold below.

"The super suave and strategic Kaysar Ridha was booted on "Big Brother 7: All-Stars" last night thanks to the Legion of Doom. Boo. Hoo. And Janelle Pierzina won the Head of Household competition — despite what you saw on TV last night. Woo. Hoo. After the jump, take a peep at what Ridha told The Slug in his post-eviction interview. BTW, how he said "Really?" when we told him we dug his shaved head was soooo cuuute. Oh, here it is in Slugaudio.

LISTEN: Kaysar Ridha grows on us.

The Slug: What up, Kaysar! James turned on your alliance. Thoughts?

Kaysar Ridha: Am I completely shocked? No. I was kinda calling it. I said we're gonna try to treat him as good as possible to prevent this from happening. It was inevitable. James gets heated up. He gets paranoid. He's out for himself.

TS: What about Janelle? Did you have any idea she was aligning herself with Chilltown?

KR: No. I suspected there could be something going on with Chilltown and Janelle. I didn't want to believe it. I just thought that people could be loyal and they would be loyal. I was gonna be good to them and hopefully they'll reciprocate. I can only do my best; just because people are going to flip-flop, I didn't want to stoop to that level.

TS: How does it make you feel that two of your three alliance members flipped?

KR: It's a treacherous game — even your closest of allies can turn against you. I think I've grown thicker skin this time around. At this point in time, I'm OK. Will I be OK a week from now after reflecting upon what happened? Who knows?

TS: Last year you got to go back into the house. Any chance of that happening again?

KR: There's not a chance in hell I'm going back in that house. I know for a fact. I'm happy to be out. It's pretty much a done deal.

TS: Explain your relationship with Erika to me.

KS: She was genuine with me. I saw that Erika was sweet and kind. There was this vulnerable side to her. I felt this need to look after her at times, be her support. I don't know why. It was just sort of an instant thing. I think we solidified a bond. But I did feel like when I needed her and she couldn't stand up for me and make a decision, I did feel a little betrayed.

TS: Man, everybody turned on you!

KR: Yeah. There wasn't a single relationship in that house that held up. God, it was really treacherous. It was rough. But I feel as though I maintained my integrity. What else can I do?

TS: So Janelle is HOH again. What should she do?

KR: After knowing what happened? After knowing about the Legion of Doom? Um, take out Chilltown. Right now they're a cancer to the house. You need to take out Chilltown. If you can at least take out one member of Chilltown then the next target can be Danielle.

TS: Do you think Janelle would do that?

KS: Absolutely not.

TS: Poor Janelle. She's clueless.

KR: Yes. There's a worldwind of deception in that house.

TS: Lastly, your hair. Are you gonna keep it short?

KR: You know what? No. I'm growing my hair back.

TS: Awww, come on. I really like it short.

KR: Really?

TS: Yeah. It looks good.

KR: I don't know. I haven't decided."

Food Comp

"The Food Competition is Over! *spoiler*

It's time to cook up some fun at the Big Brother bakery. They're going to have a slop cookoff. George doesn't have to cook as he's back on slop regardless, and Marcellas has a slop pass and doesn't have to cook. They will cook a dish for every day of the week and past HG will judge their creations.

The Houseguests Judging are Nicole (BB2), Jun (BB4), and Marvin (BB5).

Slopfredo - Tuesday
A trio of Pan Fried Slopcakes w/ Confetti Vegetables - Wednesday
Back by Slopular Demand, All Star Cupcake Medley - Thursday
Slop Slow Roast Pasta - Friday
Sloptacular All Star Burritos - Saturday
Slopfle - Sunday

They judged the dishes but we didn't get to see the outcome.

posted by spamgirl
Big Brother 7 All-Stars Staff Writer"

And here's just one of the very funny videos put together by TRD...


I'm back... had to go out and make a living for a few hours today.. Give me a few minutes and I'll get to posting everything!!

Thank you for chekcing in. :)

Food Comp

11:00am BBT
Big Brother just let the HGs know that lockdown would only last a few more minutes. They were about to call Janelle in to the Diary Room and give her the rundown on the rules, then they'd call everyone else inside - where the comp will be held.

And so I wait...

Erika... still whining, now to Danielle. Had ANYONE else won the comp, I'm pretty sure she'd just let it go.

11:20am BBT
Janie calls the HGs in...
Now BBs giving them a few minutes to get pretty...

OK, the comp is a Slop Cook Off... The HGs must create culinary wonders with the slop and other ingredients BB will be supplying them. Their creations will then be judged by a panel of "3 esteemed judges" who will award them between 1-5 points each. If any creation receives 9 combined points or less, the entire house goes on slop for the day. If any creation receives the maximum of 15 combined points, the HGs will win a backyard bbq for the night chosen.

Marci (slop pass) and George (back on slop) are exempt from competing, but may assist others if they so chose.

Puppet Master

12:45am BBT
All over the house...

Marci and Boogie leave Janie's new HoH room after about 30 seconds. As they head down the stairs, we hear the following:
Boogie: Janelle was born under some crazy moon star thing. I let everyone down by not winning it. It's crazy.

WEIGHTROOM - Will and James
James: Dani told me that you're a little worried about my trustworthiness. I just want to tell you that I am 100% into this alliance.
Will: We have to make sure that Dani doesn't go home this week.

They hear people coming down the stairs - leaving Janie's HoH superfast - so James leaves the Weightroom.

A bit later...
BUG ROOM - Dani, Will, Boogie
Dani: It means a lot to me to see that you were really trying to win the competition. No matter what happens, if I go home or whatever, it's good.
Boogie: You are not going to go home. It's not going to happen. It will be fine. Will: I'm going to mix it up.

1:05am BBT
RED ROOM - Marci & Erika
Marci: The game changes on a dime. We have made it to sequester.
Erika: We dont know what the twist we will be competing for will be, so we might not have made it to sequester yet.
Marci: We have to buck up and make it to sequester together. Like you said, there will always be an asterisk.

Regarding the Coup d'Etat...

Marci: If the answer isnt Project DNA, then I still haven't rung the bell, so I still have a guess. And if it is, we KNOW what Dani will do.

Dani enters the red room.

Erika: It is not fair. If Janelle wins this game, it will never be right.

Will & Boogie, whispering.
Boogie: I didn't know if I was going to do it on that question or wait for the tie breaker.
Will: I thought you were gonna accidentally win it.
Boogie: I just didn't know when I should go out.
Boogie: You didnt lose that early on purpose, did you?

Will: Janelle is going to have a huge target on her back, and she can't play for HOH next week. If we can keep everyone this week and get rid of Marci, we just let them all go after Janelle, and then the two of us can just start winning back-to-back.
    ***Thanks Will... We like it when you key us in to the plot points like that.

Whine & Wine

12:35am BBT
WeightRoom - Boogie & James
James: Janelle will only nominate girls, because she thinks she can work all the guys. She will NOT nominate Marci.
James: You've seen a thousand girls like Janelle...she will only go after the girls, just like she went after Diane. She went after Diane because she was a girl.
Boogie: Why she didn't go after Dani when she had the chance?
James: I don't know.
Boogie: We're going to have to save Dani, but I don't want to lose Erika either.
James: Janelle thinks she has you and Will wrapped around her finger, but Janie knows that you're close to Erika, and that makes Erika a big target to Janelle.

James: I know you didn't throw the competition.
Boogie: Oh no! We just take it one day at a time. We will keep pushing for Marcellas.
James: Keep bringing up to Janelle that Marci was walking around talking like he was safe when Erika won HOH and talking shit... put the focus on Marci.

They discuss the possibilities of the new power they could win, but they don't really have a grasp of what it is yet...
James: It would be great, if Dani has to leave, if she can have the satisfaction of telling Janelle that she has to leave with her.
Boogie: It would be great too if Erika leaves, and Dani wins the power, and tells Janie to leave with Erika.

James: You have to make sure that Will starts stepping it up.
Boogie: As long as we work together, have each others backs, 2, 3, or 4 of us will end up in the end.


Feeds 1&2: KITCHEN - Dani, Erika, Will, Howie
Feed 3: George going to bed.
Feed 4: RED BEDROOM - Marci laying on his couch

In the kitchen, they are talking about the new power up for grabs, and they are trying to firgure out what they are supposed to guess. Is it supposed to be a common phrase, or a phrase common only to Big Brother?

Erika leaves the kitchen and goes to the red bedroom to talk to Marci.

The camera moves to get her in the shot.

Erika: Don't even put that camera near me, because I will just give you the finger, so just f-ck off!
Marci: Janie made a comment to me about getting the pink palace back, and I was just like "Im not a floater, I've never been a floater, I'm not going back and forth, I'm sleeping in the red room."


Erika: Internet, if you're watching, that competition wasn't fair, and if one of the four wins, there will be an asterisk next to it.
Marci agrees.
Erika: I'm not eating slop, and I'm not competing in stupid competitions, so they should just kick me out. I will always have a job in casting, so I don't care. I never should have done this. Just kick me out, so I can go home and hang out with my mom and my dogs. And I am NOT getting up at 7 in the morning.

Marci: You can't go out like that.
Erika: Marci, it is not fair.
Marci: I know that, but we have already made it to sequester, and you still have a vote to decide who gets the money.
Erika: I don't even care. I wanted to play it fair, and its just not fair.

    ***Just for the sake of posterity, here's the shortest lived HoH photo ever...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Janelle: (to the HGs at large) Who wants to come and see my HOH room?

Marci: We have to go up there, its just part of it, we just have to go.

Everyone following Janelle up the stairs to the HOH room.

Surprise! The room is not pink. And I was so looking forward to another week of the pink palace.. darn. It's dark blue, and looking like they thought a guy would win HoH. Howie perhaps?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In any case, all the HGs save Howie are in and out of that room in under 3 minutes. Kinda pitiful, really. Although, Dani and Erika do stay long enough to empty half the wine bottle Jani got... under 3 minutes... spiteful.

After the Re-Do

OK, as you can tell by last night's posts, we were up late!!! That said, not gonna be a ton of overnight's to report, since basically, we're on HG time already. Though they did wake up before me this morning (how embarrassing!), they went almost immediately on lockdown - all together=no strategizing. Here's what happened in the small amount of time they were awake without me... or while I was just too happy to report all the whining...

What an emotional rollercoaster last night was!!

Erika is (understandably) pissed!!

12:20am BBT
KITCHEN - Boogie & Erika
Boogie: I think Janelle feels sort of cheated by Marci, because he has just floated. I think she will put Marci and Dani up, and we can vote to keep Dani.
Erika: We have to keep Dani, she is the brains.

Camera follows Boogie and Erika into the bathroom.
They're joking around.
Boogie gets down on one knee...

Boogie: I came on this show looking for a lot of things, spending time with Chicken George, and instead I found you. Will you marry me?

Boogie puts a makeshift ring on her finger.

Erika: Yes.

Boogie kisses Erika on the lips.

They discuss the HoH comp re-do. Boogie hugs Erika.

Boogie: You will get it when you need it most, and I will get it when i need it most. I had so many lines ready for the DR, too.

Erika: Did Kaysar make a deal with you?

Boogie: Yes. Kaysar wanted to temam up with me and Will, and offered that we scould split the money. Kaysar came at me really hard, saying that Marci and Erika kept saying that they wanted Chilltown to go up in the beginning. I told Kaysar that there would be reasons for either him or James to leave, and I told him that I wouldn't want to be sitting next to him at the end.

Boogie: I told him that he had to talk to Will, and we would let him know the next day. Kaysar came to see me today again and asked again and I didnt have the heart to tell him that I wasn't going to vote for him, and so I just told him that we were voting live... so just give the best speech.

Boogie: I liked Kaysar a lot more than I expected to.

Erika: Kaysar is a good guy. I really like him too... except that he lied to me about not having a deal with Chilltown. I didnt want to send Kaysar out, I didn't want him to leave, but he didn't man up and play in the veto like he could have, so he deserved to leave.

Discussion returns to the HoH re-do...
Erika: If they want Janelle to stay so badly, then I'll just leave.
Erika: Get out of here, so we don't look so hella obvious.
Boogie: Mind your engagement ring.

Possible CDE Spoiler

Is there any truth to it? We don't know. But the net is buzzing with Danielle's possible win of the Coup d'Etat. All we know for certain is that she has made a guess, but we would be remiss to not include this possible spoiler...

Marcellas: (to Danielle) At least the thing you won might help you.
Danielle: I guessed (at the Coup d'Etat).

This exchange has many thinking she won it. She may or may not have. Only time will tell.

HoH ReDo Comp Video

Go, Janie, Go!!

Here's the video you've been waiting for! :) And the only thing that'll make the Kaysar fans smile - most of us, anyhow... This evening's late night HoH Re-Do Competition.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Danielle's HoH Blog


I can't believe I'm playing this game again! When I walked into the BB house the excitement was overwhelming. I'm such a huge fan of the show and to think that I'm competing in this game with the greatest players in BB history. I remember thinking that if I was nominated the first week...I'M GONE! For some scary reason I'm still here. I made up my mind that I can't possibly win this game, but I'm going to do every thing possible to play the game with real determination.

I look back on how I played the game in Season 3 (The best season), and contrary to some belief, I felt I played the game with fear. I lurked in the shadows. I lied. I backstabbed. It is imperative that I didn't play All-Stars the same. My motto for this season is to play hard and not be scared to make risky decisions. I keep telling myself if I happen to be sitting next to Julie next week at least I did something.

This game is a very, very difficult game. This season is not easy by any means. I walked in this house alone and I felt alone since day one. I can't really have complete confidence in anyone. I wish Jason was here because I never doubted his loyalty. Is James my Jason this season? We will see.

This week has been a very dangerous week for myself. I nominated Janelle and James. The nominations were very risky and it completely exposed my plan to go after The Four (season 6). Although it appears that it is an attack against them is not. I adore Kaysar, Janelle, Howie and James. I am and will always be a Sov 6 fan. Janelle is an awesome player and although the house can't understand why we are eating slop and sleeping on cots...I totally understand. Janelle did what she had to do to survive in this game and you can't help but root for her. She's an awesome player. She still a vixen in the BB house (smile). James putting his trust in me speaks huge volumes towards are understanding with one another. I hope my plan works and that James is safe this week. If James is not safe...Sarah, I'm truly sorry.

After the POV competition, my heartache for my family. I never felt so low in the game. Just to know that I sacrificed a phone call just to keep the nominations the same to ensure James safety....I miss my family. I ask myself everyday, "Why am I here?" Well, you know I'm not here to be on TV. Hello, do you see how I look everyday? Wow, I look hungry some days. I'm sorry mother for not putting make-up on everyday and combing my hair. I realized that I'm here to play the game. Unlike season 3, I do not have any coat tails. I kept telling myself to just sit back and watch other people play the game. I was going to hop on someone's coat tails and take a nice ride to the finals, but that's not me. I have to play the game and I'm not accepting any passengers on the D-Train Express.

Legion of Doom is probably one of the most dangerous alliances I've ever seen. To think that I have an alliance with Dr. Will, Boogie and James....unreal! How did this happen? I don't have a clue, but it may work. L.O.D. is the ultimate secret alliance. What is scary is that no one has a clue about our alliance! Wow! I just need Boogie and Will to step up and start playing the game. I need the boys to win a damn competition! James and I can't do all the dirty work. I'm pretty exhausted this week and I need the boys to win HOH, because my safety depends on it.

My agreement with Erika is that I will watch her back. Can I trust her? I don't know. I questioned why she handed the HOH to me last week. Is it because she wanted me to do her dirty work? At times when we talk, I can't help but compare her to Lisa and we all know how that season ended.

I do not trust Marcellas. He makes me extremely nervous. I know Marc will change his opinion every way the wind blows. I enjoy talking and laughing with Marc, but I never forget that he wanted Kaysar to nominate me on week two.

How can you not love the Chicken Man? He's not the best cook, but every dish he makes...he makes it with love. The Boswell Family should be pretty proud of him. He is an awesome man. What he did in the POV to save himself...America should have been standing up and clapping. At the end of this week George is back on the slop (aka The Devil's oatmeal) and I will be there encouraging him to keep going forward in this game. The houseguest don't see the courage and the determination in him, but I do.

Well, time is up!

Hugs and Chocolate Kisses,

HoH Re-Do

It's 10:43pm, BBT. We had a few minutes of flames, and I thought that meant they were going to do the HoH Comp now, and give us flames for the whole thing, but the feeds just came back so.... We may just get lucky here.

The HGs are rarin' to go. Janie definitely has her game face on. She has that "I'm unbeatable" look... I hope her gameplay matches.

And at 10:48pm BBT, more flames. Still flames at 10:55pm BBT...

We'll keep ya posted.


Janie is now HoH!!!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

As Janie received the key from Danielle, she yelled, "This is for you Kaysar!!!" Amen to that!

We'll have the video for you asap!
Until it becomes available, check out this weekly compilation put together by TRD - TheRealDeal

HGs on HoH Video

Here's a Video... Regarding the Do-Over.... Which should be happening any minute now... Hopefully with no flames.

Re-doing HoH?

Since the live show, Howie has been upset that his buzzer did not work in the HoH competition. We have had an extreme amount of flames tonight.

Howie, Janelle and James are in the bedroom, discussing the HoH comp and how Chicken George lied to Kaysar about his votes. Then we hear a female's voice....

BB: Houseguest
James: Allison? (Grodner, producer)

Again we have flames....

Twenty minutes later the feeds return and the HGs are discussing re-doing the HoH comp.

***Can it be?!!***

Will: I wonder if the west coast are seeing the same live show. Maybe the last five minutes Julie tells them...(something?)

The HGs are saying they want to play HoH tonight and not wait until tomorrow.


The HGs are saying the new HOH will be airing SUNDAY!!!!!! They are wondering how BB will fit all the comps in this week.

Then, again flames!

Check back, and I will add anything I hear to this post!!


Will: The competiton will be at 10:30 tonight and the food comp in the morning.


***Stay tuned!***

It's official - Here's the latest from the big brother site:
Due to technical malfunctions of the buzz-in device, Big Brother will be redoing the Head of Household Competition. It will be broadcast during Sunday night's show.
If you'd like to see it with your own eyes, go deep. They buried it on the last page about the episode.

Goodbye Kaysar

For the Kaysar Fans.... including me... :(
This is a really nice montage put together by tammyr8031...

Live Show Spoiler


This post will contain the spoilers for Tonight's live episode. If you're the type who wants to be surprised, then this is not the post for you! You do have a couple of options though...

You could look to your left, find where it says "previous posts"and pick one...


you could take advantage of these links i found...
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OK... now the spoilers.. you've been fairly warned!!

Evicted Tonight
The Votes to Evict:
Marcellas - Kaysar
Howie - James
Erika - Kaysar
Janelle* - James
Will - Kaysar
George - Kaysar
Boogie - Kaysar
*Janie's vote was cancelled out by James*
The HoH Winner is
Coup D'Etat

Not yet.. just another teaser. Julie Chen told the Houseguests that there will be a new power up for grabs this week, one that could change the game completely, but she didn't tell them what it is yet. Only that there will be series of clues given to them, and from these clues they must guess a phrase associated with Big Brother. They may only have one guess, and they must make it in the Diary Room, when they are sure of the answer, and not before. That is all they know thus far.

    ***I'm so bummed...
    Janie better win the CDE,
    or she's toast.

Howie Video

I thought we could all use a laugh, so I went digging through the Big Brother All Stars video archives and came up with this very funny clip of Howie dancing for everyone... Definitely worth watching!

Preacher James

This clip is from the day before yesterday... Remember while watching it that James is already firmly alligned with the "Legion of Doom," and has expressed his desire to be rid of both Janelle and Howie to them.

HGs are UP

Big Brother wakes the HGs with I Wanna Rock with You by Michael Jackson.
Dani's bathing in the kitchen sink, starts dancing and...

Big Brother is playing with the Houseguests.
BB: Will. Will. Will. Will.
BB: Howie, Howie, Howie.
Everyone is laughing
Will: Can you believe we're amused by this? And that we want our names played.
Howie: Thanks, BB. Big Boy like his name played over and over.

10:35am BBT
HOH BEDDROOM - Danielle & George

Danielle: Our ass is grass. They are coming after us.

10:45am BBT

Marci is still asleep on a cot, with his mask on.

CG is leaving the HOH with his bucket he washed up in the HOH BR


WORKOUT ROOM - Kaysar & James
Kaysar: You have to step up to the plate. If the floaters win HoH, they will go after Janelle... they look at you as one of them.


Janelle is sitting at the table reading the Bible.
No one is talking

WORKOUT ROOM - James & Kaysar

James: He has been doing it since week 1... I have to keep my eye on people.
Kaysar: Don't be paranoid.
James: ...but actions speak louder than words.
    ***Came in on the middle of the conversation because of the flames, so I don't know who James is referring to.

James: no one is going to hang out in my HoH room next week.
James & Kaysar exit the Workout room.
James: Kaysar, I never worked out that hard in my life.


Buxom Buddies

Here's another fun video, Buxom Buddies.
This one's stars Janie, Howie and Kaysar, and was created by TheRealDeal.


1:00-1:30am BBT
Will and Boogie, soon to be joined by more.

Will: We'll have one signal to vote out James, and another signal for Kaysar. We'll listen to both speeches, and whichever one we like. we'll vote that person out. It'll be the first truly live vote.

Boogie: Why would we do that?
Will: Because it will by highly entertaining to me.
Boogie cracks up.
Boogie: I trust James... Janelle will split the money.
Will: Sorry I have to ask this, but do me and you have an agreement to split the money 50/50?
Will & Boogie continue discussing big risks and pros & cons, what the other HGs will do, promises made. What they plan to say to each person. How they are going to justify this. Sounds like they want Janelle around...
Will hears something, and checks the door
Howie is standing right by the door.
Howie has no clue what's going on, everyone's laughing.
Will moves to camera so the three are now in it.
They go over the pros and cons of James v. Kaysar with Howie.
Howie: I love them both.
Boogie: If Kaysar makes it to the end, no one can beat him. James, on the other hand, can be portrayed as a target because he's a liar. Kaysar is the nice guy.
Boogie: I want Kaysar out, and Will wants James out.
Will: It's a tough decision but the Float Herd needs a beatdown next week.
How: Yeah, they need a beatdown.

Will & Boogie are talking about the signals again.

Will: Let's just listen to the speeches and give a signal.
Boog: What's better for you, Howie?
Will checking the next room
How: They're both strong, I love James like a brother, but...


We return to conversation about Marci and Danielle, how close they are.
Howie: I was on my knees, and I overheard them saying how enjoyable this is going to be, they act like they hate each other and that is bull.
Howie: They're together.
Will: What is Chicken George doing?
Howie: He says it's top secret.
Boogie: He's gravitating towards them -the Floater Alliance.
Howie: Chicken George keeps telling me to be weary of Chilltown.
Howie: We just need to make sure Marcellas, Erika or George don't win.
Will: That's a lot of people.
Mike: I want Janelle to win.
Howie: I want Janelle or you to win, so I can cheer like crazy.
Howie: If a floater finishes off the Sovereign 6, Chilltown is next.
Boogie: I know.
Howie: I think my closeness to Janie is making me very vulnerable.
Janelle enters.

Still Will, Boogie, Howie and Janie...
Will: Dani told me to evict James.
    Liar Liar Liar

Mike: Erika isn't dumb, she knows Janelle will go after Dani so she's not gonna kill herself going after HOH.
Mike: Do not relay this conversation to James or Kaysar.
Will: suggests they listen to the speeches and throw out a hand signal based on them.
Janelle: (re HOH comp) If I have the lead, let Mike ring in and waste the question so the floaters can't get points.

Howie: How about "The Skin Doctors." (as a name for their "alliance")
Everyone ignores him.

Will: The whole house alliance...
More alliance names... Will is very concerned about a new name for this alliance.
Kay enters.
Will: "The pale Will's"
Will: "The skin doctors"
Kay leaves, How leaves, Jan leaves...

Votes Don't Matter

11:50pm BBT
HOH ROOM - Will, Boogie, Erika
A "Chilltown" meeting.
Will is lying down listening to Dani's Queen CD.

Will: How are you voting, Erika?
Erika: I'm voting Kaysar out.
Will: Our votes don't really matter...
Boogie agrees.
Boogie: All we do is dodge bullets.
Erika: Am I really in an alliance if we don't talk or do anything?
Boogie is messing around on the computer.
Erika turns on the spy screen.

Boogie and Will repeat that their votes don't matter.

    ***hmmm... is there hope for Kaysar?? At first it seemed as though Will was trying to get it across to Boogie that "their votes don't matter," but as he said it in front of Erika too.. and Since Will does NOTHING without a purpose...Hmmmm.

Kaysar's Trying

11:00pm BBT
Bathroom - Janie and Will
They're having a pretty light conversation, then...
Janelle: Chicken George is so annoying.
Will: I floss twice a day, and you only floss once.
    ***Welcome to non-sequitor theatre...

Janelle: Danielle and Marcellas have been working together since day one.
Will is surprised.
They both have a laugh over Chicken George's wondering if Holly was holding a double-sided duck, while studying for the HoH comp. They crack up.
Will: Back to Danielle and Marcellas.
Janelle: Howie overheard them talking about the game, and how they have to play how much they hate each other, and how perfect it was that Jase flipped out. Danielle was talking about how they have to celebrate.
Will: They're legit?

Will: Are you putting up Danielle and Marcellas?
Janelle: No.
Will: Danielle and Erika?

Will: You have to get rid of Danielle.
Janelle agrees.
Janelle: I think when Danielle leaves that the float herd will be broken. Danielle admitted to having Erika in her alliance.
Will: (sarcastically) That's smart.
He continues to primp his hair as Janelle rifles around the bathroom.

Kaysar and James enter the bathroom.

James: Final Four?
Kaysar: One of us is leaving.
James: Oh.
Will: You know how they dont' want me to talk to Julie Chen.. She won't talk to me in the live show or ask me a question.
    ***Will mentioned this earlier as well. Apparently the CBS honchos are p.o.'d about how he addressed Julie last week, and the producers of the show have let him know that he will not be asked any questions during the live show, and that he's to keep his mouth shut.

Kaysar: Be a good sport!

James goes in the toilet.
Kaysar: (whispers) He (James) knows he doesn't have Chilltown's vote.
Will: I want James out, but Boogie wants to keep him.
    ***What a crock.

Kaysar: I need both of your votes. I need to talk to Boogie.
Will: I've tried. Maybe you should do it.
Kaysar: I've done it three times.
Will: I'm over it.
Will exits the bathroom.
Janelle is in the shower.
Janelle: Kaysar, can you bring me a third slop bucket, so I can rinse and shave and stuff?
Kaysar: I don't know where it is. Perhaps someone put slop in it after they took a shower. It's disgusting.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Kaysar!

Thursday, August 10th, is Kaysar's 26th birthday. Ironically, it is eviction day, too. Let's wish for a Hail Mary Pass in the form of a Coup d'Etat that takes place before the live eviction!!

We thought it would be fun to post birthday wishes from his fans here on the blog. Of course, we hope he does not get to see your messages for a long, long time!!

If you would like us to include your birthday wish to Kaysar, please send it to our myspace. If you are not on our myspace friends list, you can click the link on the left side of this page. Please do not post your wishes in the comments here on the blog.

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Happy birthday, Kaysar! I love you inside the house, last season and current. Keep up the good work and try not to let anyone stab you in the back on your special day.

Best wishes


What up Kaysar!

Happy Birthday good lookin..its going to suck if you get evicted on your birthday! Talk to you when you get back.



I hope your birthday is an awesome one, my birthday wish for you is to stay in the house. My best wishes to you!!!





Kaysar! Happy birthday! It is so awesome watching you play a game so different than anyone else in the house! I wish I could give you some big personal message, but I dont know you other than what I see on tv, so this is the best i can do!! If I could just give you some advice... NOT telling someone something isnt lying or somehow showing of a lack of integrity... sometimes its better to just not tell anyone, anything! ;) Happy birthday, and I hope you stay in the house for weeks to come!

Baboosh Rashibi


What up KAYSARRRR! Hope You Have A Happy Birthday!



Happy Birthday Kaysar! You, Howie and Janelle are my favorite houseguests! I hope you get to stay and James gets voted out!



Have a wonderful Day ~HUGS AND KISSES~Bonnie


Hey Kaysar congratulations on making it this far keep fighting for that sweet prize, and have a great big brother birthday. I'm suporting you all the way.

Michelle, CA


Happy Birthday Kaysar!! You will always be my Favorite BB Player. Take Care :-)



Happy Birthday Kaysar.I hope you stay in the house.Your a great person and hope all your wishes do come true.


Hey Kaysar!!! Happy Birthday! I hope things work out for you this week, we all want you to win this game!!!
Love ya, Angela


Happy Birthday Kaysar. I hope you get everything you wish for!
Warm regards,
Rosie in Florida


Happy birthday to the hottest BB player EVER...




Happyyy Birthdayyy Kaysarrrr! This is a message from Ohio. Besides the fact that I am the only lesbian in love with you...I know if you remain in the house or end up out of the house it will be a good day for you. your positive look on everything shows it. I look at your game a little different this year...good and bad. reguardless of what happens in the end you will remain a good man. I ensure u with a great life ahead of you..Happy Bday KayKay!
-meschel ...columbus ohio.


I am such a big fan of yours from the first day I saw you on BB6. I think you are such a WONDERFUL GUY..I want you to win the BB7 all-stars and kick some butt. Love ya Kaysar
Tina Marie


Just wanna send out a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY...and best of luck for tonight's eviction.



Make the Call

OK, the HGs are not talking strategy at all tonight on the feeds, thus far, and there haven't been any ghost sightings for a while now, but I'm sitting here wondering about your thoughts and impressions...

    1. If you were in the house right now, who would you vote to evict tomorrow?
    2. Which alliance would you join? Floaters, Chilltown, Legion of Doom or Sovereign 4?
    3. Who will make up the final 4?

Please leave your answers in the comments here on the blog.

Thanks for your participation. :)

Ghost Compilation

Just for fun.. All the Ghost Sightings together on one video... Assembled by the wonderful and talented TRD - TheRealDeal.

Dani's Circus

Destiny Strikes Again - with a terrific video clip...

This one features Dani running a 3 ring circus... Let's see if she'll pull it off.

There's a lot of whispering, so Destiny was kind enough to provide the following:
Here's the gist of it: Danielle tells Marcellas not to tell CT how their voting. She says as long as one goes it doesn't matter who goes. Then immediately says, "but Kaysar has to go." Will tells her Janelle is on to her and James being together. Will tells James to start campaigning and acting nervous. He says Erika told Janelle that Danielle told her to keep James. They say Erika is a traitor and is cut off. Will tells Danielle that "Janelle thinks she and I are cool as hell, so..."

Here's the vid... Turn your speakers up, and don't blink.

The Latest

Here's an article on what's to come vis-a-vis the Coup d'Etat and the Former HGs...

posted by spamgirl
Big Brother 7 All-Stars Staff Writer

"Former Big Brother Houseguests will Return to Participate in this Week's Head of Household Competition, Food Competition and Veto Competition

Julie Chen Will Announce Details for this Season's Newest Twist,
the "Coup d'Etat" on Thursday, Aug. 10

The remaining Houseguests competing on this season of BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS will be treated to some familiar faces this week as several former Houseguests lend their services to this week's Head of Household competition on Thursday, Aug. 10, the Food Competition on Sunday, Aug. 13 and the Veto Competition on Tuesday, Aug. 15.

The first group of former BIG BROTHER Houseguests will return for a surprise cameo appearance this Thursday, Aug. 10 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) during the live eviction show. The former Houseguests will be incorporated into the HOH competition, which will require this season's All Stars to recall specific clues they have received from the former Houseguests throughout the week in order to be crowned this week's HOH. Another group of former Houseguests will return to serve as judges during this week's Food Competition on Sunday, Aug. 13 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT). The BIG BROTHER blast from the past week will conclude with former Houseguests also playing a role in the all important Veto Competition on Tuesday, Aug. 15 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT).

During the Live broadcast on Thursday, Aug. 10 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), host Julie Chen will explain this season's newest twist, the "Coup d'Etat," which she teased at the end of last week's live eviction show. The "Coup d'Etat" will enable one person to overthrow the HOH at a moment's notice."

posted by spamgirl
Big Brother 7 All-Stars Staff Writer

Fatal Error

I'm really hoping I've mis-titled this post, but it feels very much like a fatal error for Janie. Here's the clip of her telling Will earlier today that she can't play for Veto next week. He of course plays it off, but then later runs to Dani with the news...

F'ing Cappy

The "Ghost" Appears to James...

The Edict

Just before Noon, BBT

STORAGE ROOM - Dani & Marci
Dani: We gotta do what we gotta do, and Kaysar has to go.
Marci leaves
BB: Will please change you batteries.

Will: Tell James to start campaigning and act all nervous. Janie thinks something is going on between you and James.
Will: Janie told me she can't play for veto next week.

    ***As suspected... Ugh... I can't believe Kaysar thought telling CT was a good idea, even less so that Janie took his advice and told them. She might as well have painted a target on her forehead in bright neon... as opposed to the mere red one that's already there.

James enters.

Will: Erika is telling people that you (Dani) told her to vote Kaysar out.
Dani and James agree that Erika is out of the alliance.

Will: (to James) Janie thinks you believe you're safe.
Dani (to James) : You gotta start campaigning and getting nervous and pissed off, because Janie thinks she's onto our alliance.

James: They think I'm acting like this cause I think I'm going.
Will: Dude, you gotta start campaigning.
James leaves.
Will & Dani discuss Janie real quick
Will:(to Dani) Janie can't play for veto next week.

BEDROOM - Howie and James
James is asking Howie for his vote...
James: I'm a better player and a bigger target.
Howie: My decision is about future alliance, future game play.
James: Its pointless to ask Janie for her vote because she wants to keep Kaysar.
Howie: Its a hard decsion. At the same time we are in an alliance and in this to win.
James: No I understand it is a hard decision. Kaysar's a good guy.
James puts his head down.
Howie: We gotta get Marci and Erika out of here. I don't like the fact that Erika runs to our HOH room then runs straight to Dani's HOH.

James: They want us at war with CT. But if we can keep going after them...Marci & Erika... I don't think all the floaters are in an alliance, but I think Marci & Erika are. They've been inseparable since day one.
James: My speech is gonna be something like 'last year I got put up by a friend & this year I got put up by a friend'.

Howie: This time last year I didn't like you. We were just in an alliance.
James: Should I talk to Janie?
Howie: Nah, she's gonna vote to keep Kaysar.

And now... the HGs are outside on Lockdown... so no strategizing going on... Story Time with Boogie at the moment.

Former Houseguests

***Update on Hauntings***

Ok...I know we have all been trying to figure out which former houseguest were doing the hauntings. And, whether or not they would be returning to the house.

Well, today on HouseCalls, Bunky said he and several other former houseguest will be involved with this weeks HOH competition. Which leads me to believe that no one will be returning to play.

S4 minus 1

Up late with Kaysar, Janie and Howie...

In case anyone's wondering, Kaysar and Janie are now firmly convinced and accepting of the fact that James is in an alliance with Danielle. James' behavior of the past week was the give-away for them, and as much as they wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe he'd be faithful to the alliance, they just can't any more. Shame it took them this long to figure it out... especially since James has had his deal with Danielle since before he walked in the house, and added Chilltown (who could really care less about him) into the alliance last week when he was p.o'd at Janie for not taking out Chilltown. Whatever excuse works for ya...

Just so you're aware, Janie and Howie know they are alone in fighting for HoH for next week, (assuming Kaysar does leave) and they know how important the win is, since Janie can't play for veto.

In a shockingly bad moment of strategy, Kaysar recommended to Janie that she share her veto dilemma with Chilltown, so that they'll know they actually have to play to win this week... to save her.

Janelle:You dont think we're being paranoid for no reason about James?
Kaysar: Positive.

Wild Card

Last night, Erika and Kaysar had a very long conversation in the backyard. Here are the important parts...

12:45am BBT
Backyard - Kaysar & Erika

Erika: Keeping you in the house would probably be in my best interest over James, but just like I told your alliance in the first 4 weeks, I always like to respect the decision of the HOH, and I still doesnt know what Dani wants.

Erika: Why are you so sure that you're leaving?
Kaysar: You pick up cross-talk. If it was a tie, Dani will kick me out.
Erika: Do you know that for sure?
Kaysar: Yeah, I have a pretty good idea from the things that you pick up and hear and see. When Marci is walking around the house all snooty, you know he is up to something.

Kaysar: I can't sit here and make deals just because I'm on the block, because if I did that, I would lose all integrity, and if I was willing to do that when I was on the block trying to save my butt, what would I do the next time? I don't play the game that way. I told myself that I wasnt going to play as such a nice guy this time, but when it comes down to it, you end up playing as yourself.

Kaysar: I might be able to try to do something to keep myself in the game, but James would use the nullify vote anyway, and I'm not going to go around talking bad about James, because he is part of my alliance. Even though James isnt as loyal, I just cant do that.

Erika: (crying)
Kaysar: Are you okay?
Erika: No.
Kaysar: What are you thinking?
Erika: I'm thinking that I wish you were staying.
Kaysar: Part of the reason that I want to stay in the game is because at some point in the game, I am hoping that I could make some crafty decision and have some fun. The reason that I don't want to stay is because that might never happen, and all thats left is the fighting and ugliness and bitterness and I don't really know what to do with myself if that happens.

Erika: I just feel like, if I vote for you, it is a betrayal to Dani, and if I vote for James, it is a betrayal to you.
Kaysar: I understand that you're torn, but a decision was obviously made to attack season 6, and Dani wants to keep James in the game for herself.
Kaysar: Dani wants to keep James, so that she and James could pick the rest of them off later on.
Erika: mmm-hmmm.

Kaysar: I felt like even though we had hit sort of a rough spot and my alliance was going to take a hit, I felt like I had always been pretty fair with people in the house, but that looks like it doesn't really matter now.
Erika: Do you think that James has some kind of deal with Dani?
Kaysar: Shouldn't you know?
Erika: Noone tells me anything.
Kaysar: Why do you think Dani would be fighting so hard to keep James... Do you really think it's because Dani thinks that I have so much more loyalty to season 6, and if so, how would that affect Dani?

Erika: If that was the case, wouldn't that make Dani and James bigger targets next week?
Kaysar: Dani plays motherly, cooks, and doesn't make big alliances, but she makes the secret ones.... You don't want to hurt anyone, you cry easily... People play this game as themselves, and that is what we are doing.

Kaysar: Why is Dani going around publicizing that James is less loyal to season 6? Do I know for sure that Dani and James have a deal? No. But from body language, watching people, the things they say and dont say, that is what tells me.

Kaysar: That is why I am so sure that I am going home. I can tell. I might not be the fastest guy, might not win vetoes, but I can read people, and so can Danielle.

Kaysar: She is good. She is going to try to protect herself. Dani is so good at this game because she layers herself. She is friends with everyone, but not best friends with anyone, and then she has that wild card.

Kaysar: You want to know why I'm leaving? Because I didnt agree to be the wild card. That's how I knew.

Erika: What do you by wild card?
Kaysar: ...sort of uh, we have an understanding, but we'll never talk about it again kind of thing...a sleeper. I'm no use to Dani...
    ***directly implying he understands that James is.

The thing is, if I'm not working with Dani, Dani knows that I can figure out what she is up to pretty easily.
Kaysar: I hope that this stays between us.
Erika: Of course, everything we talk about stays between us.

Haunted Mirrors

Good morning :)

While I get the rest together for you, please enjoy these video clips of the houseguests reactions to the "ghosts."

Janelle Sees... SCREAMS

Boogie Sees... SCREAMS

Erika Still Freakin' Out...

Lights Out

At 12:07am BBT - BB announces lights will be turned of in 5 minutes. The HGs were told earlier today that they have to be up at 8:00am.

There have been no more sightings since the last post. The HGs that saw the hauntings in the mirrors seem to think it was Alison and Jase. However, after looking at many screen caps, I am not so sure....especially about the possiblity of one being Jase.

***Tell me what you think!!!***

At the moment, Erika and Kaysar are in the backyard. Kaysar is telling her how he feels betrayed and why he is so pissed off.

Check for the overnight updates in the morning! As always, if anything happens, I will post!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Haunting

There has been a haunting in the house...

Erika was sitting at the bar and staring toward the window above the kitchen sink. All of a sudden she creams "Oh my gosh!" Will and Janelle who are sitting on the balcony get worried ask her what's up.

Erika: Oh my gosh! I just saw Alison!
Janelle: What!?!
Erika: I just saw Alison!
Janelle: Alison who?
Erika: Alison Alison (pointing to the evicted HG pic)
Janelle: Ahh, are you f'ing serious?
Janelle and Will run downstairs. Erika goes outside and tells all the other HGs.

She says she just saw Alison thru the window holding a flashlight below her face.

Will: You're just having a hallucination since you're on slop.
Erika: No, I am totally serious.
Will: Are you sure you're not hallucinating?
Erika: I saw her. She was looking dead. No expression. I will be having nightmares for the rest of my life.

Will: If that really did just happen, it's part of the show and it will happen a few more times in the next couple of hours.

Erika really is freaked out. She goes outside and sits on the hammock with Boogie.

Erika: I am not going to sleep by myself again in this house. I don't even go to scary movies. That really freaked me out.
Boogie: I didn't pay my $8.50 to see the Ring 3.

Danielle and George go to the hammock to comfort Erika.

***Here is a pic!

Shortly after Erika sees Alison. Boogie, Kaysar and Chicken George are in the backyard. There's another face in the window behind the hammock. We see the following, although they did not. This time it looks like Jase.

Now, Will has gone missing and they HGs cannot find him.

BB has turned off the lights in one of the bedrooms, and want the HGs to go to bed early tonight.

Janelle in the bathroom alone, a face appeared in the mirror twice, but Janelle did not see it. Clearly it was Alison.

A few minustes later, Janelle just screamed very loud. She saw alison in the mirror!

Howie: The only time they will come out is when we're alone.

Boogie: I don't wanna look in the mirrors anymore.

Will is back....not clear on where he had been.

Then, Boogie, Janelle and Erika saw Jase and they screamed like HELL!!!

The HGs are going crazy!! As long as these sightings are happening, I will keep posting! In the meantime, here is a little video.

BB Pre-Empted

To all the fans in Cleveland and Columbus....Now will be a great time to start calling your local affiliates to complain, because BB will be pre-empted on WOIO (Cleveland) and WBNS (Columbus) on Thursday due to football. BB will air at 1:37 am that night instead, but unfortunately, viewers in those areas will not see it live!

If you have not signed up for the live feeds, now would be a good time to get a free two week trial. At least that way, you can get a play by play in the chatrooms there during the live show Thursday! Just click on the link above.


Great Episode tonight! :) Very cool to finally see the comp and have confirmation for who won what. Here's hoping Janie can keep her inability to play for veto next week a secret!

My bigger hope is that instead of voting tomorrow, they throw the Houseguests another curveball: Coup d'Etat!!! Of course, my fantasy scenario would include Janie or Kaysar winning the coup, and putting up Dani and Marcellas.

Otherwise, we'll be around reporting whatever the HGs let spill tomorrow about their votes... Thanks for checkin' in and telling your friends about the blog. :)


I'm so psyched to see the show tonight! After several days of trying to figure out the Veto Comp from listening to the Houseguests, it'll be great to finally have the answers to who did what, who got what, who's lying their butts off and who's just plain spiteful.

Feel free to leave your pre-show guesses in the comment section. ;) We'll come back and see how you scored when it's over.

30 minutes till showtime on the east coast (central too) :) Woohoo!

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