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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Breathe Deep

6:00pm - 6:30 BBTime

Boogie and Will have been chatting by the pool a while now.... Chatter as well as strategy.. typical plotting from them at this point.

Boogie: I'm gonna go make some magic happen.

KITCHEN - Janey and Boogie
Boogie: Janelle, How are you? Having some breakfast?
Janey: I'm making chicken salad.
Boogie: (quoting from last night) Betcha Can't Sleep... Betcha Can't Sleep.. Betcha Can't Sleep.

BB: Kaysar, Please go to the Diary Room.

Jacuzzi - Will, George, Boogie
Apparently Boogie gave up quick.

Chatter... talking about the doc from this morning... who stitched Boogie up.

BUG ROOM - James and Danielle
Danielle: You just have to leave her be and see what she does. What did they offer her?
James: Nothing
Danielle: What has she got against the women on this show?
James: We talked about that.. we knew that was coming.
James: We'll see what she does... but if a Floater goes up, it's over.
James: Janelle goes home first. Then will, then Howie.
They told me Will and Boogie would be put up... and now this... the 2nd or 3rd or 4th time they've lied to me.
    ***Please keep it together James. Please. Give her the opportunity to do the rigth thing before you throw her under the bus.

Jacuzzi - Will, Boogie,

Will: Baby steps. either she puts up a floater or me...

Enter Danielle

Dani: It's either you or Diane.
Will: Diane? I never would have thought of her.
Dani: you have to think like a woman.
Boogie: I didn't think she had any beef with her.

Dani: have you guys talked to them at all?
Boog: No, they've been sleeping all day.

Danielle mentions how she doesn't have to talk to people. She just stands there and listens.. pretends to be reading something... and people go on talking right in front of her.
Will: There's no point in talking with Howie.. he doesn't know anything.. they don't tell him anything.
Boog: Wow, Diane.. I thought she was bein' paranoid.

Enter Marcellas

Will: Will you turn that thing off? I can't hear anything.
Dani: I want it to rain so I can do my Shawshank Redemption.
    ***...with marci there, all real talk has ended.. on to b.s.

Kaysar and Erika, planning a pretend date to go see Superman. Cute.

KITCHEN - Janey, Howie, George
Janey's cooking..
Howie's standing guard...
George is preparing.. um.. slop?

BACKYARD - Jacuzzi
Still, Marcellas, Danielle, Boogie, Will.
Marcellas: I threw a tantrum on the floor.
Boogie: Did you have the Chanel's on? You looked like a Sudanese prince.

Enter Kaysar.
    ***end chance of any more strategy talk...
    as if Marcellas there wasn't enough.

Either Or

5:10pm BBT - 5:30BBT

James: We got to agree from this point forward to really communicate and bounce things off eachother. It's the only way we're going to survive.
Kaysar: (agrees) It's the only thing that's going to preserve the group.
James:we're done
James: trying to get brave.. or stupid.
Kaysar: As long as we get Hoh this week, we'll be ok... there's gotta be a reason things are moving so fast this week... either luxury comp or double eviction...

Janie: Hi guys. What're you doing
James: Waiting for you guys to open up the HOH room. Howie, why do you smell?
Kaysar: What do we have for breakfast?
James: I didn't get any granola bars in mine.
James: Marcellas and I were doing damage control with Erika.

Janey: Yesterday Will came up and he was up here for a long time. he wanted me to put up 2 floaters... I wanted to talk to you guys about it, then I got called to the DR...
Howie: Basically, he's never allowed to talk to her alone again. It's our fault, we left her up here.. Kaysar was sleepin'... NOw we have to fix it...
Janey: I just didn't know what to do.
Janey: he was saying a lot of things..
Howie: we have to send him home this week.
James: Did you ask him, WHat are you doing?
Everyone has a role in this game, what are you doing?
Janie: he said he wanted to go home.
James: hold on.. who's HoH is it? It's Janey's right? Not Will's? So Will doesn't get to decide when he goes home.
Janie: So now Boogie and Will are fgoing to be mad at me.
James: SO when Boogie was calling you a bitch the other day, that was ok?
Since when do you give a sh-t about who's mad at you?
Janie: (couldn't hear)
Kaysar: The floaters probably are after us, but Chilltown is too.. Clearly.

Howie: The floaters have voted wioth us every time, janie.
Janey: Theres 5 floaters.
James: So what, there's 4 of us.
Janey: marcellas said that will and boogie are like maggie.
James: if you go after a floater right now, you're doing the sdame thing that happened to me last year.. going after a potential threat instead of a real one.
Howie: You made a major mistake, but we have the power to correct the blunder.
James: If you do not go after Will, you are going to be the only target in this group.
Will leaving is the ONLY way to rectify the situation. Otherwise there is an unnecessary war against all of us.
Janie: Alright.
James: you said alright yesterday....
james: say you were exhausted and manipualted.. and play it...

Stay with her boys!!!!

James: Will has go to go home. We don't have stupid people in this house.
Howie: Who's the one group who manipulated you? Chilltown.
James: We took out their strongest player last week. This week, we take out their smartest.
Janie: OK
James: If Will doesn't go up, we're dead.
James: If Will goes home this week, there's only one person we have to worry about (boogie)
If we get rid of a floater this week, it is 3 against 8 in the competition.

James: (to Howie) You are assigned to Janelle until after the ceremony. You stay with her at all times, unless she's in the shower.
Janie: I'll just stay in here.
Howie: Do not talk to them about game ever again.
    ***Note to James and Kaysar - Don't put all the responsibility on HOWIE

James: Shall we shake on this, or are we good?
Janie: We're good.
Kaysar: He needs to leave. Even if he isn't the master manipulator, he has to go.

Janie: I don't think I'm the strongest player anymore.. I think I'm the worst.
Kaysar: You're not the worst.
Janie: OK, I'm not as bad as Howie. I'm the 2nd worst.
Janie: (asks about Danielle and Diane and Erika)
James: No one in here is stupid. You save Chilltown, you are in an alliance with CT by their definition, and you will go home.
Howie: We love you, you confused little blond. We'll protect you.

Kay and Janey alone now...
Kaysar: Trust me, you have to go after Will...
This house is about to erupt. If you take out a floater, it's over. They're freaking out.
Are you alright?
Janie: (can't hear her)
Kaysar: It's not going to work.. it's too early.

Janie's Awake

4:55pm BBT

Chess area - outside HoH room - James and Kaysar

The boys are camped outside the door, whispering, and Janey comes out, finally awake - but desperately in need of caffeine.

    ***Personally, I hope they sit on her till her HoH is over, and don't let Will come anywhere near her. It pains me to even think this, much less write it, but I fear Janie may become the Howie of Season 6 for her alliance. Only time will tell... Time, her diary room sessions, who she nominates and how she votes. sigh...

    I'll be adding to this post when Janie comes back upstairs to talk with the boys...
    Why oh Why oh Why did they leave her so alone with Will in the time leading up to Nominations??? and Why did she let herself believe a single word that came out of his mouth?!!?

James: There's no way to explain it that makes it seem rational.
Kaysar: We can't attack her... We have to make it like, "We understand you wanted to do it this way to backdoor Will." We stick together no matter what.. Lets see what she says.


Been out for a while... Sorry 'bout that... I'll have more new stuff up for you very, very soon!

OK.. Janie and howie are still sleepin... it's 4:30pm BBTime! Everyone else is out in the backyard talking movies... sounds like a 6 degrees of separation type game, actually...

No strategizing goin' on...

I'm kinda bumming over the whole Janie thing... really hoping she hasn't abandoned the Sov4 for Chilltown, but until she wakes up and starts talking, or nominates someone, or we see her diary room sessions, there's no way to know for sure... Fingers crossed that our Janie girl hasn't forsaken the Sov's for the dark side/Chilltown. :(


It's noon BBT, and the HGs are still sleepin'. Considering the night they had, I'm not at all surprised. I'll keep ya posted... and in the meantime, I'm looking for cool stuff for your amusement.

If you're the last person on the planet who hasn't taken advantage of the two free weeks of live feeds from realplayer yet, the link's now in a permanent spot at the top of the blog. :) Go for it.

Jase Interview

Bitter... party of one... Bitter...


Jase Closed
by by Jessica Shaw
''Big Brother'''s Jase: ''The entertainment industry sucks. I hate L.A.'' The outspoken evictee hated going back to the house, but still thought he'd be around a little longer...
You thought Jase was acting crazy and pathetic on Big Brother: All Stars? Try having a phone conversation with the guy the after he got the unanimous boot.

Hi. It's Enrico Palazzo.

And yet you sound oddly like a recently evicted Big Brother contestant.
Okay, yeah, it's Jase.

Jase, you changed your game quite a bit from Big Brother 5 and yet it didn't work out so well.
I really thought I was gonna last longer.

You're slurring your words and you sound exhausted. Are you okay?
I missed my family so much and [girlfriend] Heidi and I were on the phone all night long. I pretty much came directly here without sleeping.

What did she say to console you?
She's just ready for me to get home.

So what do you think did you in this season?
Honestly, my deal was I hate Big Brother. I hated it the first time around. I hated it the second time around. It's a pretty good chunk of change if you can win it. I was like, ''F--- it. I hate it here” from day 1.

But yet you chose to go back.
If you get an All-Star bid, you gotta take that. But day 1, I was like, ''What the f—k am I doing back here?''

Were you and Diane in an alliance that you started before the show?
That's one of the weird parts of Big Brother. Diane and I were absolute nemeses in Big Brother 5 and now she was on my side.

And the alliance?
The Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance? Sure, why not?

When I talked to Nakomis last week, she said a bunch of you guys all knew each other from hanging out in L.A. Were you friends with other contestants before you went in?
That's not true. I stayed out in L.A. for a while and tried to make some things happen. I moved back to Illinois. I don't talk to anyone from my season. I don't care to. Just because you're a bunch of weird people put in a house doesn't mean you're meant to be friends. Some people get into the whole Big Brother family thing. I don't. It's what it was. I just want to go back to where people are real.

Not a fan of L.A. I take it?
L.A. sucks. The entertainment industry sucks. I hate L.A. The traffic sucks.

You claim to be so over it all. Then why did you break down crying on your last day?
In Big Brother 5 I was playing for myself. If I let myself down I don't care. But this time I was playing for Heidi and this 3-year old little girl. I wanted to do it for them. It's not about Jase anymore. It's about my family. So it kind of stung a little bit.

I know you think James back-doored you, but considering it wasn't his intention, do you think maybe you overreacted in your anger toward him?
Everyone's gotta do what they gotta do. The game is a TV show first and a game second. You can do all the strategizing you want and there's still a veto ceremony when you'll have to dye your balls blue and shave your head. I'm not going to give up my veto to save George. There's so much luck involved. If you can get to the end and still have your sanity, good for you.

Speaking of George, I was actually touched by his ''I'm proud to be playing with you” speech. Inside the house, did you see that as genuine or strategy?
George's speech, I would rate it about a 5. George, you gotta recall on Big Brother 1, their job was to work America. It doesn't work as well with people in the house. He's still trying to work America. The tears were all about his selling his shtick to America. I don't have any ill feelings toward George.

Before you got put up for elimination, you incited some drama in the house. Of all people, why did you decide to attack Marcellas that afternoon?
Because he's just a bitch and I knew I'd get him to open his mouth. I basically got him to say what I wanted.

Who do you think was playing the best game?

Jase, why are you being so difficult?
I really don't know. It's just whoever has HOH decides who's going to go.

Do you have any regrets?
No. I never regret anything I do.

I kept wondering when we'd see all your bandanas and odd fashion statements. When were those going to come out?
Yeah. I never got to play. I was going to start off slow and like a steam engine explode once I got to a certain point. I was going to get all wild and outspoken.

To say you're bitter would be an understatement and yet you told Julie last night that you're ready to go back in the house. Are you still?
I would go back if they would offer me a hell of a financial deal. No. No, they'd have to offer me half a million. Otherwise, I'm over it.

Janie - Howie video

This video contains spoiler info

Janie's been having a rough time of it as HoH. In this video, which occurred shortly after the Veto comp this morning, she comes clean to Howie about what happened with Will prior to the nominations... The sound is very low, so I strongly advise turning up your volume.

Post Veto

Guest Bloggers: The Lovely and Talented Erin and Patch!

- this post, and likely most to follow
will contain spoiler info about the veto comp.

HOH - Marci and Janelle
early morning, after Veto Comp
Marcie and Janelle are in HOH plotting. Marcie is adamant that Chilltown is
getting stronger and arguing that they are coming after SOV4.

Janie mutters that she will put up Will. She is hesitant to do so because he seems willing to go. She says she will take a vote among Marcie, Kaysar, James and Howie to see what to do.

Marcie is pushing hard for Will to be backdoored and Janie seems to be leaning toward Diane. She wanted Boogie to go before Will.
They become silent.

Cut to downstairs.
Janie has exited HOH and she and Kaysar are in the kitchen.
Boogie is in the bathroom tinkering around and Danielle is also there.

They zoom in on Janie’s face and she looks pissed enough to convince me she really
did want Boogie gone. She stalks back upstairs as Howie says “I thought there
WAS no Chilltown.”


Janie, Howie, James and Kaysar up on the loft. Whispering. Unintelligible.
What I am getting is….
Janie says she wanted to win veto. The competition was really hard…
Diane’s name is tossed out.
James wonders why going after a neutral player in a veto competition….

Back and Janelle tells them to tell her what to do.
James is arguing against Diane going up...
Two minutes later and we’re back to James STILL talking...
this is completely inaudible…they are tired, cranky and whispering…

Kay says something about they could nominate us next week.
The group heads into HOH. Marcie is in there. Still whispering.

Marcie: “Diane is trying to stay away from Will and Mike Boogie because they are
driving her nuts. Boogie keeps touching her hair…” He says that Janie should befriend Diane…Janie’s response is inaudible, then...

Back and Janie and Marcie are laying in bed. Janie is half asleep but Marcie is
still going hard for Will to go up. He says EVERYONE wants them out.
Janelle asks about Chicken George, and Marcie freaks out.
Janelle claims she is just looking at options.
Marcie says it would send a bad message to her alliance and
everyone else not to break up Chillltown.

The feeds cut to Erika and Dani in bed.
They are talking about how they are being themselves and Erika says if she goes
she goes...

CUT Back to HOH…
someone is in the shower and Marcie and he is still arguing for ousting Chilltown.
He is telling her that she is referred to as the “Queen Bee,” and how taking out Diane does not at all weakenChilltown. Taking out Will is the only move in his eyes.

Enter Kaysar (THANK GOD on so many levels).
He listens to Marcie for a minute and says that Will is the wrong
move (Note...I later realize I heardthat wrong, but I swear it sounded like

James enters and we get a clue to the veto. He says that Diane is scared
because she didn’t go after Boogie in the veto.
Or Erika.
This gave the others an uneasy feeling.
Marcie and Erika both think she is after them. Marcie says she gave
Diane the veto.
Apparently, the veto was some sort of eliminate the others.
Janie admits not going after Boogie in the veto was a mistake and that she should have done something.

Kaysar left.
James is also arguing for Will to go up, lamenting that he didn’t put up Boogie last week.
They are still quite concerned that Jase is coming back.
James says if he does that Chilltown would be 3 strong and she has to take out Will.

Howie enters.
Marcie is still arguing against Will because of the Jase aspect.
Kaysar and James eating cereal.
Kaysar is talking about Chicken George
(later I realize it was not because he wants him up…because that's what
it sounded like in HOH earlier)
James has the bowl up to his mouth and is scooping the cereal in and drinking the milk at the
same time, talking with his mouthful.
(It’s gruesome, really, and I kind of want to jump through the feeds and end it violently.)
James asks Kaysar if he’s concerned.

Kaysar: Ultimately she’s HOH.
James: But we will all feel the repercussions.
Kaysar: I’ll make sure Will goes up.
Inaudible whispering.
Kaysar: She’s freaking out because she’s a big target right now.
They both seem concerned about Boogie or Diane getting HOH but concede it is
better odds than last week.
Kaysar: I’m still worried about Will being here.
James: All the votes are there to get rid of Will anyway.
Kaysar: Boogie needs to go home next week though.
James: Put Diane up against him, who cares. (insert standard James
random f-bombs).

Back to HOH with Marcie, Howie, Janie.
Marcie is telling them everyone else is rusty, so odds are that one of them will
win HOH. Howie thinks the next HOH will be a crap shoot, and “some idiot” will win it.
Janie laments not throwing Marcie the comp.
He says they both would have been up.
    ***So what’s the argument now? Janie is either considering Will’s deal, sleep
    deprived or on another strategy level that I missed. Maybe she DOES have a crush on Will. Who knows. But the argument seems clear from Howie, Marcie, James and even Kaysar
    that the only play is Will.

They are now complaining about the veto.
They were wearing headphones with loud music blaring. Howie says that Boogie was
answering questions before he knew there was questions. He also asserts that
Erika was not ringing in so she would not be eliminated.

Marcie tells Janie that for once everyone agrees that Will must go up.
Janie said she didn’t even know who to nominate.
James comes rushing in saying that he heard that in the bathroom over him washing his
Janie is worried that the whole house is pissed. Marcie says they are not. And anything that goes on with Diane, he and James could fix.
They discuss how no one talks to Diane. Janie says she got confused in the diary room and James rightly says it's because Chilltown was in HOH for hours.

Janie is saying that they wouldn’t let her out of the diary room even though she
begged them to let her go talk to Kaysar.

The controversy is that they (Kaysar and James) didn’t want to do pawns again
because it screwed them up last week. Then, at some point they toyed with the idea (maybe Chicken George) but went to no pawns.
Then, Chilltown came in, made their pitch.
Then, the house was locked down and Janie had to go to DR. So, the nominations
were done on the spot. Right after I figured that
out we got another dose of FLAMES…

When it comes back, Marcie is saying they are hatching crazy plans.
James is making some salient points as to why Will needs to go up. He says the reason for the crazy plans is because of all the rumors of side alliances, but those rumors are all coming
from Chilltown. It sounds as though they have her leaning Will, but that could
change at any point.

With that, I will leave this blog back to the lovely ladies who are the pros,
and just say: PUT UP WILL OMG!

    Amen, Erin! Thanks for all the hard work. Couldn't agree more about Will!


Guest Blogger: Patchie!

FLAMES so bad they are into trivia! It does not look good for the 5:15 call. In
fact, I suspect the veto is going on.

0515 Wakeupcall is indeed blocked.
0530 Wakeup call is also flamed, lending credence to my veto theory.
Okay, at 0549 they came backand it is clear that….dumdumdum......


BOOGIE HAS WON THE POWER OF VETO….(Pause for a collective vomit.)

In his excitement and celebration, Boogie slashed open the bottom of his foot and required stitches. To my understanding, he was not taken off property, and they fixed him up right in the Diary Room. Gotta love the Medic on Duty.

Here's hoping the next few comps require standing on one leg.

Calls & Intrigue

Wake up calls, intrigue and injury... it was a busy busy night!

VIDEOS are posted at the end of this entry...

With tremendous thanks to our friends Pat and Erin and Dawn who, between them, were up all night getting this info!! I left the BB rooms at 4:10am Eastern... here's what happened after:

starting after you left with 0115BBT:

0115 wake up call
Marcie says, "two grown people made this?"
Will says, "get a fuckin’ life people, you losers."
Howie says, "this is the worst decision I ever made in my life."

0130 wake up call (tells hgs they are boring and to get out of bed)
There is silence during this one... then James says, "that guy needs to get a

0145 wake up call (tells hgs 'don’t sing') (its Diane's mother)
Diane says, "YAY mom, thanks mom that’s cute."

0200 wake up call (says wake-up-wake-up)
Janie says, "creepy"
James says, "go to a fucking bar - get a life."

0215 wake up call (its a song)...clapping at the end of call by hgs
Howie says, "they must have so many they don’t know which one to use."
(not much reaction here. Janie looking kinda dazed/pissed.)

0230 wake up call “Hello BB friends” - paranoia
Howie or James says, "I will break my foot off in your ass ... that lady can
eat it."
(laughing as in lost it laughing)
    ****Janie/Howie gonna make a $$$ deal with Will?
    Janie said to Will, if we do make a deal for the money in a couple
    weeks....Kaysar caught Janie lying...Kaysar asked what are you
    talking about. They said they were talking about hgs that left.
    Kaysar said no you weren’t and Will said yes, they were.
    by look on Kaysar’s face, you could tell he knew Janie was


0245 wake up call I missed cuz RealPlayer hiccupped!!!!!
when I got it back I just heard Will say “that’s pathetic”...

0300 wake up call (its about the inner tube/pool) then (its Alison! wake up.
you thought you got rid of me. hope it haunts you all day long.)
Marcie says, “OMG is killing me. It’s gonna kill me."

0315 wake up call “boring when you sleep unless you are Mike Boogie…wakey
wakey” Will says, "suck a dick Arthur, I mean eat a dick"

0330 wake up call (clanking)
Marcie says, "I am gonna throw myself over the balcony - the first BB suicide"

0345 wake up call - It’s Ivette! “Buenos Dias! Wake up bitches. Wake up stupid?
Wake up

Janie says, " I don’t think anyone is coming back"
Marcie says, "I hope not." Marcie continues to say what a travesty it would be
if someone
came back in.

0400 wake up call “I just want to say: Wake up homies, get outta bed.”
(in a rap) It repeats a few times.
Then: Janie’s mom saying she wants a Janie doll.

Janelle says that her mom wants her to date Howie but it would never happen in a
million years because it’s the “sickest thing ever”. Marcie says the probability of
that is lower than her dating him (I doubt it). Janelle says she misses her mom.

0415 Wake up call: “Good morning Houseguest…This is Jeff calling from Canada.
(He sounds like a DJ on a wacky morning show.) Then in a Beavis and Butthead voice starts talking about pepperoni pizza or something. Howie: “What a fucking moron”. Marcie concurs. Howie “where was he from?”
Janey says Canada and the three say “Hi” to Canada. Marcie wants to know why
Janie likes the wake up calls so much.

Some slap happy conversation about BB1 between Howie, Marcie and Janie follows.

The HOH room contains Howie, Marcie and Janie. These three cannot seem to
ignore the calls and get to sleep. Two cameras are also on some luckier HGs who do not
seem as affected…Dani is sleeping on a couch, I think James is in a twin bed.

Marcie was swearing really bad, so FLAMES…0430 Wake up call was blocked. Flames
are in and out for about 15 minutes. Mostly in. Cut back just before 0445 call and
Janelle is joking about how Maggie took her money and completed her sex change by sharpening her penis.

Janelle “People argued Maggie played the game better by keeping the nerd herd
together but she was brainwashing them. And she denied it and said she just ended up there
by dumb luck.”
Marcie: “I hate people who just do nothing and sit there. It should be the
person who survive eviction, you reward the people who take the hits, get out there and fight.”

Janie: “Erika was defending Maggie.”
Howie agrees with Marcie. They discuss the types of players. Like liars like
James, manipulators.
They concur that Maggie and Erika play the same type of game and that’s why she
would defend her.

0445 Wake up call: “Hi I’m Mandy from Louisiana. This is your wake up call.
OMG it’s a spider. OMG get it off.” Then, a banshee yell.
Then the “wake-up, wake-up” clangy guy is back. Marcie is complaining
that they repeating. “You’re a total tool.” Marcie says. “What a total idiot
tool.” (I have to agree with
Marcie here. Both those calls were pretty bad.)

They go back to discussing winners.
Howie: “You realize Cowboy almost won.”
Marcie: “OMG that would have been an abomination! That would have ended the
show forever right there.” They all concur. They discuss how Cowboy asked for people to throw an HOH comp for him, because he couldn’t win. Janie asks if Karen was nice and Marcie is embarrassed because he can’t remember interviewing her. Marcie tells them about how they used to give people gift bags as thanks for being on Housecalls. It is a long story that has no point involving Lex from Survivor (I loved that guy)
and his wife and a 24 hour shop. It earns flames (Thanks, Marcie).


Marcie says it was “those two lesbians.” Howie agrees. (?) Marcie claims he
is better looking and more educated than whomever that was that called. They wonder whether more than five people called because they are repeating calls (Which is a good question.) Howie begins describing the lesbians that called saying one is a fat ugly pig with glasses.
    ***This is not a pretty side of Howie. Note to him: Some of your fans
    might wear glasses and carry a few pounds, Howie! In fact, I believe Yoda was hiding a few under that robe, and he could NOT have been able to see that well because he was like 800 years old. Not that I know ANYTHING about Star Wars, right?

If you'd like to see and hear more of the calls, go to and check out all the vids from "TheRealDeal2006" - an amazing source for vids and info!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Noise Torture

Hi Night-owls :)

Just wanted to let you know, we're up and waiting for the HGs to go to bed so BB can start the torture. :) Personally, I wish BB would make like a camp counselor and say, "Lights out, HGs," but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

It occurred to me a few minutes ago... bb7dish may have actually contributed to the game this season. How's that, you ask? Well... check out this post from a couple weeks ago... Among other ideas, it included the following:

If We Were BB

  • Sleep Deprivation Torture: from 2am-7am, anytime someone starts to nod off, BB sounds a blaring siren until every HG is up and moving. And don't let them sleep during the day. Continue this for a 48 hour period, preferably the night before a comp.

Hmmmm? Come on BB folks.. fess up. ;)

At around 11pm BBTime, BB called Janie to the DR, then we had flames for a while. When the feeds came back, we learned that the Will, Howie, Diane, Boogie, Erika and Janie will be playing for Veto, and .. get this... BB showed the HGs the commercial for the sleep disturbance, so they now know what's in store for them tonight. I hate that BB told 'em. More whining, less genuine responses. Duh.

12:30BBTime - First 2 wake up calls.. no one sleeping anyway.. and the calls were lame.

Nomination -SPOILER



3:10pm BBT
The nomination ceremony is happening right this minute, as I type this. Will was the last person to speak to Janelle. James is a bit concerned... I have faith in our Janie... and I'm willing her away from the dark side... Please join me.

I'll have the Noms up for you as soon as they happen.

4:00pm BBT
Still FLAMES. Still Waitin'.

SPOILER BELOW (scroll down a little)

If you don't wanna know, Click on a link in the "Previous Posts" located in the sidebar to your left.

4:25pm BBT
And the Nominees are.... Boogie and Erika(as a pawn)

Evil Evil Evil

Evil, Evil and More Evil. Run to the light, Janelle! Run to the Light!

HOH ROOM - Will and Janey, alone...

Will: James and Kaysar are like fleas on a dying dog. As soon as they suck as much blood out, they will jump off. They are cheaters..
Janey: Kaysar isn't a cheater.
Will: He's a cheater when it comes down to the end.
Janey: What does that make me then?
Will: That makes you a badass.
Janey: But they'll be pissed.
Will: Yeah.. they'll be pissed, they are stupid. You have to have them back you up. They need to back you up.

Janey: So you guys will vote the way I want?
Will: Of course I will.. we will. We will do whatever you want. We want you to have faith and trust in us. We will use the POV or not if that is what you want. We'll give you the stability and structure that James and Kaysar won't. You'll have to do it quietly and swiftly. You can put me up, but you will be losing your best allay. We are respectful and loyal. My business depends on me being loyal. As beautiful as you are, I would never cheat on my girlfriend. I will back you up completely because I say I will.
Janey: What if you are lying to me Will?
Will: Then send me home.
Janey: Everyone says you are a liar.
Will: I came here to play, but I don't care. I have no fear. I only came here for Boogie. I had to lie.. like to Hardy and Nicole.
Janey: All right.. (she sighs)
Will: Take a leap of faith. You need to feel comfortable. You have to trust us, but you have to be a great actress here. You have to bring people together. YOU are their girlfriend and they are starting to see other people. They are drinking your champagne eating your stuff... They have to listen to you now, they have to back you up or it shows if they are cheaters.
    ***Will's campaigning HARD for Janey to put up Erika and Danielle without telling the Sovs.

Will: Put Mike and my keys last and watch everyone freak. Then you go up to the HOH and chill. Don't let them get to you.
Janey: Isn't this like how when Howie nominated Sarah and James?
Will: You can't have regrets. You can't worry about what will happen. You can't equate what happened last year with this. Erika has no enemies. Easy move is for S6 to take out S4 and then worry about the floaters. Some floater is going to show up in the end. James is a complete liar. He keeps saying he wants to take out floaters, but he doesn't. Kaysar wants to do the honorable thing.. that's BS. He just wants to protect himself.
Janey: Then what am I doing?
Will: You are being a badass! You can't trust them. James lies. He won't protect you. If I get put up against you, I will leave. No one else will do that.
Janey: I will think about it.
Will: It pains me that you are so upset. It's not real life. It's natural instinct for people to want to be liked.
Will: If you have to go with your team.. I'm cool with that. I think you're adorable. I really like you. I know you are afraid of putting up Marci and Dani.. I don't want you to feel bad.
Boggie comes in.
Will: Janelle has this fear. She's gonna have to take signs of good faith from us. We will protect her.
Boogie: yeah.. that's what I tried to explain to her last night. Actions are the only thing that matter in here. Since you have the power, they are going to say what you want to hear. If we were really after you, why would we leave Kaysar and (James?) up there. It was a sign that we weren't coming after you. If you take a chance, you will be happy. If you make the move we are saying.. you still win.



Janelle's really feeling the pressure of her HoH. Will and Boogie are up to their usual b.s. - in fact, they've stepped it up a notch or 10. Janie's trying to figure it all out... mostly, who to nominate.

No clue where Kaysar is throughout all this, but James is tremendously helpful and compassionate.

1:10pm BBT
HOH ROOM - Janelle, Howie, James

Howie: We've helped them for a month.

James: (re Chilltown) We've been doing what you wanted for a month.. we're gonna need the votes. These are the two people that say they don't want to play..
James: If they really meant that, Will wouldn't have spent the night in the tub to prevent people from talking to you. That's not someone who wants to go home.

    ***Thank you, James!

Howie: That's their strategy.
Janelle: Either way, we're safe with Danielle and Marcellas. I'm gonna put up a member of chilltown, but not both of them together.
James: Well if you're not going to put them both up, then that's pointless. What if Diane gets the veto and takes herself off?
Janelle: I don't know. Maybe I wont put her up. I don't know.

James: It's about who will go after you and put you up.
James: Before this game, I would have thought that marcellas would be loyal, but now I dont know. I never heard Erika, Diane or Danielle say bad things about us... but Marcellas has put us up in the forefront since week one.
Howie: "...the four, the four."
James: I don't need to explain this to you, because you already know. If we ignore a threat and go after a floater, they will rally the floaters around them. That's why I put up Jase unwillingly.
Howie: That was a good move though.
James: It was a good move, but I wanted to keep my word.... if Jase comes back, we're leaving chilltown three strong again, because you just said Jase was gonna put us up anyway.
Howie: They just sold his ass out.
James:...and they'll come back 3 strong. I don't think those 3 guys were coming after me, but they throw your (janelle's) name out there every single time. If Jase is coming after us regardless.. you feel someone is coming back..
Howie: We had a four week run for what?
James: If someone is coming back, Chilltown will be 3 strong again. We'll have to take out Jase again next week and leave two members of chilltown in sequester.
Janelle: Okay. I'll think about it and make a decision later.

James: I just think we need to take out the big threats. They've spent more time in this room than you have.
Janelle: I think the floaters are the big threats.
James: In the game or to us? I'm not worried about the floaters winning anything.
Janelle:..but theyr'e the better game players.
James: The better game players, Dani and Marci, are our allies.

Howie: Are you an in an alliance with Danielle and Diane?
James: No, I'm not, but Dani and I have an understanding - we wont go after each other until we have to.
Janelle:...but what if she puts one of us up?
James: She wont. If she had to she would tell you to your face.
Howie: What, when she was hoh?
James - No, probably before.

    ***Wow. Well done, Howie. And great honest answers, James. Very impressive.

A bit of chit chat, then...

James: Everyone is coming after us, but we don't want.. if we leave the floaters, chilltown is going to run to them, talking about 'the common enemy.' saying, 'they already took out one floater, you have to strike them before they take another one.' Chilltown likes to unite and divide. Their gameplay all manipulation...

BB: Will, please go to the diary room.

Howie: If they don't care, why are they sitting right outside our door right now?
James: They're doing the same thing Maggie did to Howie last year, not leaving you alone... to try and make you put up your allies. With the nerds last year, Ivette and Beau were allies to us...
James: They want us to go after our own allies for right now, because its gonna cause a huge amount of dissention in the house... the minute the nomination ceremony is over they're gonna think ,if there's a veto, I'm going up.

Howie: Let's get rid of them janie. we know the floaters are going after us and were going after them. we get rid of chilltown. its gonna be a war

    ***hehe... Tell me I'm not the only one who loves how incredibly impressionable howie is??

James: The floaters, we get hoh, we can talk to them... but with Chilltown, we can't talk, you know. If they're gone, we can relax and not be stressing out each week. If we give them the opportunity to give them the common enemy, I think we're f-cked. That's my opinion.
James: Tell them, "I heard what you have to say. Let me think about this on my own." Will is very manipulative, and he'll have you put up Howie. Tell him there are other people in this house you have to give the same fairness to.
James: We need to bring people in here, start talking to them, find out who they're scared of... and what theyre scared of. If we don't talk to them (the floaters), and we put up a floater, we're making ourselves a bigger target.

James: The paranoia is rampant. We all know four of us turning on each other is a bad idea. They are doing a great job of getting in our head and fucking with us. ...because he is (mimicing Will) 'the puppet master, baby..'
James: We need to remove the puppetmaster and cut his strings...

Janelle: Which chilltown member?
James: We can put them both up, and have all week to decide...
Howie: The power of veto..if Will wins it, he takes off Boogie.
James: They are creating dissention in the house, in our group.. we can offer each floater something each week but we can't offer them anything.

    ***Amen! Preach on, James.

Howie: It's a big bargaining tool.

James: Exactly. Say, (re the floaters) we helped you out this long, you're already in sequester.. there are so many targets.. you come after us, you'll lose votes later on. You go after the other targets, you can be here a little longer. But if you take out my friend, I take out yours.

James: Janie, it's a tough decision, and it might be a rough week, but you have three people to support you. If they get in your face, we get in theirs.

James: Leaving them in the game, I do not think is a good decision for the long run. It's not their game playing abilities, it's their game making abilities. We're all sitting here thinking what's wrong.. Janelle and Marcellas, Dani and James. They are causing us the internal strife that broke us up last year.

Janelle: Okay. You guys are right.

James: Janie, give me a hug. You look so stressed out. I'm gonna go out and do my Monica impersonation in the backyard after I pee.

Howie: Are you really

James: Yeah

Big Day Ahead!

OK... Last night we had an eviction, and HoH Comp - Yayyyy Janie!! - and then the Food Comp. Today, we'll have nominations, and tomorrow the Veto Comp. What the HGs don't know is that thanks to Big Brother, they won't be getting any sleep tonight. lol. Should be a great night on the feeds! :)

OK.. here's the "morning" update - Everyone but Danielle slept in till 11:00am, when BB woke them up.

By 11:20am, Dr. Evil and his Booger were in the Backyard plotting...
BACKYARD - Near Hammock - Will and Boogie
Erika Approaches.
Will: Can you give us a few minutes alone?
Erika steps off.
Will: (to Boogie re Conversastion with Howie and Janie) I told them, if you put up me and a floater as a sign of good faith, you are safe for one week, then I'm gonna go...
Will: ...but if you don't, and you put up Boogie and a floater, then you will have enraged me, and I will come after you like hell, and I will rain on you like f-ing anvils, and I will send you home.
Will: don't be fools, the whole house is coming after you, but what you Don't want is ME coming after you, I am the smartest person you've ever met. I can memorize everything on the wall in three seconds. I will CRUSH you.

Danielle joins them in the backyard.

Will: If I don't eat slop, it will breach my contract and they can expel me. Production's pissed and they think I should chill. ...At least they admitted that the food competition sucked.


Regarding Erika and the food comp.
Danielle: It is what it is.
Will: It's over now.
Danielle: I didn't say anything, because you need votes. So don't try to call people out.
Boogie: Who are noms?
Danielle: Not him.
Will: I had a convo with them last night, this is what happened, Danielle..

Empty HoH Bathroom.

11:30am BBTime
HOH ROOM - Janelle
Janelle's lavishing in her pink bed. Awake and thinking about something. She walks down to the red room to get her sunglasses. Diane talks about putting on a swimsuit. She walks around the house, yawning.

BB: I SAID, it's time to get up for the day!

Chicken George is in the kitchen, counting off the people that aren't eating. Everyone's getting ready for the day.

HOH ROOM - Janie & Marcellas
Janie:(joking)I'm mad at you.
He's lying there while Janie looks for her flipflops.

BB: This is a lockdown. Please go outside into the backyard and lock the sliding glass door.

Janelle finds her shoes out by the chessboard. She descends the stairs.

KITCHEN - lots of HGs
HOWIE: You're so cute, Janie.
JANELLE: You're my beefcake, Howie.

As Janelle is pouring her cereal, Boogie and Will are murmurring in the background. As Will walks away, janey asks him what Boogie said, but he doesn't reply. Will goes to use the HOH bathroom.
Boogie:(to Howie)You, me, and Janelle are going to have to have a discussion later.


KITCHEN - Howie, James.
Howie: Boogie wants to talk to me and Janelle.
James: (kidding)I'm never invited to the fun.
Howie: You can come anyway.
James: No... I won't, I wasn't invited.

James leaves, and Howie's alone in the kitchen.

More to come very soon.... Try refreshing... ;)


OK... just a moment of Kaysar appreciation. ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

How many men could look this masculine & tasty surrounded by a sea of pink?

Puppet Show

11:15pm BBT
HOH ROOM - Janelle and Kaysar (Will is in the HoH Bathtub)
Janelle: I'm gonna put up Danielle and a pawn.
Kaysar: Oh no, you can't put up Danielle, that will really send James over the edge.
Janelle's snacking on her HoH goodies.
Janelle: Well, then he won't vote with us.
Kaysar: No he's going to vote with us ... we have to stick together.
Kaysar: I think James is just harboring some issues from last season.
Janelle: Yeah and he thinks we're telling him what to do.

Janelle: But, I can't put her up with Boogie if I don't have the votes.
Kaysar: James should see that you're going hardcore against Marcellas.
Janelle: Do you think we should guarantee a vote from Chicken George? I just get nervous about James' vote. I'm uneasy.

Camera 4 zooming in on Will in the HOH bathtub.

Kaysar and Janie
Kaysar: James feels like he was used to put up Jase... so he would be the bad guy.
Janie: Marci will be upset if I don't put up Boogie.
Janie: What should I do, play the safe route, and then next week be put up by Diane? No Thank you!

Janie and Kaysar wonder if next week's HoH will be endurance or not.

Janie: These nominations are hard. What if one comes off the block? Then who do we put up?
Kaysar: Will.

Will begins to sing... loudly ... in the Bathtub.
Will: Will one of you bring me some ducks from downstairs? I want to put on a puppet show.
Kaysar: (to Jani)... and that's the guy you're attracted to.
    ***Huh??? Oh, Janie.

Strategy talk over as Janie heads downstairs to get some rubber duckies for Will.

Kaysar: So what's your deal Will?
Will: send me home. I gotta get out of here. I'm trying to get penalty nominations so I can go home.
Kaysar: What do you mean?
Will: The DR is checking into it for me. I'm trying to get as many penalty nominations as possible. I'm going to eat.
    ***He's so full of it!!

Janie returns to Hoh, duckies in hand.
Kaysar: Will is going to take a penalty nomination.
Janie says: So I just put you up?
Will: Do you want you want.

Will's begins his puppet show, and his behavior is bizarre, even for Will. Kaysar and Janie stand in the bathroom and watch. Will's being odd... enough to cause concern. Janie turns and looks at Kaysar.

Kaysar: Are you sober right now?
Will: I'm completely sober.
Will: Janie, go get Boogie for the puppet show.
Kaysar: You can't be serious right now.
Will: Man, I have to get out of here. I'm bored as hell. Dude, you can't possibly be excited about this show. It's dull as hell. I'm just waiting to see if they will sue me if I eat.

Boogie enters.

He grabs a chair, and starts watching Will's show.
Kaysar grabs some snacks and a chair, then returns to the bathroom.

Will wants everyone to come up for the show... and they all troop in.

Will's show stars "Fanelle" and "Dr. McDreamy".
Dr. Mc Dreamy wants desperately to escape the tub (eg, the house).
Then Will introduces the 'floaters', who float between the two groups, quite literally in this case.

Fanelle, the queen bee of her group, begins to have feelings for Dr. McDreamy, but this makes her group really mad, especially "Mowie".
    ***singing... (tune from Wizard of Oz) - if he only had a point.

BB: The lockdown is over, You are free to move about the house.

Puppet show over.

Here's a clip.

Janie Holds Court

10:30pm - 11:15 pm BBT
HOH ROOM- James & Janie
Janelle: I always wanted a hot pink room
James: Now you have one... for a week
Janelle: This is like my pink dream oasis
James: I feel like I'm in your room at your parents house
Janelle: I couldn't have a room like this, if a guy came over he'd be freaked.

James: I'm going to win next week's HoH.
Janelle: If we win 5 in a row, can you believe it.
James: If we win then they will probably put one of us up. Next week it is essential that we win, because of sequester.
Janelle: I think someone is coming back, one of the first 4
James: Someone new or from before? give someone another chance at all-stars?


BATHROOM - Erika & Will
Erika: I should have taken Marcellas out of the competition.
Will: I'm cool about going home... and throwing a fit.
Will fixes his hair, then he goes whistling up to the HOH room.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

HOH ROOM - Sov 4
Janelle: I'm not scared of Chilltown. I'm afraid of the floaters waiting to make their move.
James: I want Boogie out this week.
Janelle: (to Kaysar) Explain it to James.
Kaysar: The floaters are gearing up for something, they're counting down the weeks for when Chilltown is gone.
Howie: The final 9 are in sequester or in the house.
James: If a floater gets HoH, one of us goes home. Do you think we're save with Marci?
Janelle: Yes.
James: I want Erika out.
    ***ok, So that's Boogie and Erika for James, so far...

Howie: Diane is coming after BB6
James: If any floater gets HoH, we are going up.
    ***James, m'dear, if ANYONE but the sov 6 gets HoH, y'all are going up.

James: Erika will put us up. They don't want all of us in sequester... we would control the votes. We have to get it next week. This week and last were the only safe weeks for us.
Janie: Dani, Diane and Marci are starting to develop something.
Kaysar: This is what I think... because we have to get it next week, they are planning on what we're doing, taking out big threats, we have to throw them off. They expect Boogie to go up.
Janie: Marci is not coming after us.
Kaysar: They expect us to take Bboogie out... Boogie then Will. But they won't go after Will. We need to make a pre-emptive strike.
Kaysar: Diane is trying to get along with us. She knows she can be a target. She backstapped her group in bb5. An enemy you have in front you can plan against. An enemy in the grass, you can't plan against.

Will enters HoH

Will: Can I take a bath?
Janie: Can I join you?
Kaysar: Can you give us a few minutes?

Will leaves the room... Lays on couch in front of HOH room, waiting, listening (?)

James: So your telling us Chilltown is for us?
Kaysar: No, but we have to weaken the floaters.
Janie: Who is the most dangerous floater? Diane.
Kaysar : Chilltown is a joke.
James: Erika will team up with anyone, she's a piece of furniture till the end.
Kaysar: Erika won't make a big move, Diane will.

Howie: I want Will out, he's after me. I put him on slop for the whole week
James: I told you to leave Jase in the game, all the floaters wanted him out. We did their work for them

They begin analyzing the floaters...

Janelle: Why do you think Marci and Erika were trying so hard? They felt threatened by Chilltown.
James: Marcellas is not a good player.
Janelle: He talks too much... but he knows if he puts anyone from sov 6 up, I will never talk to him again.
Howie: our main threats are Will, Boogie and Diane, in any order.
James: If Jase comes back, he is with chilltown, he will be fueled by revenge.
Kay: If anyone comes back, they will align with Diane.
Janelle: Let's not worry about who is coming back.
    Thank you, Janie!!!

BB: Diane, Please go to the Diary Room.


Then we return to the Sov 4 in the HoH Room

Janie: Marcellas wouldn't put us up.
Kaysar: Diane is saying one thing to you... and other things to someone else.
James: Y'all are looking to deep in all this.
James: Marci is actively undermining us.
Janelle: If Marcellas came up here, he would say he would not put us up.
Howie: Diane is evil.
James: The only person we've gotten ridden of that was coming after us is Alison.
Janelle: Erika has taken a stand against us.
James: So we are trusting Boogie now??
Howie: Jase deservedly went home.
James: I don't like how it was done.
James: The only three to go after are Will, Boogie and Diane.

Food Comp

The feeds went down from 9-10pm BBTime. When they came back, we learned they'd held the food comp, and all the HGs are complaining about it.

10:10 PM BBT.
Erika: The contest wasn't fair. The guys had more chances.
Dani agrees.
Boogie nods.

HOH ROOM - Jaysar, James, Howie
Kaysar: That was unfair, dude.
James: The only contact was Dani. When you went up, you had your arms exposed.
Kaysar: Was there anyone near me?
James: I thought someone was on you. When you pulled it down I tried to swipe it away.
Howie: The 1st ball came out one side, I just played the odds.
James: At first, I thought there was only 1 ball.

Kaysar: BB did this to cram more stuff in, and to turn people against each other.
James: What the f-ck are you scared of? You have some secret deal or something.
    ***Is it just me, or was this a rather abrupt subject change?

Kaysar: (pointing to his eyes) There is nothing.
James: It's bullshit. Chill Town has been a target for 3 weeks, and we keep f-cking ignoring them? It makes no sense!
Kaysar: It doesn't matter.
James: It does. If a houseguest is coming back, it's more than likely Jase or Nakmois.
James: They're talking it over upstairs.
    ***ex-squeeze me??

DINING ROOM - Marcellas, Diane, George, Janie
Sounds like they're on slop again... except Janie ;)

Marcellas: This.. womps.
Diane: (laughs)
Marcellas: I hope this isn't what it's gonna be like. Every week I'm on a f-cking fast. I'm not eating the slop.
Diane: If I wasn't so shy about using the bathroom, I would so go on the master cleanse this week.
Marcellas: They don't give everything you need. You need lemons and syrup and pepper.
Diane: We have syrup, and do you think the pepper will be approved?
Marcellas: Have you done it before? It's kinda hardcore.
Diane: That's a reason I wouldn't do it.. I'd be scared. But outside of the house I could do it. My girlfriend and boyfriend did it, and they looked amazing. They did it for a while- two weeks.
Chicken George:(in disbelief) You don't eat anything?
Marcellas: Salt water flush in the morning, lemonade and teas all day. It's about cleaning your colon.
Janie: That would suck.
Marcellas: You need to do it, honey.
Janie: I'm not doing any cleansing.
CG: They do it for two weeks?
Diane: My mom's done it.

Chicken George is amazed.

Janie's Reign Begins

Here's the overnight coverage... starting at midnight Eastern time and covering all the strategy talk... By the way, please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this Janelle's first ever full-term solo HoH? I couldn't be happier for her and the Sov4. :)

9:00pm BBTime
HOH ROOM - Janelle & Erika
Janelle: Who do you want to go up?
Erika: Personally, I would want George out of the game.
Janie: I know.
Erika: Chilltown?
Janie: Yeah... But aren't Chicken George's days numbered anyway?
Erika: People will say that, and he'll go to the end. Well, put up the boys, then. Who's your target?
Janie: Definitely Boogie before Will.
Erika: You want Boogie out before Will?
Janie: Yeah.
Erika: What if he wins the Veto?
Janie: Hmm.. Will goes up.
Erika: Who are you putting up? Chicken George and Boogie?
Janie: Maybe Diane again.. Or I could put up Chicken George and Boogie up.
Erika: What are your boys saying?
Janie: They're just saying.. put up whatever.
Erika: It is what it is, there's a lot to choose from. Just do what's best for you.
Janie: Right.
Erika: You look like Barbie in her pink bed.

BB: Janelle, please go to the Diary Room.
Janie: Oh my G-d.

Janie and Erika leave the HoH room.

Erika: The room is fun to look at...something different.

They go downstairs


Twist Spoiler??

OK, I don't know if this is a twist Alison unwittingly let slip, or if her counting is just off. Then again, how would she know what the producer's are thinking? Enspecially if there's a chance of her or any of the others getting back in... Hmmm...


    So this is the last houseguest to be evicted that WONT be on the jury this season. My thoughts are… SEE YOU SOON JASE. hhahahahahhahahah

All the current HG's believe that the first 5 evicted will not be on the jury. That calculation jibes with how BB has worked in past seasons.

What's your take? Has Alison leaked a MAJOR jury twist, or did she just goof?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Janelle's Mom Speaks

The following is Ann's reaction to Jase's and Boogie's vicious antics of the last week:

THANK YOU for all your awesome support and ESPECIALLY for your prayers! They mean more than anything. I was actually out of town at the Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas for almost a week, and was trying to catch up on the happenings in the house when I came home. I came across some links and ironically my email, sound from all of the youtubes and sound from my real player was wiped out. Maybe I wasn't suppose to hear Jase and Boogie spew hate from thier pitiful mouths. I forgive them for they know not what they do... But the nerders last year had to look me in the eye at the rap party and at the hotel where we all stayed. I didn't have to say anything to them. They could tell I knew what they had been saying. I WILL be there again this year! Sorry boys... I know it is just a game. And the cool thing is, if they said it to her face, she would take it like a champ. Because that's what she is. I also spoke directly with Boogies' partner, and he was VERY apologetic. He said this is a side of Boogie he has never seen , and was not happy! He has spoken with CBS and has tried to put a stop to it , but we know how far that will go right?? What happened with the whipped cream??? or is that something I don't really want to know either?? Thanks Janie lovers... you're the best! It's people like you that turn lemons into WEINERS!!!!

***Ann, thank you again! ***

James' HoH Blog



There are NO right answers when you try to take others biased opinions to help make a neutral decision. The group voted and Jase was nominated. This is the hardest thing for me, as a person Jase is an exceptional player. His downfall and my rationalization is that he told me he was gunning for Danielle and revealed to others his contempt for Janelle. I will do anything to keep them safe, even if it means going against my early agreement with him. By protecting him I could have been sealing their fate. I think Jase is playing like I played last year, too many alliances too early in the game.

As for "team" strategy it frustrates me. There can be only one winner and right now we are playing as 4, I am playing as 5 since Danielle and I are in an... "understanding." I would rather make decision's best for me, but I can't. The House is gunning for Season 6. This charge is led by Chill Town and we need to also make the lazy, worthless floaters feel coddled. This is the real nauseating part, watching furniture disguised as participants move into every HOH room to beg for help and mercy. When you ask the "furniture" what they think, they respond with glazed looks and downward stares. The "furniture" drops out of HOH Competitions cause they feel their scared little asses are covered, but leave ours out in the line of fire. It will be too soon when the sheep are nominated and forced to return to their former guise of players from BB past. My next HOH will call them out. I can only hope to be as pleasantly surprised as I was by George's heart and willingness to play and sacrifice when it hit the fan for him. This season has been crazy, every week it flips back and forth.

Now to the good stuff, THANK YOU AMERICA!!!!! Being voted in by America is a feeling that no one can understand, it also puts more pressure on you as a player since you realize people are actually watching this time around. I really thank everyone that voted for me and the others from BB6, we appreciate the distinction from the bottom of our hearts and we hope that we can provide some entertainment and not screw up this time. A special thank you to all the members of for their relentless dedication to voting us back in. I miss you guys and can't wait to talk to you again in 2 more months. Al, I hope you're feeling better and that everything is OK. Lynn, take care of him and get some rest yourself.......

That's about all I have right now the last paragraph will be stuff for Sarah so if you are actually still reading this, nothing will pertain to you...

Sarah, I miss you so much. I have several pictures of you all over my HOH room that remind me of us every second of the day. It's really hard being away from you and I hope all is going well in Chicago. I wasn't around for your Birthday on Monday, but we wished you Happy Birthday every time we thought about it. Happy belated 24th! Tell your parents I said "hi" along with your sisters. ...I love you so much and can't wait to get out of here and really get our life together back on track. These summers away from you are painful and I want so much to be with you right now. I love you with everything I have and you keep me strong and give me reason for round 2 of this sadistic game. I miss you and will be thinking about you constantly. I love you.

Janelle's Dream Room

Janie got her wish!!! A pink room! Janelle looks just like a Barbie in it!!

Of course, as soon as Janelle invited everyone to come see her HoH room, all of the live feeders got FLAMES! We had to wait to see what all the excitement was about!

Howie was not too impressed with all the pink. Even the over-the-top Marcellas describe it as "frightful"!

Now, it is time for the houseguests to come visit and offer their suggestion as to whom they would like nominated. Will this make for another explosive week in the BB house?!

SPOILER for the West Coast

Evicted: Jase
HoH: JANELLE!!!!!!!
Can't wait for the PINK HoH ROOM!!
and tonight on the feeds... a little torture for the HGs - they will be woken up every 15 minutes to 3 hours (depending how we text it) with loud messages from the fans...
Want the number to text? here it is: 81818
And here's the shpeel from the folks at CBS:

It's time for America's Vote, sponsored by Cingular Wireless. The All-Stars will need to use their brains to win the next Power of Veto, and you have the power to affect their performance by keeping them up all night.

BIG BROTHER will be playing your Wake-Up Messages to the HouseGuests on Friday night. The question is: how often do you want to wake them up?

Use your cell phone to text the number of your selection to 81818.

1. Every 3 hours
2. Every hour
3. Every 30 minutes
4. Every 15 minutes

$0.50 will be billed for each text vote. Text voting open to U.S. residents only. Voting closes at noon Eastern tomorrow. Standard text message rates apply. Open to all major carriers.

Afternoon Update

2:20pm BBT
No More Flames!
Chicken George is on the couch watching the TV screen. The words Love, Hate, Deceit, Honesty, and Loyalty are flashing on the screen.
The HGs are primping/getting ready for the live show.
Howie is whispering to Janey about the HoH comp. Then he goes over to Kaysar and speaks very quietly to him about it.
Wil's being obnoxious - very loudly and repeatedly asking for his shaving mirror.

George hasn't moved from the couch.
Will breaks in to song, because he feels we haven't had enough
FLAMES today.

Feeds come back quickly this time...
James joins George in the Living Room.
James: Think about how much your 'friends' liked you after you saved yourself, George.
George: You're right, James. You surprised me.

Love, Hate, Deceit, Honesty, and Loyalty - the words from the walls - are still flashing on the plasma tv, and Howie comes in to watch with James and George.

Will's in the shower, Danielle's doing her hair. Jase and Marcellas are eating.

George leaves the Living Room, and Diane takes his place watching the screen.
Diane wanders off.
Kaysar, Boogie and Jase join the plasma watchers.
BB is playing a very loud version of bridal march to cover BY noises. Then...

LIVING ROOM - Boogie, Kaysar,
Boogie: When I proposed to Irista, I did it for the attention. I didn't ever really love her. I just wanted to take the attention away from the winner.
Boogie: I knew all along it was a showmance.

BATHROOM: Will, Boogie and Diane
Getting ready for the live show.

BACKYARD: BB staffers?
Feed 2 just quickly flipped to what looked like the BB Art Department and Staffers trying out the HOH comp. It appears to be another multiple guess/true/false game, complete with the familiar stalls.

BATHROOM - Metrosexual Men Abound - Boogie, Will, Danielle, Erika, Janey
Will: (to Janey) Will you put hi-lights in my hair?

BEDROOM - James, Jase, Howie, Diane
James showing off some N'sync stuff, and a jacket Jase really likes that he got from Lance Bass at the VH1 awards last year.
Diane's helping James pick out an outfit for the live-show.
James irons his pants.
They're kidding George, hoping he calls out Julie for getting him nominated by calling out his Jedi alliance in front of everyone on the show.


3:35pm BBT
Everyone's still getting dressed.
Chicken George is wearing Marci's wig. Janey is very concerned with her outfit... She's asking Marcellas for all kinds of advice.
Boogie: (to Jase) You should hold off on the boots until we go out there.
James: Oh is this Boogie week three?
Boogie: I'm getting really attached to all you guys.
Danielle: (to Howie) What time is it?
Chicken George is still wearing the wig.
Janey's having boobie issues with her dress.
Janey: (to Marcellas) Do you think it would be offensive?
Marcellas: I don't think anyone would be offended by your nipples.
Janey: Do you think Arnold would be offended?
Marcellas: Arnie would love the ratings.

3 Questions

As we near the live episode hour, I have 3 questions for you:

1. Which of the houseguests do you believe will be evicted? (is it who we think, or have we witnessed the greatest snowjob in history?)

2. Who do you want to win HoH?

3. Who do you think is actually the most likely to win HoH?

I'd love to know your thoughts... Please leave your answers in the comments section here, and I'll get them approved and posted ASAP.

Waxing & Clip'ing

Since it's torture day on the feeds - FLAMES - I thought I'd do a little searching for fun and funny video clips...

This one's allll about Bikini waxing...

This one cracks me up! "The buxom blonde has lost her mind."

And now, for an Oprah moment...

And la piece de resistance...
Will becomes a human, with a little help from Erika and a can of spray tan.

Morning Report

After a restless night, the HGs start waking up for good around 9:30am, BBTime

KITCHEN - Janey!
Janelle up 9:30 BBT
Janey's using the shower as a changing room to get dressed to work out. The camera op. zooms in anyway... wishful thinking. She's not showering.. just changing. Off with the pj's, and on with the workout gear.

Lots of movement in the beds but no one is getting up.

Janey is putting on her socks and checking herself in the mirror. Down comes the hair again.. up goes the hair again. She sprays on her deodorant, puts on her shoes, goes to the workout room and gets on the treadmill for some good morning cardio.

Janelle finishes on the tredmill and goes to the Living Room to sit on the couch.

Dani enters.
Danielle: How are you doing?
Janey: (couldn't hear)
Danielle: Drink some water and get something to eat. I'm going to do some dishes real quick.

Dani's doing dishes.

Janelle lays down on the couch, then gets up to help with the dishes.
    ***real exciting stuff, huh?

Danielle: (looking at a bowl) That's slop. Imagine what that does to your insides.
Janelle: Oh... how gross.

While they're doing dishes, BB plays the wake up song... Dani's choice!
The wake up song was "Wake me up before you go go."

Danielle: (smiling) Thank you,BB!

Then she dances - still doing the dishes.



and more.... you guessed it....


ChenBot Merch

Inside Move: Mugs don't bug Chen
'Brother' host's robotic side immortalized on merch

By JOSEF ADALIAN, DailyVariety

"Big Brother" host Julie Chen is embracing her inner Chenbot.
Chen's husband, CBS supremo Leslie Moonves, told Daily Variety earlier this month that he and Chen are now proud owners of coffee mugs emblazoned with what appears to be his wife's silhouette and the word "Chenbot." Mugs were purchased via, a small-screen fansite that popularized the nickname as a sort of homage to Chen's occasionally robotic delivery of "Big Brother" script staples such as "But first" and "The power is up for grabs."

"We love them," Moonves said of the mugs, a statement Chen backs up.

"I think it's the funniest thing," Chen said. "My girlfriend and I were looking on the Net, and we saw the site that had all the Chenbot stuff. I went to Leslie and said, 'You're not going to believe this, but I think there's a (mug) with my head on it.' "

Before Chen had a chance to buy some Chenbot merchandise herself, someone in Moonves' office decided to surprise the couple by ordering the mugs for them. "They're sitting in our cupboard right now," Chen said. "No one's used them yet."

Rather than being offended, Chen -- whose day job is co-anchoring CBS News' "The Early Show" -- is taking the Chenbot craze in stride. She says her precise on-air style stems from a desire to be objective.

"I never want anyone to know what I think about something," she said. "And I'm also a perfectionist, always trying to get it right."

Chen said Moonves seems to be enjoying his wife's moment in the zeitgeist. "Leslie said, 'Hey, you're like this icon now. You're part of the culture,' " Chen said. "It's weird."

Dish on Alison

According to her own blog entry... Sounds like Ali got dumped. I guess the boyfriend couldn't handle being the future Mr. to Little-Miss-Hides-in-Pots. Here's what she had to say.

    "hey all…

    well alot of things have changed recently.

    As of now…I am currently single. So all of those t-shirts and panties that you saw on the show you can ignore. Its not a good thing. I’m so sad. And its for the best…but i’m still anyone would be with any breakup. We really just had some differences that were too big for us to handle. He is a great guy…and I’m one hell of a gal…and we will just have to be civil. BUT… I have some interviews and some things set up down in Florida next week that should be very fun and very interesting….. and the best part is….. I HAVE GOT MY DOG BACK!!! Thats right…… brady is sleeping with me!!! ehehehheehheeh

    WELL everyone.. I wish you all the best, and hope you have a very good night. It just started to rain here…and its nice and soft and soothing…and I’ll fall right asleep!

    LUV YA

OK now... as far as the game goes, that means almost definitely that the evicted HGs are not in sequester... and that ought to mean Big Brother can't bring any of them back in the house - Can you imagine letting someone back in who's been watching the show and/or the feeds??? No way!

Double Eviction

As many of us are hoping for a double eviction this week, I went looking for anything to support the notion. Here's an article I found on the subject... According to spamgirl, there will have to be a double eviction week. The only question is when?! Fingers crossed for tonight!! It couldn't happen at a better time.

"BB7 apparently ends on Tuesday, September 19th - the rules fo the America Wins game on CBS say that you have to get your answers in by then. Unless you pick the winner out of the final three, then Sept. 19th is the finale - if you DO pick the winner out of the final three, then the finale would be Sept. 21st, a Thursday.

That being said, we should have evictions on these dates:

July 13th (Alison)
July 20th (Nakomis)
July 27th (Will or Jase)
August 3rd
August 10th
August 17th
August 24th
August 31st
September 7th
September 14th
September 19th
Final 2 - September 21st

14 HG went into the house. July 13th left us with 13, 20th with 12, 27th with 11, onward as such:

July 13th (Alison) - 13 HG left
July 20th (Nakomis) - 12 HG left
July 27th (Will or Jase) - 11 HG left
August 3rd - 10 HG left
August 10th - 9 HG left
August 17th - 8 HG left
August 24th - 7 HG left
August 31st - 6 HG left
September 7th - 5 HG left
September 14th - 4 HG left
September 19th - 3 HG left
Final 2 - September 21st

As you can see, we have one extra person. So if Sept. 21st IS the finale, then we will have to have a week with 2 evictions."

Written by spamgirl
Big Brother 7 All-Stars Staff Writer


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Eviction Day

Good Morning! :) Happy Eviction Day... OK... not so happy for someone, but unless I get my wish of a double eviction, at least it'll end happy for one of the nominated HGs.

Here's a couple of fun video clips for ya...

And for you serious Kaysar fans, this is quite possibly the perfect way to start the day... or end it...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Alliance Anyone?

OK.. just incase anyone's trying to keep track while your head's spinning... here's the big brother allstars alliance breakdown... hopefully complete.. Please let me know if you think of one I've missed.

Known Alliances -

  1. Sovereign 4 aka BB6 aka Season 6, etc... - Janey, Kaysar, James, Howie
  2. Chilltown - Boogie & Will
  3. Mr & Mrs Smith - Diane and Jase (and Alison?)

Suspected Alliances

  1. Chilltown plus - Danielle, Will and Boogie.. and quite possibly James
  2. Danielle and Marcellas - often seen speaking together briefly and quietly

Rumored Alliances

  1. Mr & Mrs Smith - James & Erika - Toni Ferarri has said that this is the real Mr & Mrs Smith alliance that she created after she and Diane had their falling out.


  1. Janey, Kaysar and Howie
  2. Janey and Kaysar

Joke Alliance

  1. The Jedi Alliance - Howie and Chicken George


Quote of the Day

"George is like our Cinderella. He cleans the house and eats slop."


Kaysar's Blog

***Ooops! Sorry for the delay....Here is Kaysar's HoH Blog!***


My Journey:.

In a house of betrayal, I will seek out loyalty
In a pack of lies, I will uncover the truth.
In times of anger, I will be compassionate.
Where there is hate, I will be a source of love.
Where darkness resides, I will shine my light.
Where there is emptiness, I will fill that void.
Where there is fear, I will offer my protection.
If someone has wronged you, I will make it right.
When you must cry, I will dry your tears.
When you are lonely, I will be by your side.

I pray that God gives me the strength to become a better man so that I may keep my promises and so that I may live out my life with dignity.

With Love,

***Aww, he still has hair!!!***

HoH Crashers

4:45 BBTime
KITCHEN - James, Kaysar, janey, Marcellas, Danielle, Erika, Chicken George

Danielle's trying to cook something...
Chatter about Janelle being the most popular HG....

HOH ROOM - Will & Boogie

Casual conversation about Marcellas not eating for a week, while Will is flipping the spy screen to different rooms...
    ***They're certainly making themselves at home in there.
    By the way Will's talking, you'd think they already held the HoH comp

Will: Of the 4 bb6 people, who should it be? James would be the easiest to get rid of, but I want to get Howie out. He's dumbest of the 4.
Boogie: I don't know who weakens them the most. Janelle is the smartest, and out of the girls she is the most physical. Getting rid of Howie would cut off Janelle - he's like her baby...

They are taking tremendous pleasure plotting the demise of BB6 from the HoH room... both are fantasizing about running the house...

In their ideal scenario, they put 2 of BB6 up, and if one of them wins the Veto, then they let the others in the bb6 alliance decide who goes up on the block. They'd let them think about it for the day, and if they were unable to make the decision, then it would be up to the house.
    ***It's all a bit too Sophie's Choice for my liking.

Conversation moves to James and at what point they should go to him to let him know they are going to nominate 2 of his group... and give him an 'opportunity' separate himself from the BB6 alliance...

Then they got under the covers in James' bed, and turned off the light.
BB: Houseguests, the Bedroom lights have to stay on during the daytime.
    ***Creepy buggers.

Will gets out of bed, and turns the lights back on.
Will: I'm sure BB's editing the show to make it seem like I'm definitely a goner.

VOTE Spoiler

Vote Spoiler Info
All Vote Spoiler info
will be added to
Please check back for more as time goes by...

After all the talk last night, and there was much more.. I just heard James talking with Danielle, and he told her, after everything last night, and making the deal with Jase, he caught him in another lie last night, so Jase has got to go.

With that, Danielle is called to the Diary room...
Jase heads up to HoH

and the Feeds cut to Will and Boogie in the Storage Room, practically high-fiving eachother..

Will: Do you think I'm even slightly on S6's radar anymore? This is too sweet.
Boogie and Will Laugh.

Will: My next move is, "I'm taking a voluntary exit. I'm taking a voluntary exit" Just repeat that for the next week or 2. Then I'll start playing."

Will: As soon as season 6 fractures, we can just pick up one or 2 of them. Chilltown only has 2 members, but we're taking applications all the time.

Make Nooooo mistake, Dr. Will is in it to win it.

OK.. 5 minutes go by, and we're back up in HOH with Erika and James, only now James is saying we have a deal with Jase, and Dr. Will has to go. He's trying to play us all, and it has to come to an end. WTF!?!?


Jase and Diane by the pool...

Jase is saying "BB6 flipped.. Danielle too." He believes he's out. Diane asks, "Does that mean we can talk now?"... and that she hates bb6. Jase says basically that they saw thru him - they knew he'd vote them out at his first opportunity.

2:20 - Further Confirmation
2pm BBTime
WORKOUT ROOM - Danielle, Kaysar

Danielle: I don't want to go out by his hands.
Kaysar: I'd rather see you take him out than the other way around. Here's the problem....
Marcellas enters.
Kaysar: Don't tell me you came in here just to watch me work out.
Marcellas:(unashamedly) Yep!
Marcellas sits down, and says to Danielle...
Marcellas: You can continue your conversation while I watch him.
Danielle laughs.
Kaysar: We're just talking about nominations.
Danielle: Uh, yes. Nominations. Continue!
Kaysar: I couldn't just leave him (Jase?)in the game. As much as I like him, I just couldn't leave him here.
Danielle: I know. Because of his behavior, that's to be expected.

Marcellas leaves now.
Kaysar jogs now on treadmill.


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Up & Voting

Most of the HGs are up, and being called to the Diary Room, one by one, to vote out their choice of Will or Jase. I'm listening intently to see if any of them lets anything slip... Until then.. I'm continuing with the overnights... So much happened!

Spread the News

BACKYARD - Danielle, Jase and Diane

Jase: I gave my word to the 4... after Boogie and Will threw me under the bus, I have no problem putting Boogie up if I win, not at all.
Danielle: Okay.
Jase: What are Marci and Erika are doing?

Dani and Diane tell Jase that Marcellas and Erika are freaking out, but they can't go in there and tell them any of this!

Jase: Who knows what "the genius" (Will) is throwing down up there right now?
Danielle: Will is scared. You can tell.
Jase: If we didn't know Will, I would be leaving this week, and Will would be staying. When I came around the corner and saw Will and Boogie whispering about me, that was it, I was done with Chilltown.

Diane: We should get rid of Will now while we have the chance.
Diane: We have to think of what to tell Erika and Marci when we go back in there. We can't tell them what's going on, can we?
Danielle: I'm not telling them that Jase made any kind of deal.


12:20am Big Brother Savings Time ;)
HOH ROOM - Jase, Janey, Kaysar, James
Jase: As far as honesty goes, I'm glad we can have this honesty... I told you before that I would put Janelle up out of the 4 of you, and that was because I felt like Janelle was after me.

They ask Jase where Diane is with she with him or what?

Jase: (intentionally not getting it) I think we're cool. I think she's voting to keep me.
James: You should talk to Dani. She is a person of her word. Ask her for confirmation that you have her vote. You should also to Chicken George and see where he stands.
James: So we're clear, our deal is that Season 6 and you are cool with each other, until the sequester point.
Jase: I will look at myself from this point on as the 5th member of the Santa Monica Van Boys.

James: What it comes down to is that if you get HOH, we shouldn't even have to come up to talk to we, because we will know we are safe.
Jase: Yeah, but I would like you to come up though.
Jase: I would love to be from season 6 right now, and be with you guys on a deeper level. I'm with noone right now.
James: I would personally rather be in the house with you, than any of the floaters. They never know what is going to happen in the future weeks, and none of them are safe, and they know that.

Jase: I just want you all to know that Boogie is not high on my buddy list.
James: Does that mean that if you get HOH, you'll put up Boogie and a floater?
Jase: I can do that...Boogie and a floater.
He gets up and shakes all of their hands.
Jase: OK, we shook on it, and that is my word.
Jase leaves.

Janelle: So we're keeping Jase? What do you think, Kaysar? I believe Jase, but I still feel like he's after me. I feel like he has some aggression towards women, and I'm the only woman in the group.
James: We can trust Jase more than we can trust Boogie. Boogie was in the upstairs hallway screaming about Janey being someone he wouldn't even hire.
    ***And sooo much more, James, Sooo much more.
    Shame you missed Jase's rap.

Janelle: I don't care.

feeds 1&2: HOH (James, Janie, Howie, Kaysar, Dani, Will)
feeds 3&4: backyard (Erika, Diane, Jase on red couches)

A few minutes pass...
Now with Janey, Howie, Will, Danielle, Kaysar and James
James is kidding around.
James: This is the first time it has been 3 weeks in a row that I have not been up on the next week I'm f-cked.
They all laugh.

BACKYARD: Jase, alone, sewing a shirt.

HOH ROOM - Same group.
Will: It's getting to that point that I'm getting scared to leave. I want to leave, but I'm scared about getting that first phone call and things.
They ask if he's worried that his girlfriend is going to break up with him after last night being in the bathtub with Janelle?
Will: I was never in the bathtub. That was Boogie. I never got in.

Dani leaves HOH.

Howie: Will, what do you really want?
James: Will said he wants to hang out.

To be continued...

The New Deal

12 Midnight, BBTime
BACKYARD - Danielle & Jase

Danielle: I've talked to Kaysar, but I dont think he's going to change his mind (about sending you home). He's protecting the four.
Jase: I was too honest with him. I told him I would nominate Janelle. That was a bad move.
    **Ya think?!

Dani agrees.
Jase: I miss my family, Dani. I'm ready to go home... whatever happens happens.
Danielle: I haven't given up yet. I'm just giving you an update. If Kaysar will tell me his pros and cons, I can work on that, but he hasnt told me what they are yet.
Danielle: But still, I don't think I'm going to be able to get you enough votes. Jase: Danielle, I appreciate everything you've done for me.
Jase: What about Marcellas?
Danielle: Forget it...
Jase: Marci's afraid I would be coming after him.
Danielle: Marci's also tight with his girl, too (Janey).

Howie walks over to them.
Danielle goes inside to use the bathroom.
Howie whispers to Jase to come up to HOH.

    ***Even as I sit here writing this, my head is spinning. I am in awe of Danielle's gameplay. She's like the head of this many bodied beast, turning it whichever way she pleases. Incredible game play.

HOH ROOM - James, Janey, Jase, more to come

Jase: I gave Kaysar my word, and I've given you my word that if I was to get HOH, I would not put you up.
Jase: Boogie and Will took me into their thing to throw me under the bus, and it's working perfectly. Boogie is whisper-campaigning against me.
Jase: Where do you think Boogie is now on my cool scale?
Jase: Don't you think I want to crush Boogies dreams now?
    ***hmph.. don't trust you for a second, "barwhore."

James: We dont want to assume anything...Treat us like we're dumb as f-ck and tell us outright what you are going to do, and what you are not going to do.
    Bravo, James.

Janelle: If we do keep you, we want to know that you're not going to come after us for the next two weeks until sequester.
Jase: Are you offering to keep me in the house until sequester?
Janey: That would be the agreement...You don't go after us, we don't go after you until after the sequester point in two weeks.
Jase: I just don't want to break my word to you, so whatever you hash out, I will keep my word to you, and I want your word that you will keep your word.
    ***Note to self: buy Jase a thesaurus. "Word!"

Janelle: When did you decide to go over to ChillTown?
Jase: I felt unsafe and unincluded when you and I had HOH together, and Kaysar came up to have a meeting, and I wasn't included in that.
Janelle: I had told you you were safe though.
Jase: I just didnt feel it.

Kaysar comes in.

Jase: If Marcellas was up here right now, I would be downstairs sewing my shirt.
Will and Boogie took me in, then threw me under the bus in order to keep the both of themselves in the house.
Jase: I've already admitted to Janelle that she would be the first of the 4 that I would go after.
James: What's the bottom line? Who would you go after if you won HOH in the next two weeks.
Jase: Who do you think (I should go after)?
Janelle: We don't care. You can go after anyone you want, as long as it's not us, until after the sequester period passes (2 more weeks).

Jase: Will and Boogie were just using me... hardcore. If I was to win HOH, I would look at Boogie as someone to take out.
Jase: There are 4 of you, so you are much more likely to win HOH than I am.

Janelle: Let's just make sure we're clear... We will be safe with you until sequester, and you will be safe with us until sequester...After that, you can put me up if you want to... or whatever.
Janelle: The thing is, you would have been 100% safe with us, until you went to ChillTown.
Jase: It's like I told you...I just wasn't included in your talks, so I didn't feel like a part of the group, and I didn't feel safe.

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