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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Screen Caps

Kaysar misses his hair as much as we do...
but he's still a monster hottie, and it'll grow back, honey!
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Bald Kaysar from the back...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

George eyeballing his choice...
To me, the look says, "What was I thinkin'?!"
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Last but not least... in the vein of "I'm not your bitch, Bitch." Or ...what I'm hoping
we'll all be saying on Thursday... "Bye Bye Bitch"...

Who YOU callin' Bar Whore??
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Veto Scoop

The Scoop on the Veto Comp

Apparently, the Veto Competition was all about "How Much is this Veto Comp Worth to You?" And from the outcome, it appears some gave all. George, Jase and Kaysar willingly dunked themselves in vats of extremely stain inducing blueberry sauce.

Much more serious in terms of game play, George and Kaysar both gave up competing for the Power of Veto next week, and then in a dramatic move, both Kay and George shaved their heads.

George won the Veto Comp by agreeing to eat slop for 60 days, the duration of his stay on Big Brother. Having already witnessed firsthand the effect of the slop on his closest alliance, Kaysar offered to eat slop for 20 - a rather heroic move for his alliance, but it unfortunately fell short of winning the veto comp for them.

Will didn't try very hard at all in the Comp, and James is beyond angry.

James believes that this Challenge was designed by the producers specifically to keep George in the Game, as it's the only type of comp George could have ever won against the other competitors. James has been ranting that this isn't a game, it's a tv show, and the producers are manipulating it to oust the contestants they want to get rid of, and keep people like George. James went on to say that the next HoH will probably be a Belly Flop contest so George can win that and nominate Kaysar and himself.

It's James' belief that BB wants to oust Will, because he's not giving them what they had hoped for, in terms of crafty play - and Will spends most of his time griping and cursing at the people behind the walls.

As far as the Season 6ers see it, if George wins HoH next week, it will be the same as when Maggot won the Bocci Ball comp in BB6 - designed specifically for the player in question to win, since he/she has a known specialty in the game.

Visual Confirmation

OK, Kaysar's still beautiful...
but I can't help wondering if now he'll twirl the air around his head. :(
A friend just sent me this screencap she found...
BlueManGeorge ...lookin' a bit like an oompah-loompah
And our bald Kaysar... it'll grow, KayKay!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Bald Kaysar!

Special Guest Blogger: Erin the Greatest!!

6:30 Big Brother Time:
HOH Room - Howie and James

    Amidst Rumors that
    Awaiting visual confirmation.

James and Howie are discussing how Jase is vulnerable. They are also joking
about how Howie nominated James last year.

Howie: CG is using the veto and taking himself off.
James: This is what I’m saying about Jase…
Howie: If George didn’t come through he’s gone. Now if we get rid of Boogie…
James: Quiet down!
Howie: As much as we like our numbers, it could be 9-1 and that one could win
next week.
James: Oh. Chicken Goerge WILL win it next week. It’s in the contract

(Note: this is the first in a long series of complaints by James that everything is
rigged and the veto competition was some sort of attack personally on him).

Howie: Boogie and Will said that they are coming for BB6 come hell or high
James: Everyone gives them respect just because of who they were. Everyone is
scared of Will because he was a strong player…
Howie: He’s not even in the ballpark of you or Kaysar or Janie.

My feeds cut out for a minute and now they are silent,
Howie rubbing his chin.
James is in the bathroom.

Jase in the Backyard.
He’s talking about how he doesn’t want to sign things and people don’t get it.
Boogie, Will and Dani are agreeing. They come to the conclusion that if you go
before sequester that it won’t be that bad with the fans.
Will: I thought I was going to have all these big things going on and I didn’t
know what I wanted to do. (he says he went to a bunch of agents.
Dani: I went straight home. I got fired from the job I had.
Boogie: You didn’t tell them you were going on BB?
Dani: NO. I couldn’t.

HOH ROOM - Howie and James:
James: I needed Maggie gone, that was the only one I was concerned about
nominating. I hope every week now, they make the HOH just as vulnerable. That
would be fair right?
Howie: UMMMMMM. They should make it where the veto winner comes off and can put
the HOH off.
James: Then there would be no point in being HOH.
Howie: No matter what they say there’s going to be a veto.
James: I’m done with this game. Worked too hard to have a loophole in the game
like this.
Howie: You’re safe as long as Georgie doesn’t win it. And I don’t think he’s gonna.
James: Who the fuck knows now? I’m mean it’s their storyline.

(OK…WHAT went on in this veto competition?!)

James: Good vs. evil. They're making him the good guy.
Howie: Yeah, they’re probably making you evil.
(Jokes about a plot line with him hurting Sarah).
James: They probably didn’t even consider the HOH in the making of that
competition. I really think they just fucking fucked up.
(Boy. That is as James as it gets).
Howie: Yeah. Long pause. But they really don’t want to see one person get
attacked, like Marcie says.
James: I was fucking attacked all last year. That’s bullshit. Chicken George
was not put up because I didn’t like him. He wasn’t playing, and he was
snooping around and tried to sell Janelle and I out to you.
Howie: I agree with you completely.
James: I guarantee that that part was cut out of the nomination ceremony and
America will never know. I guess I’ll see when I go home this week.
Howie: You’re not going home next week. (He starts quoting George.) “James and
Janelle were in there without you Howie, what do you think they were doing?” I
can’t believe he’s trying to do that.
James: God, I wonder if they are going to show that.
Howie: Who cares, just try and win in and deal with the story when you get out.

They mention how us feeders will get it right (don’t worry, we know CG’s game!)
and how they cut out 8 minutes of Ivette’s nomination of Janelle last year.
They are now discussing whether or not James lied at all last year. They
decided that he was the Dr. Will of last year and Will must have had “fuck-ups”
in the season for him to get away with it. Enter Janie who reports Kaysar went
to the diary room and might go to the hospital. Apparently, he has an ear
infection. (Note: I believe he needs me to fly in and kiss it to make it all
better. Awwwww.) James has the audacity to call Kaysar a momma’s boy and drop
about eight f-bombs in describing his reaction to this news (biased much?).
They begin eating almonds and discussing them.

(Note: Be still my heart. I cannot handle this cruel world!!!
Where is KayKay??)

The HOT TUB - Chilltown.

Will is floating around the pool in an inner
tube. He’s discussing his websites. He’s talking about some infomercial.
Boogie discusses the growth of reality TV and how there is a big difference
between what they, the contestants bring and the salaries they get. Will wisely
points out that people don’t consider them talent. Boogie responds with words
that are too big to be using in discussing reality TV, like “chasm” and
“disconnect”. Then starts saying how Howie can do something ridiculous after
BB. They, and Erika complain about the heat. Will says that they have more
realistic expectations this time. Erika says she knew nothing would happen
because she saw what happened with her boyfriend.

Erika: There’s just not a place for us.
Will: Battle of the Network stars was where we were gonna go and it flopped.
Erika: It was badly produced.
Dani says something about Family Feud.
Will begins discussing how cool the cast was but how Bravo blew it.

(OMG-Chicken George is bald. This is evidence supporting the rumor that my
KayKay is baldbald!)

Dani is still discussing Family Feud. “They should do Survivor versus BB.”
Erika: This is a guilty pleasure show.
Dani: They could do all kinds of stuff. Like Good vs. Evil…(she’s still pushing
Family Feud, sheesh….)

They all agree that BB would be better and a bigger hit if it was in the fall
and that they are all upset that BB is soooo big elsewhere but not here. They
decided that it would be better if they did a world BB. They begin discussing a
woman on the Netherlands who had to leave the show because she was about to have
a baby, and someone slept with her on the show and flipped out. (The flame guy
must be asleep because I can’t believe this is allowed to go on.)

Back to HOH with James and Howie:

James is saying that he called out CG and is going to announce at dinner that he
really stepped it up at the competition today (My God, I HAVE to see this
veto!). He is saying that he was disadvantaged by being HOH in the veto comp.
It sounds like perhaps they told him if he won it, he could not get the veto
next week. He thinks that like the backdoor, this was a “fuck-up” that they
didn’t calculate. Now James is complaining he thought the show would be more
physical and that the slop is a good addition (Oh, James, stop. You complained
ALL last week). Howie is talking about how everyone has their breaking point,
that Janie wouldn’t get into blue dye and some wouldn’t shave their heads. He
says Nakomis would have dyed everything (including things I am too polite to

James: I am on the wrong show. I wonder if we could spin it to CG this way…
Howie: No way. He’s going to use it. He didn’t go through that not to use it.

They are discussing how CG was slicker than people knew and that he was trying
to read people. Janie enters with pizza. James complains she didn’t bring
enough and Howie starts with “Oh, Boy.”

(Kaysar is STILL noticeably absent. There is no sign of him, his ear or his
bald head.)
Howie: Mommy, Mommy I WANT A JANIE DOLL!
Howie and James go downstairs to get more food and Janie is left in the HOH
loudly chewing pizza.

Cut to James downstairs in the workout room complaining to Diane about how he
can’t compete in HOH and veto next week and that he threw his ball in. He says
he was pissed and says that they producers MUST have missed this.

James: I think it should be game first and TV second.
Diane: It sucks.
Diane asks Kaysar if he’s feeling better.
(Oh my GOD where is he? He’s off screen. The visual confirmation eludes me.)
James invites Diane up to HOH. James goes back to HOH and tells Janie that
Diane and Howie are coming.

FLAMES….Brief window where Diane is talking about how someone on her show hated
Her, then FLAMES.

Back to HOH. They are discussing when the catered food is coming. Apparently
CG took a deal not to eat until he leaves the show! Diane is talking about how
Chilltown made a sad attempt to convince George not to use the veto. Howie says
you don’t shave your head, burn your clothes and eat slop to not use it.
(Tuesday’s show should be interesting!) James recounts the reasons for
nominating CG. He says that he and Janie caught him spying red handed and that
James always thought he was evil. Howie imitates him as he recounts how he
tried to convince him that Janie and James were out for him. Diane is
hypothesizing that there were no girls’ names in the veto competition because
they couldn’t ask girls to shave their head.

James: Obviously this is a TV show not a game show.
Diane: When we signed those contracts we basically were allowing the producers
to do whatever they want.
Janie: They are going to match their competitions to their storylines?
James: For whoever they want to win?

Whatever happened at veto, the consensus amongst the room is that the veto was
rigged for George and he WILL be HOH next week. James says there is no way he
was going to win that veto, because he thought that as soon as he wasn’t
eligible for veto, people would nominate him. Diane says she wouldn’t have gone
for it either and he and Jase were smart. James is complaining that everything
is rigged against him, that the producers hate him and Janie would have won a
trip to Europe if she had played something or other. Will apparently put
nothing into the veto today, wouldn’t even taste the slop that they were to eat,
and it now seems apparent that Will actually does want to leave.

Howie begins to tease Diane about Drew and then James asks if they think the
internet will be pissed that the veto was rigged. Diane says yes. (Note: now,
I am highly doubtful that the INTERNET will be pissed, James, what with it being
a series of networks between computers, but if the veto does look like it was
rigged for CG, I can see some hubbub happening among the chat rooms and message
boards.) James then asks whether or not Diane would bang Howie and Howie of
course starts with his sex talk and “Oh Boy” voice. Diane is discussing how she
tried to set someone up with Drew’s brother, Ben (I think her sister?) and Howie
starts asking questions about three ways and her alleged lesbian encounter. She
refuses to answer and James proclaims they would get her drunk and she says she
is not drinking.

Danielle is paged to the diary room, which means Kaysar and his ear and bald
head are out there SOMEWHERE. STILL NO VISUAL CONFIRMATION!! BB tells them not
to talk about their diary room sessions. Erika comes in and Howie starts with
the sex talk. Erika complains about the heat and she does look pretty bad. She
complains of muscle spasms. James gets her water and says she is dehydrated.
BB tells her to put on her microphone. Howie tells BB about Erika’s “big
boobies”. BB tells Janie to not obstruct her microphone. Howie points out to
BB that this is also because of “big boobies”.

Feeds cut to Chilltown in hot tub. Do they ever leave that thing?
They are discussing how James was so hostile about the veto. Will surmises it
is because he is so afraid of the backdoor. They say Jase has been mentioned
against the replacement. Boogie complains that the only person Will has a
chance against is Kaysar and James would never put him up. Will says he is not
campaigning against anyone and gives some credit to Chicken George.

Will: I think there’s an earthquake coming. IT’s sooo hot.
Chicken George and his bald head are asleep in the hammock.
Boogie: In the earthquake of 1994 I was living across from this girl and it was
soooo gnarly. (Really, Boog. Was it GNARLY? Was it?) Maybe if the world does
end, Ben Affleck would save us. Isn’t it best to be right out here in the yard?
Will: (Running around and singing. BB tells him to quit) I’ve been singing all
day. I wondered when you were going to say something.
Jase starts singing.

FLAMES…I am left to imagine bald KayKay. Hmmmm….I’m not sure it will be THAT
bad, once his scalp darkens….The suspense is horrible. Flame music is
particularly irritating this evening…7:46 BB Time.

Back to backyard.
Jase: I wonder what Janelle is telling them to do.
Will: Blow guys on planes.
Jase: It’ll suck if I’m gone before HER.
Will: Go up there and give him Marcellas.
Jase: I tried that a little bit. But everyone is afraid to go after him. Plus
Janelle loves him.
Will: Janelle doesn’t love anyone. She loves Kristal and money. (On behalf of
Janey, I’d like to say that Will loves pimples and himself).
Boogie: She’s settled in here for the long run.
Will: I think that’s something to do. Tell them, honest truth, if you take out
Marcellas, we’ll leave you alone next week.
Boogie: They’d believe it from you.
Will: I’ll make it happen.
Boogie: Kaysar cannot do the veto next week (Note: Oh, God no.) Do you think
James wants to send you out this week? Especially when you will leave after 5?
Just say, look, I promised Boogie 5 weeks.
Will: I’ll ease into that tomorrow, it looks desperate.
Boogie: Tell him it was for your benefit. If a non Season 6 gets HOH next week
and Kaysar cannot play veto, it’s in their best interest if you walk next
week…(am I gullible for wanting James to take that deal to save my KayKay??)
Will: If I go to him today, I will look desperate.
Boogie: No, it’s in everyone’s interest.
Will: Jase, have you gone up there?
Jase: No it’s not my thing.
Boogie: With James complain about suing, it was not the best time. Look, it is
in my interest to have Will here for another week and in his to keep Season 6
Jase: I think James and Kaysar make their own decisions and the other two
knuckleheads stand by it.
Boogie and Will agree. They all seem to agree with this course of action. Will
starts singing again and FLAMES…
Boogie: If they are questioning whether you were bullshitting about leaving,
just point out that you wouldn’t even be bothered to eat a bowl of oatmeal.
(Note: didn’t I say that earlier?)

They are playing catch and not much is happening.

Back on Track

Hi Gang! Just wanted to fire off a quick missive to let you know I'm back!! (and had a lovely afternoon/evening off- thank you very much! ) Wouldn't ya know it.. the first time I've stepped away in days, something HUGE happens... lol.. I'll be back to report on all the latest, as soon as I hit the feeds and figure out whats going on.

Just so you know, you were my first priority... I haven't even gone to see what Kaysar looks like bald yet! All I know is, I'm already missing the curls... and the way he plays with them.. sigh....

OK.. back in a bit with all the dish!

Veto Spoiler - Read at your own risk!!

This is a SPOILER
If you don't want to know
Who won the Veto Comp,
Run, Forrest. Run!!!!


OK.. here ya go...

Participating in Today's Veto Competition were: James, George, Will, Kaysar, Jase, and...not 100% sure but I think Marcellas.

The winner of today's Veto Competition is: Chicken George
****Keep reading for another Spoiler!!****
During the Veto Comp Chicken George's and Kaysar's heads were shaved bald!!!
Please check back later tonight for full details! Carolyn and I are both out for the evening and will continue our updates as soon as we return!

Veto Comp

The Veto Comp is about to begin.

James just came into the room holding a bag and calling everyone in for the Veto Comp.

James: The balls hold the power.
Presumably the bag is full of balls that have the HGs names on them.
Erika: The balls always hold the power.


Back soon with the results spoiler.

Everybody Up!

9:40am BBTime

BB: Houseguests, The Veto Competition is in two hours.

KITCHEN - Janelle and Marcellas
Janey is making coffee.
Janey: Good morning.
Marcellas: Morning.
Janie has breakfast - juice, eggs, etc.
Marcellas is going to take a shower.
Marcellas: How are you?
Janey: Good.

10:14 am BBT
EXERCISE ROOM - Janey (and Kaysar Enters)

Janey: Hi Kaysar.
Kaysar: What're you doing?
Janey: Not much.
Kaysar: How are you feeling?
Janey: Surprisingly good considering how much I drank. Howie slept beside me.
Kaysar: He did? Was it tight in the bed?

Janie: No. There were 3 of us. (Diane was the 3rd) I don't know where Erika slept.

Kaysar is on the elliptical machine,
Janey takes a break from the treadmill for a sip of coffeee.
Kaysar: You guys got really drunk last night.
Janey: Yeah it was was really fun.
Kaysar: You looked like you were having fun.

Janey: I hope I get to play today. I'm dying to compete.
Kaysar: Yeah. I hope I do too. I want it to be fun.

They both comment about how Georgereally doesn't have a prayer, whether the challenge is physical or mental.

Kaysar: Will really wants to go home. It's going to be a tough vote. I think we should wait for the last week before sequester to send him home.
Kaysar: It'll be a free week.
Kaysar: Even if CT wins HOH that week, they're going to HAVE to send him home.
Janey: I don't really believe it.
Kaysar: Will was pacing the floor last night. He really wants out.

Kaysar and Janey start talking about the numbers in the house - and the best case scenario for the order of eviction. The target is still chill town.

They talk about sequester votes, and they realize that if things go their way, one of them will be ChillTown...either Jase or Boogie.

Kaysar: We could make final four, plus Erika. After Erika is gone, we just have to fight each other.
Janey: I love how James called Chicken George out at the nomination ceremony. That was awesome! Don't you think?
Kaysar: was.
Janey: Usually people aren't bold enough to do that.
Kaysar: James is. I learned from last year not to do that. I'm trying to make it further this time.
Janey: I think everyone is.
Kaysar: You have to be careful not to come out too strong.
Janey: Don't you think we're already too strong? The perception is that we are strong players.
Kaysar: You've said yourself it's about sales and alliances. People forget easily and after 5 or 6 weeks, they won't remember what happened back in week 1, let alone last season.
Janey: Right.

11:30am BBTime
Eating breakfast around the table...
Kaysar, Danielle, Erika and Chicken George are all talking about how fun the rapping was last night. Seems no one but Boogie, Jase and Will know, none of whom are present, how it all began.... brutal.


After that whole Jase thing, I need something to lighten the mood. How about you?

Here's a nice quotable from a couple hours later last night...

Danielle and Erika are talking about last season.

Erika's favorite part: "I didn't seal your fate, I sealed your partners fate".

Erika: That was the best moment in all of BB history. When I saw that, the hairs on my arms stood up and I was like, 'he isn't a reality contestant, he's an actor. I didn't know they were handing out scripts now.'

Erika: I said, 'This guy is good. He's going home next week, but he's good.'
Erika: I voted for Kaysar like a million times to get him back in after that.

    ***Are we calm now?

Jase, You Prick

BUG ROOM - Jase, Will, Boogie
12:45am BBTime

Out of nowhere...

Jase: Okay, so Janelle's a whore.
Will: That's why they told us to put our mics on.
Jase: When I nominate her, I'm gonna say that too.
Will: I'll watch that.
Will: She is either the dumbest whore in the world, or the worlds smartest prostitute.
Jase: Women of America, do we like Janelle? She is a bar whore! Maybe it's your husbands that might fall for her at some point...Do we want a bar whore representing America? She is a bar whore, I don't dig it, I don't think anyone digs it anymore...Let's all band together and get that bar whore out of here.

Jase: Would you ever have Crystal with a bar whore who's after your money?
Will: I like Crystal as much as anyone, but I don't want it with a bar whore.
Jase: There are blond chicks everywhere....

Jase: For all the internet viewers out there not from Miami, LA, or NY, rolling with the whores. For all those $10 whores out there, I salute YOU.
Jase: You dont need no jet. Florida is the place of recounted dimpled chads.
Jase: (farts) That is the sound of a bar whore getting murdered.

Boogie: You want to leave this Will?
Jase: "Hi, I'm Janelle, I have no personality, I'm a bar whore form Miami...I don't fly virgin airlines"
Jase: You can buy that shit for $100 in Vegas!
Jase: I demand a recount on America's vote.
Jase: (imitating Janey again) "I'm a bar whore. You should be a bar whore Diane, it's really fun."

Jase: So seriously, for all you ladies out there on the internet that are really disgusted right now, because I'm disgusted...

Now he starts rapping...


    'Cause I'm busted, you know what I'm saying....
    and these nuts arent rusted...
    like a 45 year old guys with a toupee, touche'...
    Wanna pop some Crystal, let me tell you how...
    Drink with Janelle she'll ring your bell,
    She'll stroke your c-ck, and send you straight to hell...
    I roll through Miami in my in my Ferrari,
    I don't care because I wear a leotard...
    The nutsack I'm gonna pull it back,
    I'm gonna go until I'm very straight straight whack,
    I'm gonna hop on my jet,
    We're gonna go down to Key Lar-go
    Where I'm gonna say what? You're from Minnesota...
    You're from Fargo?
    Well let me just tell ya, here's my gig..
    I'm gonna pop you in the face and then take you on my rig...

Boogie and Will are practically peeing themselves laughing.

    Jase: Don't stop me now cause here I go,
    It's $12,000 for a champagne and a Key hoe...
    Well listen to what I say...
    Where are we gonna go,
    I'll fly you on my jet and we're gonna do the roll,
    I'll take you to Vegas, we'll roll the dice,
    Oh look out baby cause you got pubic lice...
    You know what I'm saying...

HOH - Janelle, James, Howie, Diane, Danielle, Erika
Everyone goofing around, talking about sex, waxing, bikini area maintenance, etc.

BUG ROOM - Will, Boogie, Dickwad
After about a half an hour, Jase is still at it.
He lays down for a few minutes, then gets right back up and resumes his rap.

Kaysar enters. He hears Jase rapping, but now it's about hunting.

Kaysar: I wish I had been here to hear the fist half hour of Jase's rap-comedy.
Kaysar: They're all upstairs talking about sex.

    Jase: I thought she would suck the chrome off a trailer,
    she'll figure it out though,
    she'll figure out it's the way to a man's heart...
    or his wallet.

With this, Kaysar gets up and goes.

Jase: (to Boogie) Are you impressed at all with my performance.
Boogie and Will both say they are very impressed.
Boogie: I was (laughing so hard I was) crying over here.

Erika and Diane enter saying they want to hear Jase rap.
Jase: It's Boogies turn.
Diane: Howie is upstairs fingerbanging a vase, so we thought we'd come down and hear your freestyling.

Janelle enters the bug room.

Jase: (gets up) I have one.

Kaysar enters.

Jase starts rapping, complete with a beat now, supplied by Kaysar

Continued below... omg... I'm holding back commenting right now so I can get it all down first... but what an incredible jerk!!!!

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OK.. Jase is making me sick... He's now moved on to slam just about the entire world. Instant a-hole - Just add alcohol.

Here's the videos...

This is the part Kaysar came in for...

Jase raps for the girls... by the way, he really sucks.
He slams Janey a little here, but nothing like before...
After all, he's in front of more than just Will and Boogie now.

They wake George up to Come rap with them.... Here's his offering. It starts 47 seconds in... And it's all anti-James.

Boogie ends the Party with the Last Rap -

Outta Here

HOH ROOM - James, Erika, Marcellas
12:35am BBTime

Marcellas enters.
Marcellas: I want to stay out of the line of fire.
James: What's going on?
Marcellas: Nothing, its just with everyone drinking, you just sort of expect something to happen.
James: Is George is already asleep?
Marcellas: Yes.

Marcellas: Will keeps saying he is going to be up every week from now on.
James: Would you still be comfortable voting Chicken George out if nominations stay the same?
Marcellas: As far as I'm concerned, Chicken George is gone.

Talk moves to Jase and his comments...
James: Jase is aggressive that way. His strategy is to intimidate people.
Marcellas: Intimidation isn't going to work on anyone that is in the house right now.

Will and Boogie on their way to the Bug Room

Will: (to Kaysar) I'm gonna to sleep on it tonight, but I really gotta get the f--- out of here, Kaysar. I really gotta get out of here.

BUG ROOM - Will and Boogie
Will: I really have to get out of here.
BB: Will, Boogie, put on your microphones.
Will: F--- that.
The continue talking, trashing someone... and BB says again, much more sternly
Will: Suck this!
    ***A true professional.

Kaysar and Jase enter.
They turn the lights on.
Jase: They're fake sleeping.
Boogie: We just went to bed.

Kaysar leaves.

    ***Next up.... "Jase the Prick" - omg!!

James & Erika

HOH ROOM - James & Erika
12:10am BBTime

James is talking about the veto competition.
James: You prepare for the worst, and hope for the bast. I really need this to work out.
Erika is in a bikini, putting lotion all over herself...
James: This is what the fans have been waiting for,
Erika: (joking) I'm happy to give it to them.
James: So you give your fans what they want?
Erika: (laughing) You know your role, and I know mine.

Erika: I wouldn't go after you.
James: It's good to have that understanding.
Erika: (joking)Especially now that I know I'm the person you want to have a tryst with.
James: (joking)Shhhh...the feeds.

Back to veto talk...
James: My worst case scenario would be for Boogie to win it and take Will off, because then I would have to put someone else up and there's noone else I want to put up. If anyone else were to go up, people might not vote out Chicken George.
James: I thought this was going to be a stress free week. I nominated who I wanted, I got the reactions he wanted to get from the people I wanted to get them from. Now I have to worry about tomorrow.

Erika: Is Chicken George really that clueless? When there was one key left in the box - obviously it was Howie's, and Chicken George made that comment that his was the last key that was going to come out of the box? Could he really have thought that you were going to nominate Howie?
James: It is slightly possible, but I totally believe Chicken George knows way more about BB than he admits.

Erika: Worst case, Will's going.
James: I don't want Will to get evicted though. Will's a free week on week 5 or 6... We can vote him out easily then, since he doesn't want to go to sequester.

Erika: For the first jury member, they are in sequester for longer than they were even in the house.
    **good point.

James & Danielle

HOH ROOM - James and Danielle, cont'd.
11:45pm - 12:05amBBTime
Danielle: You're fine, James. You're doing everything right.
James: I have to bring it with heart tomorrow. I want to prove I'm a well-rounded player who's willing to do what it takes while staying true to his alliances.
Danielle: There can only be one winner, and you have to do what you can do for yourself.
James: I know that, and I've told them all (BB6?) that I'll be a vote for them in the end for sure.

A bit of non-game conversation, then...

James: Could you send Will up to see me when you go downstairs?
James: I think if Boogie wasnt here, it would be a totally different game for Will. Boogie's been slamming the producers for so long, nobody, including Will, thought he would ever get onto the show this year.

Dani: If Marcellas wins HOH, I am a dead woman walking.
James: If I win PoV, I will definitely take you off.
Danielle: I'm thinking about talking to Boogie and telling him that the votes are secure to keep Will... I should just wait until after PoV and decide at that point if I'll even need to talk to Boogie.
James agrees.

They talk about Chicken George.
James: If I had kids, they would be so embarrassed if I was walking around like him... in aluminum foil suit.

Danielle: Right now this is Survivor, Survivor, Survivor... Right now you have to secure your votes. Later on it will be who can you win against?

James: George folded so quick when he was up here in HOH last night... admitting he is part of the alliance.
Danielle: Chicken George is in an alliance?
James: He's with ChillTown. You didn't know that?
Danielle: My thing is, if someone calls me out and I didn't do it, I am going to defend myself, and Chicken George didn't say anything to deny it when you called him out.

James: Will has to understand and trust that he is not going home because if he doesn't believe that, it means he has no trust in the agreement I made with him, and trust is the one thing an agreement needs.

Danielle: I can only put up 2 people next week.
James: Who?
Danielle: I'm not telling you. What you should be asking me is if it's you.
James: I know it's now me.
Dani agrees.

Talking about the HGs and fans ripping on people for lying.

James: What people don't understand is that that is part of the game.
Danielle: Everyone is deceiving SOMEONE. If anyone on the jury says that they never deceived anyone, they are not being honest with themselves.

James: I can't believe that Alison believed me. She told me she was going after the very 3 people in the house that would keep me safe. She was actually a perfect first person to go.
Danielle: Yeah... Ali is such a manipulative player. Ali called Amy (from another season) and told Amy that she wanted to be in an alliance with me, and I said that I wasn't doing any alliances.
Danielle: As long as you understand my agreement with you, I dont need any alliances.

Erika comes in...
FLAMES on all 4 feeds.

Powers That Be

Overnight Re-Cap, Part One

KITCHEN - just about everybody
10:35pm BBTime

Will: Question for Janie and Howie. Will you two hook up if you go to sequester?
Howie: (does the Howie moaning thing) Ooh... I'm pounding her.
Janelle: I'd NEVER have sex with Howie! Id rather...
Danielle: Get yourself off?
Will: Okay, So Janelle drops her vibrator in the ocean...

Will continues to fish on the hookup front, trying to get Janelle to say she would hook up with someone,

Jase: Will, your girlfriend, Gone.
Red-faced and backing off.. Will says to his girlfriend,
Will: Baby, I'm just asking... I'm just asking....

OK.. this was pre-alchohol.. or they'd only just received it, so no one's drunk yet...

11:15pm BBTime
JACUZZI - Jase, Diane, Janey, Boogie, Danielle, James, Will, Boogie

Everybody's drinking...
Jase: Yow! It's way too hot.
Diane and Janelle are actually in the hot tub.
Jase calls Boogie, then James and Danielle to come join them.
Will: (re Boogie) He truly is the life of the party.. he's it. You get a few beers in him and he's the life.
Janelle is giggling... getting tipsy

11:20pm BBTime
CUT TO: KITCHEN - Howie and George

Toasting one another...
George - Here's lookin' atcha' Howie.
Howie - Cheers Georgie

Howie is going to bed soon.. another hour he says.
Chef George is dishing up more fries.
George: So you would really like my daughters Howie.
Howie: They have nice bodies?
George: Howie Howie HOWIE!
And the talk takes on a serious note...
George: I'm really rootin' for ya Howie. You do this.
Howie: (dismissing his chances) You know when you are as pathetic as I am... dropping out of HOH's...
George: You go for that money Howie. You watch who you're friends are. You believe in yourself. I believe in you.

    ***Oh Poppa George... I'm gettin' all misty.

Howie: ...and now the apprentice is teaching the master.
George: You go for it, Howie, and watch those around you.
George: Be careful who you trust.



HOH ROOM - Danielle and James, both a bit tipsy
11:35pm BBTime

They've just agreed that if either of them wins POV (the Power of Veto), they'll leave nominations as is.
James: You're confident. You know you can win comps.
Danielle: Same goes... But Janelle is the bad ass. She wins it all...
James agrees.
James: Chilltown can't win comps. The agreement is to take floaters off.
Danielle: That's an "AGREEMENT"?
James: It's just what we talked about .. not agreement. I have to be more careful how I word things.
Danielle: And you have to really listen.
James: George is going home. It forces the floaters to take a stand.
Danielle: When do you think Marcellas, Erika and the rest of the floaters will step it up?
James: Next week. They'll see Chicken George going as a free week. If the floaters do win HOH next week, they'll have to think... they want to make it to sequester, they'll be wondering if they should nominate BB6, and put a huge target on their backs, or go after ChillTown.
James: Here's the floaters.. do I go after a season 6'er.. and I'm gone the next week? Or do I play for sequester?
Danielle: Do you think that is what people are playing for? Sequester?
James: Oh you bet.. and that's what I'm playing for. These people want sequester!

Danielle: That's why I love you James! This is great.
James: I learned from you.
Danielle: You are my little monster!

    *** still don't wanna believe they're in an alliance? Read on.

James: You definitely created a monster.
Danielle: I think you'll be able to pull this off. In this game, you have to be able to do the unexpected.

James: I'm considering putting Erika up against Chicken George on the off chance that Will comes off.
Danielle: That's a dangerous move. You don't want Erika to go.
James: I'm feeling like I'm in a very vulnerable position next week...
Danielle: You're safe if I get HOH next week.

Danielle: You know that we have our understanding... we're good with each other.
James: I was asked about that by 'you know who,' and I told them that you and I have had our understanding since the wrap party.
Danielle: By who? Kaysar?
James: you know....the powers that be.

    ***and the plot thickens...

Happy Saturday

Good Morning! Happy Saturday to you!

Today's Veto Comp Day!! Check under Previous Posts in the left sidebar for the Nomination Spoiler Post, if you missed it, and be sure to check back for updates and spoilers throughout the day.

The Big Brother houseguests were given an enormous quantity of alcohol last night as I was going to sleep - yes, I do sleep on occassion - so the overnight report ought to be a lot of fun.

The last thing I heard before I turned off the feeds for the night was Will talking about Mike B., saying something about, "if we can get enough beer in him, he'll be naked in the jacuzzi in no time." OK.. had he been talking about oh, I don't know, Jase, lets say, I might have been inspired to hang around a while, but with Boogie naked as the foreshadowed event, I decided it was best to just turn in for the night.

No offense to Boogie or his fans... he's just not my type.

So off I go to get the overnight reports together... They'll be up soon... In the meantime, please take a moment to check out all the new additions we've made to the sidebar... and please support our fine and funny sponsors.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Diane Article

Local passes 'Big Brother' cut
Northern Kentucky's Diane Henry won't be coming home for at least a week.
Henry, 24, whose parents live in Erlanger and Elsmere, survived the eviction vote Thursday night on "Big Brother: All Stars."
Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon, 23, from San Antonio was eliminated from the $500,000 reality TV show by an 8-2 vote.

Henry, a Hillsboro native, dropped out of Northern Kentucky University to appear on "Big Brother 5" two years ago. She was modeling in Los Angeles when selected for this season.

Henry was very emotional after being put up for eviction last week, saying she needed the prize money or would have to move back home. She told The Enquirer last month she may sometime return to NKU and complete degrees in marketing and communication.

"I've cried. I've laughed. I broke out in hives. I've gone through the whole gamut of emotions," Henry told host Julie Chen on the CBS show Thursday.

The episode included a segment with houseguests correctly speculating that Henry had a secret alliance with Jase Wirey, 30, a Brad Pitt fan and fellow "Big Brother" cast member two years ago. They called Henry and Wirey "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," after the Pitt-Angelina Jolie film.

And the nominations are....


If you do not wish to see James' nominations, here are a few links to keep you busy.

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Otherwise, this is your last warning!!

After a very long wait, we have finally learned that James nominated Chicken George and Will. George appears to be upset, almost in tears. Will, well he's Will and doesn't seem bothered!

James' HoH Room

While we are waiting on James' nominations, I though I would give you a glimpse of James' room. Once again, BB has redecorated the HoH room. This time it is done in red.... like the devil?? Hmmm...

Seriously, I do not want to come across as a hater, but it is so hard for me to trust James after last season. Some think he is a brilliant player. Not a word I would use if he indeed nominates Chicken George rather than go after the big targets. I guess we shall see if his intelligence will win him the game this time.

Here is a clip of the room....sorry not the best quality!

Check back soon for the nominations. We will post as soon as we know!!


Moments ago...

Regarding Season Six:

Boogie: "Say what you want, these kids came to play."

Amen. Show some respect.

A Balanced Diet

11:00am – Food Competition

For this competition the houseguests are paired up. They are playing to win food for each day. They roll bowling balls up a ramp, pushing and guiding the ball with a metal pole. The ramp has colored zones with holes and where their ball drops decides what they will eat for that day and they also earn food from each zone they pass safely. The food zones on the ramp are: beer and vegetables, breads and kumquats, meat and ice cream and a catered meal. There are also 4 red danger zones on the ramp and if their ball drops in one, they will eat slop for that day. Like bowling, there are also gutters on the sides which also means, slop for the day. Each pair has a choice to keep what they earn on the first attempt or can go a second time and risk losing what they earned on the first roll.

Erika and James are playing for Monday’s food. They pass the first red zone, then the yellow zone, then the orange, then the green. At the end they come really close to the slop red zone, but they make it to the end successfully and win all the food for the day, including a catered meal.

Next to play are Boogie and Diane for Tuesday. Diane does not seem to know what she is dong and Boogie takes charge. They, too win all the food and a catered meal.

Playing for Wednesday are Will and Danielle. They do not fair as well! They win bread and kumquats, vegetables and beer. Yum!

Howie and Kaysar compete for Thursday. Kaysar directs Howie and they move fast, winning all the food and another catered meal.

Janelle and Marcellas play to win food for Friday. Boogie is giving them instructions and BB tells him to go back to the risers. Their ball falls into the yellow zone on both attempts. So, Friday it’s vegetables and beer!

George and Jase play for Saturday. Jase runs the show and they do very well, winning all the food and a catered meal.

Last, we have Boogie and Jase playing for Sunday. Once again, Jase gives orders and they win all the food and yet another catered meal.

Wow, no slop! Sounds like the HG’s will not only eat well this week but have lots of beer! This should make for some interesting feeds! The best part of all…Marcellas can’t stop complaining about starving!

Another Pre-Game Alliance

OK.. of all the pre-game alliance rumours we've heard, this one makes the most sense to me... and seems the most viable... sneaky sneaky!


First it was Mr. And Mrs. Smith. Now, it is the Frightful Four?

Already beset by rumours of a pre-game alliance between Jase and Diane (Mr. And Mrs. Smith), the 'Big Brother' series is now faced with another more devious union which was leaked on the 24/7 live feeds last night.

In a private conversation between James Rhine, the current Head of Household, and Will Kirby, the winner of Big Brother 2, it was revealed that James, Will, Danielle Reyes and Mike 'Boogie' Matlin had formulated a pre-game alliance before stepping into the 'Big Brother' house.

During their conversation in the HOH room away from the prying eyes of the Jedi Council (Howie, Janelle and Kaysar), James and Will spoke about their pre-season telephone conversation and if Will was actually seriously playing the game or not.

"My goal is not to go to sequester. Next week, I will be somewhat nervous. You don't need to feel weird about nomming me," Will told James while complaining that the producers told him All-Stars would be special and it hasn't been thus far.

"I was promised over and over by the producers that this would be huge," said Will.

"If you want to win, I will keep you off the radar," said James suggesting that using Will as a pawn to get Chicken George Boswell voted out would be great entertainment for the television show.

"Can we make some general agreement that if it comes to Week Five, you will kick me?," said Will expressing concern that he cannot be part of the sequestered 'Big Brother' jury because it would damage his current romance outside of the house and his dermatology practice.

James assured him he would or at least make sure someone else did so they would appear as a hero for boldly taking out the Evil Dr. Will. James and Will laughed about that scenario.

James and Will continued to share information. James told Will that Mike 'Boogie' has to do a better job with the HOH challenges. Will advised James to rein Howie Gordon in as he is throwing the Jedi Alliance wins in people's faces by celebrating so often.

On Friday morning, James and Mike chatted alone in the HOH room before anyone else woke up. James wanted to make sure Mike wasn't worried about being nominated considering they have deal in the game.

"What I had to say, I said before we even played the game," replied Mike assuring James that he wasn't fretting at all. James reminded Mike of the "gentleman's agreement" that exists between himself, Mike, Will and Danielle. They will keep each other safe from eviction until it comes time to battle it out.

James’ nominations for eviction will be revealed on this Sunday night's broadcast.

By JOHN POWELL -- JAM! Showbiz

Jase to HoH

1:00am BBTime
Thursday night
HoH ROOM - Jase and James

Jase: I brought my little project with me.
(referring to the little shirt he's carrying)

James: Besides you, I only have Boogie left to talk to.
James: There are a lot of people in the house that want you out. I think you are a very direct person, so I'm not going to tell you who said it, because I don't want you to go confront them, but I've told you before that I appreciate what you did for Janelle, so I'm just going to tell you straight out that you're safe this week.
Jase: I appreciate it.

Jase inquires about his name getting thrown around while James had the other HGs up to the HoH room.
James: I don't really tell people who I'm thinking of nominating, I just listen to what they have to say, and your name did come up a few times.
James: I wouldn't say it was a majority, but it did come up several times by several people.

With regard to James not nominating him...
Jase: I don't really want to say anything, but I think it's a favor that I'll be able to return.
Jase pauses a beat and then asks,
Jase: You're not going to try to backdoor me, are you?
James: (laughs) No.

They share a little small-talk about the coincidence of Jase's girlfriend's daughter and Sarah both sharing the same birthday. Both are planning lots of shout-outs to their b-day girls, and they're hoping the shout-outs will get some airtime.

Getting ready to leave HoH...
James: What we've talked about needs to stay between the two of us.
Jase: Okay.

    ***for at least 5 minutes, right Jase? sheesh.

And here's a nifty video of it...

Chicken G & James

12:45am BBTime
HoH Room
Thursday Night

Back from the DR, James is going into HoH with Chicken George.

Chicken George: All I can tell you is if you don't nominate me, I'll remember you. I don't have anything else to offer. That's all I got. I'm sort of stuck in an alliance, not really by choice, but I have nothing really. I can't line people up for you, or anything like that.
    ***I feel so bad for this man. He's so sweet, and that whole thing was so 'hat in hand.' It's like he knows he's dead man walking. Not that I'm rooting for him... he's just such a fish out of water and such a sweet man... ya can't help feeling for him.

James: Big Brother is not a team sport, and I'm just on a fact finding mission.
James: Noone really has anything bad to say about you.
James: This is the first time I've been in this situation... to nominate people. People keep saying season 6 is safe, but are we? Probably so, because I would vote for them and they would vote for me.
James: This alliance you're throwing into it is sort of puzzling to me, because I haven't picked up on that at all, but I'm not really worried about it.

George: The house is totally new to me... it is so different from season 1.
James: Which is better?
George: This is way is more exciting.

George: How are you going to work it at the end?
James: I'm just hoping that people will vote for whoever played the best game and not necessarily who was just the "nice guy".
George: That's just the way I am, I can't help it.
James: I know that... the only reason I was nasty last year was because I had to be.
James:It's an interesting game. It changes every week.
George: I understand.

James: I've heard from several people that you already think you're going to be nominated this week, and I can tell by the way you're sitting there like "just hurry up so I can get out of here".....
George: I understand that you have to do what you have to do. All I can say is that if you get to the end, you just have to think about what votes you're going to have. James: Are you saying that I would have your vote (if I don't put you up)?
George doesn't really answer.

James: Here's the deal, George... You are such a nice guy, everyone pretty much knows that if they were up against you, they would go home.
George: You dont know that.
George: Whatever you gotta do.

With that, George leaves HOH.
James leaves HoH as well, and goes outside to the backyard, to play badminton with the others.

Howie to HoH

James: Howie, would you get me some water?

Ever dutiful, Howie goes back downstairs to get it for him. lol.

George: Remember to come and get me when you're done talking to James, so I can go up.

Howie goes back up.

Howie is James' coffee break from all teh interviews. They're joking around...

James:(joking) The house is telling me that you're coming after me and Sarah.
Howie: The house has no idea what you're going to do. George is nervous.
He told me, "It's been fun while I've been here."
Howie compliments James' HOH.
Comfortable silence...

James: What do you think?
Howie: There are all kinds of scenarios.
James: What I'm thinking right now is that if I put up Will and Chicken George, I'll have enough votes to secure Chicken George to leave.

Howie: What did Will say?
James: Will told me I've done a pretty good job making it appear that I'm not as tight with season 6, and he said that he really doesn't want to be here long enough to get to sequester.

BB: James. Please come to the Diary Room.

James: If I do decide to go after Chicken George, I think we have enough votes to send him home.
James: We'll look good for putting him out, and then when the floaters get HOH, Chilltown will still be intact for the floaters to go after.

James is leaving to go to DR, and tells Howie...

James: You can just hang out and listen to Pearl Jam or whatever.


Marcellas to HoH

Thursday night
11:50pm BBTime
HoH ROOM - Marcellas & James

Marcellas: Am I supposed to bring gifts before I kiss the ring of the king?
James: There is no ring and there is no king.

James: How do you feel about going up as a pawn?
He waits a second, then laughs, letting Marci know he was kidding.
Marcellas" There is a general feeling in the house that George needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later.
James: I can't see George being here longer than someone like Nakomis.
Marcellas: Well that was your team leaders....
James: This is not a team sport. You should know that.

Marcellas: Chilltown has no legs. Last week, Kaysar was worried about Diane going to Chilltown and making it four strong, but that would have been the weakest alliance ever.
James: All the floaters would be stronger together than chilltown with Diane.
Marcellas: The floaters maybe should get together.
James: I don't think people should necesarilly be lumped together as an alliance just because they are from the same season. When Kaysar got HOH, I didnt get the nominations I wanted. We're friends, but....
James: Amy and Danielle were both here, Marcellas, you be working with them.
Marci denies this.
Marcellas: I would not have gone after Danielle if I had gotten HOH, I would have been interested to see what she would have done if she had gotten it. We are going to have to deal with each other at some point... I don't trust her, but I hope we can get over the past.

James: Maggie was from my season, but if she was here I would put her up and out in a heartbeat.
James: This week, I'm not looking to make a huge game changing move. He says game changing moves dont happen in week 3.
Marcellas: If I had gotten HOH, I would have put up Chicken George and a member of Chilltown, so that the other member of chilltown could go up if veto was used on the one originally put up.
James: Do you think the chilltown member would be voted out over George?
Marcellas: No. i don't think so.
James: I think people might vote out Jase over Chicken George.
Marcellas: You could just take Chicken George out of the mix and go after chilltown. James: Why do I have to deal with Chilltown?

The doorbell rings, and Howie brings James some of his stuff.

James: (jokingly) Howie, Can I put you up as a pawn against George?
Howie leaves.
Marcellas: That might not be a bad idea though.
James: I would not put Howie up agaisnt Chicken George, because I know some of the house would vote Howie out to break up season 6... and I kind of like Howard this year.

James: Who would you vote for between Chicken George and Will?
Marcellas: I would vote to keep Will over Chicken George.

Marcellas: I don't like being perceived as a floater.
James: I even looks at myself as a floater to some extent... because the person I'm playing for is sitting right on the bed right now (himself).
Marcellas: I'm still pissed about Kaysar never telling me that he was taking me to the end, never really saying anything, but then expecting some kind of loyalty from me just because he didn't nominate me.
James nods his agreement.

Marcellas: If Nakomis had stayed, she definitely would have went after season 6. You would have just gotten rid of Diane, Nakomis' friend, and Nak would know that Chilltown wasnt going after her - they would be going after seson 6 - so they would be no threat to her. It was dumb for Kaysar to believe her that she would be working with him.

Marcellas: I can deal with this....the HOH talking to everyone, consulting everyone privately about what they are thinking, etc.

James: Would you mind sending Howie up?
Marcellas is on his way out and, taking down some trash for James.
James: Yeah, we dont leave HOH a mess.
Marcellas: (laughs) I cant wait to get HOH...all the straight boys are going to have to come up and parade around in their undies.

Marcellas leaves and sends Howie up to HOH for James.

Chicken George: (hollars) Tell James I need to schedule an appointment.

Howie tells James.
James: He can come up after you.
Howie relays the message.

2 Videos of the meeting for your viewing pleasure...

video #1

Video #2

Erika to HoH

HoH ROOM - James & Erika
11:30pm BBTime - Thursday night

James is making quite a night of it, calling in the Houseguests one by one. Next up is Erika, and here is their conversation.
    ** It might be worthwhile to read this with the knowledge that these two may in fact be the real Mr and Mrs Smith, if what Toni Ferrari said has any merit.

While Erika's waiting for James to get out of the bathroom, Howie comes in. James comes out of the bathroom and says to Howie,

James: I want to talk to Erika. I'll talk to you later.
(Howie leaves. )
Erika: Welcome to your first HOH.
James: Thank you. (big smile) Me 'n Dr. Will are the only ones who have never had an HOH.
Erika: I like the pictures they put up for you. I wonder what they'd put up for me.
James: I don't consider you a floater. I think you know exactly what you're doing. I'd like to play the game you play, and I wish that I could play the game the way I'd like to, but I just cant.
Erika: That's because I like people more than you do.

James has a relaxed moment, looking at one of his HoH gifts - a stuffed green monster that Sarah has personalized for him. She crossed off where it said "doodle" monster and tried to write in "guacamole" monster, 'cause that's what he calls her, his guacamole monster.

James: If anyone from season 6 is watching, I told you I could do it!
James: I'm not timid this year. If anyone is coming after me, then they are coming after me. Really, noone is safe unless they are HoH.
Erika: Or holding veto in your hand.

James: Who do you think I should put up?
Erika: You could get rid of a non-threat like Chicken George. You could also split up chilltown by putting up someone like Jase.
James: If I don't put Jase up, will there be another opportunity later to do that? Erika: I don't think it's a good idea to make a big move yet.
James: I don't want to go after Will or Boogie yet. If I get rid of Chilltown, then when one of "you floaters" gets HOH....
Erika: I thought I wasnt a floater, I thought I was one of you guys. I wasn't a floater on my season. I'm only a floater this season by default.


James: If you nominated me, I would kill you.
    **ok, as strong as those words sound, for me, it's what actually confirms the alliance in my head. they haven't talked that much in the house, and for him to have that level of familiarity with her that he can say something like that suggests a comfort level we haven't seen him build.

James: Do you think I should play it safe and get rid of Chicken George? That would force the floaters to feel like they have to really play and win HoH, because they're next...
James: I don't think Marcellas wants to win HOH. I wonder if Diane will feel like she has to win one. Diane is in a great situation right now.

Erika: You could put up Mr & Mrs Smith.
    **lol, this would be where the Ferrari theory falls apart... unless she's only referring to Jase and Diane as such since it's the house perception.

James: I'm not going to put up Diane. I wanted to keep her. I never wanted to keep Nakomis.
James: Diane told me that Nakomis told her that she (Nakomis) told season 6 whatever they wanted to hear, but that she was going to go after season 6 if/when she had gotten HOH.
    **feel free to read that sentence a couple times. ...mercy.

James: That would have made Kaysar look really bad.
Erika: I believe it. Nakomis is a smart girl.

James: I would need 5 votes this week if I put up Chicken George and Will. I would want to get Chicken George out. I can get 3 votes from season 6, but Danielle can't give me a vote because she made a promise to Chicken George, so I need to know, how would you vote in a situation like that?
Erika: I have no problem voting out Chicken George.

James: I don't want to get rid of Chilltown and do everyones dirty work for them. I want to leave Chilltown, so there's another for the floaters to go after.
James: By the same token, I also don't want to do what Kaysar did, and just throw up two nominations and expect the house to put out the person I want to get out.
    **James - talk about throwing someone under a bus. It doesn't behoove you to trash talk your alliance... unless of course, Erika is your Mrs. Smith


Erika: It would probably be a better idea to put Will up against Chicken George, because if you put Jase up, there might be too much temptation in the house to put Jase out.
James: Yeah. You're right. If I put Will up and Will ends up leaving, then at least we will have gotten rid of a good player.

James: If Chicken George leaves, I hope you realize that it will be back to the two of us left to cook.
James: I feel bad for Nakomis...she made her team lose the food comp, she ate crap for a week, then she went home.

James: What the hell does Marcellas want?
Erika: Why? Is he coming?
James: No, he came before you.
Erika: I thought that was Howie.
James: Marcellas and Howie both did. Marcellas came before Howie.

Erika: I like how you're talking to everyone individually.
James: Well, this is NOT a team sport.
Erika: I don't think you should stir up the pot. I think Chicken George is a good choice.
James: We'll see.
James: I don't want to give out my nominations... especially to the internet people... 'cause if they know, they won't watch the show.
James: The internet people all said I was boring.
Erika: So you're trying to make things exciting? I am "Miss Boring", in case you didnt know.

Erika leaves, and James asks her to send Marcellas up.
Videos of the meeting...

Who voted against me?

HOH ROOM - James and Diane

Diane: I wanted to hang out just because I know I wouldn't get in once the posse comes in.

Diane: gonna let Howie sleep in here with you?

James: No, he farts and doesn't shower. He's howie.....

James: Are you happy to be here?

Diane: Yes. Please don't backdoor me and don't put me up 2 weeks in a row. I can't take it.

James: You got 2 votes. Who do you think it was?

Diane: Janelle & Howie. I don't understand why they want me to go so bad. If Janelle wants me out so bad, let her do it. Don't do it because she wants it. Let her do it!

James: It isn't fair to say people see Season 6 together. Would it be fair to say that people might think you, Jase, and Nakmois are together?

Diane: I can see that.

James: Jase didn't get up from the couch when Nakomis was evicted.

Diane: I didn't see.

James: In the beginning I told you I was gonna keep you that you had my vote, but then I had to...

Diane: Sway other people, yea.

James: Yea, there were people who wanted Nakomis. The thing is this is all stars and you cant believe anyone. As for the people, I see their reasons for wanting to keep you, except for Sea6, but I didn't like the rationale, like if I'm against Diane I know that I could beat her in the final three and not Nakomis.

Diane: That was?

James: I'm not gonna say who it is...

Diane: I know who it is because he said it to my face the other night and I was like, WHAT are you stupid!

James: He may have came to you saying he wanted to keep Nakomis and Kaysar and him got into an arguement. Howie wanted you to stay whether Marcellas did or not.

James: Let's say it wasn't Howie. Who do you think the other vote was?

Diane: Dani told me and Nakomis who she voted for.

James: Boogie and Will would voted the same. Well it's not Erika or Marcellas and it's not Danielle...

hmmm I wonder if they will figure out it was Will!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Will to HoH

Dr. Will is human after all. Go figure.

Thursday night
Around 9pm BBTime

The S6 leave and James calls Will up to HoH for a talk. James wants and honest answer to Will's professed desire to leave the house. For the first time ever, Will treats someone other than Mike B. with the respect due another human being. I didn't know he had it in him.

Will: I'm not going to sequester. If that means losing my stipend, then so be it.

They take a moment to do the math.

Will: 5 people don't go to sequester. My goal is not getting people out. My goal is not going to sequester.You don't need to feel weird putting me up.

James: If you really want to win this thing, then tell me, so I keep you off the radar.

Will: If there's a giant twist coming up.. if theres a huge increase in the prize money...
If it's down to me and Boogie, I will not throw him under the bus. I will leave. My friendship with him is too valuable to me. What's your thinking?

James: You have these floaters walking around thinking, I want to keep that person cause i can keep/beat him in final three.. and it's only week 3.

James: It's easier to villify people if you can villify them all together. Why should there be 6-7 people who think they don't have to compete? Whereas you want to go home, so people keep thinking, we can deal with him later.
Will: Who are you thinking?
James: There's a certain person who just drives me up a wall... Chicken George.

W: What happens when S6 has to start eating their own? My feeling is that you're the first to be thrown under the bus.
J: Mine too.. but There's no reason why all of us should worry about eachother and let any other people make it to the end.

Will: I'm just not willing to ruin my practice, my relationship.. everything for this game.
James:I'm not putting up who s6 wants me to put up... cuz they didn't listen me last week.
Will: Well kaysar's move was brilliant, cause it takes him off the radar.Well, when someone else wins, we have to put up se6, do you care who we put up?
James: There's only one winner.
James: but you don't actually HAVE to put up someone from S6.. you have other options.
james: We're all here to win, we're all here to enjoy this time here.
Will: i apologize that I've been .. I'm a fun guy.. i'm just really disappointed with how this is all being run... They made a lot of promises to get me here and...


Final Four, Baby

And so begins the reign of King James of the Big Brother All Stars... let's hope he keep his hand off the bible.

James has received his very red HoH room, and the others have come and gone... rather quickly actually. He now remains with Kaysar, Janey and Howie, and all is good in Season 6 land. They're discussing possible nominations... and Will and Boogie are notably missing from the list at this point.

Apparently, they want the floaters to take them out... when they win HoH... if anyone else ever does. Frankly, I hope not. I'd really like to see James, Kaysar, Howie and Janey go all the way, and the moment one of them does not win HoH, I believe that dream will come to an end.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In the first real moment of strategizing, at 9pm BBTime, James and the rest of the Sovereign 4 had a beautiful moment together up in James' HoH room. (That has a very nice ring to it - James' HoH Room) In an all for one and one for all move, the put hands into the center of an imaginary circle and promised eachother, "Final Four." "Final Four, baby" "This time, let's do it right."

My faith in humanity is restored.

Pic Tribute to Kaysar

***This post is dedicated to our dear friend Erin***

BB houseguest, Kaysar Ridha is America's all time favorite! Something he never dreamed would happen being on the CBS hit show Big Brother. He agreed to do the sixth season of the show at the last minute. He was unsure how Amercia would react to him and his background. Turns out...we all love him!!

Kaysar was born August 10, 1980, in Baghdad, Iraq. His family immigrated to the USA when he was an infant. He attended college at University of California - Irvine where he received a degree in Economics.

After Kaysar was evicted from the BB6 house, he was invited to appear on The Young and the Restless. His episode aired on October, 5, 2005. *which btw I still have on my TiVo!

Kaysar launched his clothing line, called IrockStar, which is a play on the words Rock Star and Iraq. The line currently sells fan T-shirts, although rumors persist that Kaysar might add other items to the product inventory later on. He can be spotted wearing numerous T-shirts from his line this season on All Stars.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Kaysar's favorite book is The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. It is an unforgetable story about a father and son from Afghanistan who immigrate to the U.S. It tells of a young boy that comes of age during the last peaceful days of the monarchy, just before the Afghanistan revolution and later the Russian invasion. It is one of those books you cannot put down due to the vidid writing. I understand why it is his has, honor, guilt, fear and redemption. It is a must read, so check it!!

Now you have some facts on is time for some fun!!! Enjoy these pics!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Hope you enjoyed my I have to get back to the serious work!! Blogging!!

King James

Congrats to James!!!!

Big Brother All Stars has a new reigning king!

Guess who just won his first HoH?

Hip Hip Hooooray for James!!!

According to everything James has said for the past week, we can expect both Will and Boogie to be nominated tomorrow, right? Will he or wont he? That is the question.

I hoping that's a big, fat yes! Not only because I'd like to see them both go, Will moreso, but because I'm truly interested to see their behavior as nominees. I'm guessing that if nominated, both will spend the week publically campaigning to be sent home, while privately trying to work some deals. We'll just have to wait and see.

At the moment on the feeds, we're all waiting for James to get his HoH room. Personally, I hope they really do it up for him... something very special... to acknowledge the triumph.

I have all 4 feeds goin' in the background and so far, none of the HGs are pissing and moaning about yet another week of the season 6ers as HoH. Can't be too far off though... just give them time and a tiny bit of privacy.

Big Brother is watching... and so are we.

Comments & Loons

Great Episode tonight!!

Before I launch into another blog, I want to let you know what's going on with the comments. Yesterday afternoon and evening, some jerk or jerks thought it would be a great idea to send us over 300 completely inane comments, complete with links to some gambling and porn sites attached.

I'm not havin' it, so I re-configured the comment section to where I have to approve or reject each and every comment that comes in... It's no big deal really... just takes a little more time, and me remembering to have my email program open.

So, don't be alarmed when your comment doesn't appear immediately, and there's no need to re-send it multiple times... and Please Do keep em coming. :) Comments are like applause around here...


The performing seal ;)


If you're on the WEST Coast, and you don't want to know... turn back NOW!

Hold on to your hats...


Dr. Will
The only Question that remains is...
Had the Season 6 crew already
thrown in the towel before
they entered the Diary Room?
James, James, James...
Just voted to evict
In a move AGAINST his alliance???
Had the Alliance given up on the notion of saving her?
Or is James' real alliance Danielle?
or the Toni Ferrari selected, Erika?
Want to know the final outcome?
Read on...
Nakomis was evicted, by a vote of 8 to 2.
Janelle and Will were the votes.

No Shack Required

3:35 BBTime
feeds are back..

Janey, Erika, Will and Boogie.. Jase is sitting watching... the bathroom primping.

Danielle's ready, and looking stunning.. Will looks like a grown up version of the kid from the Munsters... Janey's all in black and curling her hair - gorgeous as always... George looks like he's headed for the shower...

Boogie, James, Kaysar and Howie are all getting ready in the yellow room...Hair all slicked back, lots of shirts getting tucked in, and the like. Howie's looking for a new bed to sleep in, chooses one, and James says, "Boogie jerked off in that bed, Howie."

James: How'd you get away with it?
James: You just don't care if you get caught, do you?

3:40 FLAMES AND TRIVIA... again... grrr...

Shady Marcellas

2:00pm BBTime
James, Kaysar and Danielle:

They're talking about Marcellas and shady he is, constantly changing his mind.

Kaysar: It's really upsetting to me.

Danielle: Chicken George asked Marcellas for a deal. Marcellas made one, and then as soon as Chicken George left, he told me he didn't mean it. That just shows that Marcellas will lie to your face. That's why he was voted out our season - all the back and forth stuff.

Danielle: If I win HOH, I will be clear who and why I am nominating the 2 people - I am keeping it real.

Chicken George wanders in and then leaves.

James: He's spying for Chilltown.

James: much as Janelle wanted Allison and Diane out because of the Mr & Mrs Smith thing, why does she keep giving Jase, the 3rd person in Chilltown, all the information that we get?

James: Chilltown came to me last night and said that they want a truce until they get all the floaters out - but Will wants to be gone by Week 4 - and I told them that I don't speak for Season 6


2:30pm BBTime
BATHROOM - Janelle and Jase in the mirror, then Howie, then Diane and Danielle in showers.
Both are fixing their hair in front of the bathroom mirror.
Howie: Janey, bang me like you banged Michael.

Janey hits him.

Howie: Oh Jase, bang me like you banged Holly!

Janelle: Shut up.
    I was kinda hoping for the same reaction from Jase... Howie's a lucky guy

Janelle: Was Scott was as perverted as Howie?
Jase: No.
Janelle: What he was like? Was he funny?
Jase: NO.

Danielle and Diane are in the showers.

Will enters.
Will: Ladies, you got room for me in there?
Will goes to the bathroom, then gets some mouth wash, gargles, sings...

Visions of Sugarplums

1:15pm BBTime
Food talk going on

Janelle: I have to Pee, BB!

Nakomis: Did they say how long lockdown was going to be?

Danielle: Do the peepee dance.

Janelle: How many hours are we going to be eating tonight? Seriously...
waffles and ice cream.

The food fantasies continue... those that have been on gruel all week can almost taste it... the food restriction is up at midnight, or so they believe.

1:30pm BBTime
BB: Houseguests. Lockdown is over. Please feel free to move about the house.

The HGs all get up and go inside, except Howie, who remains on the couch.

Danielle is talking about her season.
Janelle and Nak went to the bathroom.
Marcellas went to lay down, put his mask on - Diva, OUT.
Erika and Diane, also in bed
Jase and Boggie in the pool, talking, but unintelligible.
Will's fetal on the ground

    Nap-Time, I guess... Sounds good to me... Quit yer bitchin', All Stars... Seriously.

1:40pm BBTime
BATHROOM - James and Janey

Janey's getting gorgeous for the live-show, James is too... shaving, Kaysar's in there too...

BACKYARD - Jase and Howie
Jase is still in the pool
Howie is still on the couch.

And.. we're back to Trivia...

America's Fault

1:00pm BBTime

BACKYARD - Dani, Will, James, Marcellas, Kaysar.. the gang's all here.

Most of the HGs are on the red couch... except Dani and Will.
The talk is pretty general chatter...

Dani: I can hear everything you guys are saying

James: When you were on PBJ on your season, how was your stomach once you got to go back on normal food?

James is pretty concerned about what his stomach's reaction is going to be when he gets off the gruel.

Kaysar: You guys are going to be full in like 10 minutes when you get to eat again.

James: We can start to cook now, so when it's midnight we're ready to eat.
    ***lol.. poor things

James: I really tried to stay out of the storage room as much as possible this week... away from temptation...

James: How long we have been here?
Will: 2 years, 7 days

James: I think it 's 17 days...

Marcellas: Just wake me up an 1 hour before each comp, HOH, Veto, Food comp, just keep me drugged. I just want to sleep through it all.

Loud planes overhead

James is practically dreaming of food at this point... reminiscing about some really great guacamole he had...

Danielle and Marcellas are dreaming of mashed potatoes...

Marcellas: What are we doing in this house??

Then silence.

Someone's splashing around in the pool.

Jase: It's not about you enjoying yourself... It's about the internet enjoying watching you.

Marci: Should we be grateful for being here?

James: Well american voted us back in here.

Danielle: Are you saying it's America's fault?

James: No. It's just they voted us back in here.

they all laugh

    **Pretty classic example of "be careful what you wish for"

FLAMING A's & Trivia

OK.. just for the record, we're not being slackers... The feeds are full of flames today... Methinks some programming VP at CBS is trying to boost ratings for the live show by starving the live feeders today. Cretin!

SO, the first glimpse of them we've had since morning is this:

12:28pm BBTime
LIVINGROOM - Danielle, Boogie and Howie
Danielle is cozy on the couch, and Howie is doing push-ups, Boogie being an ass.

Boggie: half man, half amazing...

Howie is on his way to the DIARYROOM, the other HGs tell him to ask for Pam Cooking Spray and Thinning Shears. Boogie wants a monoply game... he wants something different... he wants to be a pain in the butt.*

Howie goes into the DR.
Howie: (off camera) Hey, BB.

Then we get the trivia again.
    for those of you who don't have the feeds, when i refer to trivia or flames, that's literally what we're viewing, because cbs has momentarily cut the feeds due to something thats going on in the house. Today, there's an awful lot of it.

The feeds come back on for a brief moment, and all the HGs appear to be sitting out in the backyard.

...then more flames
The feeds just came back on... so while you read a bit and check out the changes and additions around bb7dish, i'll get the new stuff ready for ya' :)

The Early Bird

9:30am BBTime

Danielle just woke up. Stripped her bed, went to the storage room for fresh batteries and got the vacuum cleaner.
    **This is a morning person! Go, go, go! Jeez... I don't know about y'all, but my 1st stop is the coffee pot! Multi-tasking can come later.

She's studying the memory wall and talking to herself...
Danielle: (perplexed)What's different about this time? ...Are they going to make us compete?
Danielle goes to the kitchen to make coffee, then went back to the memory wall.
Danielle: "Coming soon...?" -
Danielle: (to BB?) We're going to have a competition when we wake up, aren't we?
We're doing it this morning?? Let's get it on.
    *** It seems Danielle is talking to BB. Needless to say, BB's not answering.

Again, looking at the memory wall... then she goes back to the Kitchen to stir her coffee, sets it on the table, and takes her goop out of the microwave.

OK, It appears from the camera angles that the house is on lockdown...even though everyone else is sleeping.

Romance in the Air?

UPSTAIRS COUCHES - Kaysar and Janelle
4:00am BBTime

Kaysar: Do you feel pressure to do as well as you did last time?
Janelle: It's going to be really hard... Everyone knows my gameplay... and winning competitions isn't going to help me, because that will make people nervous.
Kaysar: I'm trying to get people to think I'm stupid. Do you think it's working? No one understands why I put up Diane and Nakomis, and they all think it was a stupid move.
Janelle: I don't think it was.

They sit together in comfortable silence... each with their own thoughts.

Janelle: Are you going to bed?
Kaysar: Not yet, I have to pray first. I still have a half hour. What about you?
Janelle: I'm going to bed soon.

More comfortable silence as they're laying on the couches in the upstairs hallway, not talking, perhaps even dozing off a little by the sounds of their breathing...

Janelle shows Kaysar her nails.
Kaysar (such a guy): Yeah?
Janelle: Whatever.
Kaysar: What happened to your red nail polish?
Janelle: I took it off because you said it was slutty. God!
(pause in conversation...)
Kaysar: You should go to bed.
Janelle: Yeah...

    **ok, is it just me, or does Janey seem like she's doing little things to please Kaysar? And, after a little prodding, he is noticing the little details...

Janey gets off the couch and goes into HOH. She gets the bed ready to get into, while Kaysar holds the door open for her, so she can have a little light, since Howie is sleeping.
Kaysar: I want to keep Howie as a pet forever.
Janelle goes into the bathroom and Kaysar turns on the light, gets his Quran and leaves to go pray. Janelle's gets into the HOH bed next to Howie.

Kaysar primps in the mirror in the downstairs bathroom, then washes his face and hands. When he is done, he goes back upstairs to the hallway and lays down his carpet and prays.

When he is finished praying, he goes into HOH, and gets into bed.

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